I only have a few minutes before I sneak off to bed earlier than I probably should… but I thought I would try to continue my daily sneak peeks.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed and maybe miracles will happen!

I am currently working with one of the specialty fabrics in my upcoming line. Snuggles are exactly what they sound like… they are soft, cushy, creamy, plush, roll around in it yummy. 

Better still they come in most of the main colors of the new line- billowy cream, buttercream yellow, grass green, soft tomato red and seafoam aqua!  

I have to tell you that my kids keep sneaking up into the studio and snagging the rolls of yardage so they can play with them when I am not paying attention. These rolls are getting more action in our house than any other fabric ever has!




a simple kid throw we're making with the Snuggle for the booth…


Talk to you soon.

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  1. jaybird | 1st Oct 09

    fabric with texture!! i heart fabric that has life to it.. looks soft as can be.. can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. rachel | 1st Oct 09

    ohh emm gee joanna!!!
    you. are. my. hero.

    i need one of each.
    {maybe even 5 of each.}

  3. Kathryn | 1st Oct 09

    That looks darling, I want a snuggles quilt too! Then I need to make one for each of my kids, all 9 of them…which means I’ll be broke but snuggled up in snuggles..ooooh la la!

  4. Stephanie | 1st Oct 09

    oooo and aaaah!

  5. Kaye Prince | 1st Oct 09

    Awesome! I absolutely adore it when collections have matching fabrics in different textures. Way to go Joanna!

  6. Jean | 1st Oct 09

    It’s nippy here this morning. I could use a snuggle right now. I can’t wait to see them at PIQS!

    Thank you for such a great time at Alden Lane. It was hot, but great fun!!!!

  7. sherri | 1st Oct 09

    No wonder they keep taking those rolls of fabric! Wonderful!

  8. elsa | 1st Oct 09

    when does it come out? I want some to roll around in too!

  9. Carrie | 1st Oct 09

    Ohhhh…snuggles is the perfect word to describe your new fabric, I just love the soft pictures of it. Once again, I will wait with anticipation to touch the real deal.

  10. Connie | 1st Oct 09

    I have a grandbaby on the way in Dec. This is perfect for her! Anxiously anticipating the fabric and your patterns. I just love your fabric and patterns!

  11. Ruth Tillman | 1st Oct 09

    Great colors Joanna. I will have to use those in some of my quilts :).

  12. What Comes Next | 1st Oct 09

    I don’t blame your kids – I’d be “borrowing” them to have some snuggle time myself – they look divine!

  13. Diane Knott | 1st Oct 09

    Joanna, the new softies are perfect for YOUR special touch! Loving everything I’m seeing here. Doing 3D projects is not easy. I admire your ability to turn a 2D sketch into such adorable fabric creations!
    Enjoy Quilt Market!

  14. Lois Grebowski | 1st Oct 09

    is it like vellux? Looks so soft and yummy!

  15. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 1st Oct 09

    Can’t wait to see, touch and own some of each color!!

  16. Carla | 1st Oct 09

    The fabrics look like they feel like a cloud would. Hmmmm so yummy! Look forward to owning some of it!

  17. Joanna | 1st Oct 09

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Lois Grebowski submitted a comment on Snuggles!

    Im not sure what that is exactly but I dont think so. This is a soft microfiber that feels like thick, plush velour only softer…. Hows that for a description?



  18. Cara | 2nd Oct 09

    It looks delicious, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that, especially for backing for baby quilts.

  19. CJ | 3rd Oct 09

    I think this would be wonderful as backing for a throw or baby quilt!

  20. Camille Roskelley | 4th Oct 09

    One word: YUM! I’m make that in a heartbeat!

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