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Hello friends and fabric lovers! I know we said we wouldn't close the giveaway for a week but after just 3 days we feel like we are swimming a bit in your lovely comments so we thought we'd give this particular giveaway a rest!

Over #2000 of you have left us your fabulous color advice and commented on so many different things from the BLOG TOUR! Its been a pleasure reading all of your suggestions, dreams and color stories. But we're not done yet, so we will continue reading the comments until Tuesday when we will start the first day of giveaways and, as promised, will continue for 4 days after that. In fact, given all of you lovely commenters, we might give away a few extra items. So stay tuned….


Until then, a new favorite quilt from a recent flea market trip!




Anyone know the official name of this quilt pattern? Let me know if you do

BTW, are you still following along on the MODA Country FAir? Lots of fun places still to come, click here for all the links.






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  1. Linda in Aus | 19th Sep 11

    yes i am following along and enjoying every post. sorry cant help with the name of the quilt.

  2. Bronwyn | 19th Sep 11

    I know why so many people would comment ‘cos we love your fabric sooo much, we all want to get our hands on it.I am loving the moda shop hop. Only thing is I now have so many more projects on the bucket list. Can’t help you with quilt name but I reckon it should be called ‘Rockets a go go” Looks like rockets ready to launch.What a find, lucky you.

  3. Sharon | 19th Sep 11

    Wow! That’s a lot of comments to sift through! I think everyone likes YOUR color choices. 🙂 I’ve only been into quilting about a year, so I’m sorry I can’t help out with the quilt block name. What a treasure though!

  4. Margaret Witt | 19th Sep 11

    What a great find.. not sure that I have ever seen that pattern. The colors have held fairly well.
    Enjoy your blog.

  5. JudyCnNC | 19th Sep 11

    I look forward everyday to the amazing posts on the Moda County Fair blog roll. The posts have been so infomative and the giveaways spectacular and the patterns/tutorials creative. I love learning about all the designers. Thanks for letting us into your world. Judy C

  6. Kris | 19th Sep 11

    The fair is fun! I have loked at lots of quilts and patterns over the years but I’ve never seen that one before. Please let us know when you find out more.

  7. Susan | 19th Sep 11

    Hi Joanna – what a find, almost “rockets” but reaching the ‘cheesy’ moon too quickly. Forgot to add the cream after choccy orange comments. Never without your cream solid just right for strawberries & butterscotch.
    Good luck on the naming quest.
    Bestwishes Susan S from Aust

  8. Ceil | 19th Sep 11

    Your fabric is the best, the colors so wonderful both fresh and restful, lovely to combine. Congratulations!

  9. Jocelyn | 19th Sep 11

    This quilt is so different. I agree that it looks like rockets. It looks like it is in good shape too.

  10. Kelly G | 19th Sep 11

    Keep us posted if you find out anything on the name of the pattern. It reminds me of a campfire.

  11. Miwako | 19th Sep 11

    whoa! 2000+ comments. I certainly appreciate you take time and read through all the comments.

  12. Sue | 19th Sep 11

    You seem to find the loveliest antique quilts. Loving all your blogs.

  13. Carla | 19th Sep 11

    What a lovely quilt find! It looks like a variation on the old Chips and Whetstones pattern.

  14. Gale, Ky quilter | 19th Sep 11

    That quilt is beautiful. I wonder how long ago it was made? When I see a vintage handmade quilt I wonder what the quilt maker was thinking while working so patiently. Did she have a good life and enjoy the quilting process? Was she poor and needed it for warmth for her family? Quilting is so much more than fabric and thread. I piece and quilt by hand and every quilt I’ve made has a story. Some are wonderful stories and some are made while the world seemed to be crashing. My favorite quilt is one I worked on when my son was diagnosed with cancer. It has a very happy ending and I have a beautiful quilt he will inherit one day. Have a great day and thanks for sharing this picture with us.

  15. Cheryl | 19th Sep 11

    Wish I could help you with the name, but I’ve never even seen that block before. What a fantastic find. I hope someone is able to identify it for you. I love old quilts, makes me kind of (notice the kind of) wish for a cold snowy day so I can wrap myself up with it, a cup of hot chocolate, some popcorn and a good book.
    Best of luck in trying to find the name, please keep us posted.

  16. Muriel | 19th Sep 11

    WOW! What a find…you sure do have a talent for digging around and finding such unique antique quilts in such good condition! Never saw this block before either but in my wildest dreams it could be “Spin the Bottle!” Oh what games we used to play in our teen years…crazy but fun. Love your stuff Joanna and your blog is always down to earth and friendly just like sitting down with a friend over a cup of tea…kudos to you for keeping yourself grounded with all the success you must be experiencing.

  17. tamara | 19th Sep 11

    I have never seen this quilt pattern but it does look a great find!

  18. Donna | 19th Sep 11

    Love the quilt but have no idea about the pattern. Loving the fair!

  19. Carrie P. | 19th Sep 11

    Wow! what a great find. sorry I can’t help you with the name.

  20. Pam | 19th Sep 11

    This quilt was you in another lifetime! Wonderful but I agree little rocket ship pattern needs to be redrafted and made into a sweet boy baby quilt pattern by you know who. You! xo Pam in Chico

  21. | 19th Sep 11

    Wow!!!! What a find. Your newest quilt is wonderful. Would like to see the whole thing. You must have such a good time going to the flea markets. Please let us know the pattern name when discovered. Thanks for all of your warm sharing and wonderful fabrics. I everything you share with us.
    Stephanie Hall

  22. kathy Olson | 19th Sep 11

    Chips and Whetstones

  23. Sonja | 19th Sep 11

    I love your chicken/rooster cup towels and can’t wait to make them. They will make perfect gifts.

    I don’t know the official name of the quilt, but it looks like it should be called “Chicken Feet”. That’s what it made me think of… but then, I’m into chickens now too!

    Enjoy your day!

  24. Joanna | 19th Sep 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Bronwyn submitted a comment on So Much Color Advice!

    I agree about the quilt name! Rockets is exactly what it looks like!

    Happy Sewing,


  25. Joanna | 19th Sep 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Carla submitted a comment on So Much Color Advice!

    Thanks so much!! I will post about that tomorrow.


  26. Wilhelmina Jaffe | 19th Sep 11

    2000 responses, I guess many quilters love your blog, blue is still my favorite.

  27. Carol Y | 19th Sep 11

    Reminds me of Bachelors Buttons, the flower not the quilt pattern. I wish I knew the name!

  28. Laura G | 19th Sep 11

    I agree the pattern name is definitely space rockets with space capsules and THAT begs the question : When was it made and…where!?!

  29. Mah | 19th Sep 11

    Hi Joanna, Great find. I am working on a red and green repro dated 1859. Waiting for permission to put into a pattern. I am so excited. Still like gray and terracota but now I am thinking gray and cheddar. Can’t wait to see what you do with the colors you chose

  30. Sara Natwick | 19th Sep 11

    Check me out because I could be wrong (imagine!), but I think that center shape, the two quarter pies, is the symbol for radiation or nuclear something…. didn’t they use that to mark bomb shelters or something??? So I think it’s a statement about nuclear bombs. Not necessarily anti-war or anything, but a statement of the times. Does the quilt date in the 1950s?

  31. Therese Hancock | 19th Sep 11

    Therese from Australia…..Love your site, having fun following the moda country fair blog, love all the colours and patterns of every new range and how they can all be interchanged with another. Great find on the new vintage quilt, what a simple yet fantastic design for a little boy to dream about adventures in space. Wonder who made it and for whom? Keep up the good work.

  32. Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady | 19th Sep 11

    :o( your closing the comments on the giveaway – love your blog as always and that you are so generous – that is why we love FIG TREE!!!!! I am loving the blog hop – Yummy colours. Rockets Over My Bed – just an idea to throw in the pot.


  33. WendyB | 19th Sep 11

    my oh my, this blog hop sure is popular!!!! Wow. Definitely still ‘hopping’ along!…and no, I don’t know the name of the block but doesn’t it look like rockets to the moon!?
    :O) Wendyb

  34. Karin | 19th Sep 11

    I’ve had the best time with this blog hop! Love that quilt and that you were able to rescue it and give it a good home. It’s so cool! It does look like little rockets. 🙂

  35. Marianne | 19th Sep 11

    Great quilt find! I agree it does look like rockets or the back end of an airplane.

  36. Miwako | 19th Sep 11

    Wow! You found the name, or you knew already… It is an interesting pattern. I wonder where the name came from.

  37. Lieve | 20th Sep 11

    Hi Joanna, Thanks a lot for the free pattern. I asked my husband to bring me some flour sack kitchen towels when he comes back from the States. I haven’t seen them yet in Belgium. I have big plans!!!

  38. kathryn | 20th Sep 11

    I looked at it and saw Goldfish, but Rockets are probably more likely! I met a lovely couple from Poland this weekend and almost caught myself saying ‘I know someone else from Poland’ until I had to laugh at myself because we’ve never met, although I do consider that I know you a little bit since I’ve been reading your blog and ordering your fabric for years *smile*. I guess thats testimony to how warm and inviting you come across via the web!

  39. Dee Johnson | 20th Sep 11

    I would have to say probably looks more like chiken feet, but rockets would have been a good guess, but don’t think they were around in that time period. I would shoot this by Barbara Brackman, the go to girl of block patterns. Love your fabric lines and how hey are interchangeable….

  40. Ursula Hopkins | 20th Sep 11

    Being an older quilt and in tune to Fall Fairs , I would guess it to be ” Corn on the cob”. Also, with so many in each block could it be fields of corn?

  41. Deborah Hays | 20th Sep 11

    Good morning Joanna. I went through an old quilt block book that listed and showed over 1000 quilt blocks… but I never saw this one 🙁 Is Kathy correct on the name? Anyway… you know we all enjoy your blog and are having fun following everyone else to the fair. Many hugs, Debbie

  42. Karen | 20th Sep 11

    Don’t know what the pattern is, but it is intriging. Thought it looked like rockets, but it also has a crown look.

    Love your blog.

  43. Sara | 20th Sep 11

    According to Jinny Beyer’s “Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns” p288 #11, the pattern looks like this one but with out the center part. It’s called Fish. But p378 #5 and 6 are variations of Chips and Whetstones that appear to be a variation of that pattern.
    Whatever anyone calls it, it’s sweet!

  44. Janet | 20th Sep 11

    I love your Flea market find – it’s gorgeous!! I wish my piecing skills were up to making one like it! I can picture it made up in some of your lovely fabrics.

  45. Cyndi | 20th Sep 11

    Hi Joanna, What a beautiful quilt! I have no idea what the name of the pattern is, but it is just lovely. How lucky you were to find it in such beautiful condition…the ones I usually find at flea markets aren’t that nice!

    And I’m not surprised that you received so many comments for your Country Fair post give away. Your fabrics are so awesome…everyone wants them! :o)

    Have a happy day!



  46. maria elena | 20th Sep 11

    Reminds me of some kind of animal paw!! I love all your colors, but the yellows, pumpkins and reds are out of this world

  47. VickiT | 20th Sep 11

    Wow. That’s alot of comments to fish through. LOL Good luck.

    That’s a very cute (and very old) quilt. Nice find. That would be a super cute little quilt to make for a little boy. I searched a bit to see if I could find that quilt block and had no luck. Hopefully someone will have run into that one before and know what the name is.

  48. Sandie ~call me crazy | 20th Sep 11

    Gorgeous quilt! It always reminded me of fish, but I think the pattern is called something like ‘swallows tails’… Have a happy day!

  49. kathy Olson | 20th Sep 11

    I knew it already…. It’s one of my favorites along with Mariners Compass!

  50. daisy | 20th Sep 11

    Hi Joanna – after reading the comments I did a google search on the Chips and Whetstones and found a link to this quilt which is very similar to your gorgeous new find –

  51. Joanna | 21st Sep 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] kathy Olson submitted a comment on So Much Color Advice!

    Thanks so much. It looks like you are right!


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