I’m still here, working the summer away, daydreaming about what it was like when I had summers off. What was  that like anyway? I keep telling my kids, “back when I was a little girl….” kinds of stories until their eyes roll up into the back of their heads and they run screaming from the room :-)… hey, if you can’t use your kids for entertainment then why have them at all?? 🙂

I haven’t gotten a chance to see the movie yet, but have been listening to the soundtrack of Mamma Mia non stop in my studio this past week. Those are some truly fun songs I tell ya! Somehow it makes me want to run through the grass barefoot with a billowing skirt behind me [I don’t wear billowing skirts, but bear with me, its a mental image kind of thing]…

On the pattern front, we have been chuckling to ourselves lately, that some of our good old classic patterns are seeing some kind of a summertime resurgence these days…. we can’t seem to keep these suckers in stock and I think it might be because of that same summer feel I’ve been talking about. This summer thing is contagious so maybe you would like to join the crowds and sew a couple of fun summertime quilts…… Prairie Sweets or Coney Island anyone? Can’t you just taste the ice cream?

As to my general activities, I am in the midst of working on my next collection…a wonderful French name for this line… can’t share it quite yet.  Its making me really quite giddy these days. In fact, I met my boss from MODA in Southern California the other day and in the midst of a little girls day out shopping spree, she pulls out a little strikeoff card to give to me. Ooohh, I think you will love these! I asked her if I could have all 8 strikeoffs of that one print? HA…. she just smiled and said nothing. In other words, “no way girlfriend… you are going to have to figure out which one of these little beauties to toss out of the group!!”  How can I do that? How do I choose one over the other?? I heard a fellow MODA designer call her strikeoffs, “her babies” and I can definitely relate. So much of yourself is in each of these little gals and you know that if you don’t choose it, the world will never see that wonderful little fabric combination. Woe is me!!  

Anyhow strikeoffs are coming and going and I love the feel that we’re getting so far… so very French, so very Fig Tree. 
But before I get too ahead of myself I have another collection to share with you soon, some fun house shots from a recent photo shoot with some truly wonderful folks and a few new projects in the works! Too much for one post… I guess we’ll have to come back tomorrow or perhaps the next day 🙂

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Miss Jean | 2nd Aug 08

    Run, don’t walk, to see Mama Mia….now!!! I’m not a fan of musicals, but this one is delightful. As you said, great music, great singing by Meryl Streep and then there’s Pierce Brosnan. Need I say more?

    Egad! You have us all excited waiting for your fabric!!!! Hope it’s out by PIQS.

    Have a fun weekend with your family.

  2. Mary | 2nd Aug 08

    Funny you should mention it, because I have been working to “Mamma Mia” all week. I listened to it before I saw the movie, and I have listened to it since.

    Miss Jean is right about Pierce. But see the movie anyway.

  3. Lisamariesmom | 3rd Aug 08

    Yes, yes run to see that movie! It’s an instant feel good!

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