Thank you for your support!!

As we start to organize and sort and pack up the boxes this year, I just wanted to thank you guys again for an amazing sale and your unbelievable support of our small family business.

As always, you guys showed up in a serious way and we can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for your enthusiasm, your kind words and your loyalty! We have the best customers ever!

This year we tried as hard as we could to offer more of the fabric items so that they would last longer each day and I think we succeeded in that department. I have heard back from so many of you who told me that you were able to grab a few more of the kits than you were in years past.

We also introduced a few new FIG TREE SWAG that we will try to carry in stock. Things like sticky note pads, zipper pulls and a few more goodies that we have up our sleeve. Please look for the new category of FIG TREE SWAG in our shop in the coming weeks.

We love our customers so much. Here are a few of my favorite comments from this year…

Thank you so much ladies for a delightful shopping event! I’d love to see those pine tree bags again if you ever find them. I was not quick enough to snag a couple!!! Truly grateful for your time in this event. Merry Christmas to all at Figtree ! …. Barbara

I had a blast shopping! Got everything that I wanted. After shopping last year and making all that I bought, I’m looking forward to all the new things to work on this year. You guys rock!! .... Karla

Thank you so much for a fun eight days. Since this is my first time participating I wasn’t sure how it would work, but you made it so easy. I look forward to receiving my purchases, and while I don’t want to rush time I have something to look forward to next year. … Jennifer

Thank You so much for having more of the kits and bundles so they didn’t sell out so fast. It was a really great 12 days this year! Looking forward to seeing my goodies when my box gets here. I’m very patient so no pressure from me. I won’t t have time sew it in December. Merry Christmas! ….Wendy

I’m so excited to receive my purchases! I missed one thing but I know it’s my fault for hesitating. Thank you for doing this every year! I always look forward to it! ...Sharon

I don’t know how you guys do it all. This is such an amazing and fun sale every year, even if a little stressful for certain items. Its like my own personal Christmas to myself. So again, thank you so much Fig Tree elves! …. Anne


Joanna and Eric and the rest of the very tired Fig Tree elves too :-).


We have added BACKINGS as promised, a few extra kits for the items we are able to reproduce like ANNIE’S WREATHS so many of you requested as well as a few of the MUSHROOM TRAVEL BAGS.

Please remember that nothing purchased now or after the sale will ship right away. NOTHING BUT 12 DAYS ITEMS WILL SHIP UNTIL NEXT WEEK AT THE EARLIEST.

And for a fun little GIVEAWAY CONTEST…

Tell me your ONE FAVORITE ITEM [whether or not you were able to get one] from the whole sale this year to be entered to win a FREE CHRISTMAS BUNDLE! xoxoxoxo

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  1. Diane Wilkinson | 30th Nov 21

    I am in love with red/green 108″ project bundle. If I am not mistaken that day the drop was at midnight. I set my alarm and had to have that kit. For the rest of the night I had this warm excited feeling. I love the simplicity of only 2 colors, and the soft scalloped edges. And 2 more projects especially the oven mits. This was hands down my very favorite of the 12 days sale!!!

  2. Melanie | 30th Nov 21

    I loved the vintage Christmas prints the best!!

  3. Suzanne Nelson | 30th Nov 21

    I love the Annie quilt. It didn’t fit into my budget this time but I’ll need to get the pattern for another time. This “figtacular” sale is pretty fun. 🎉 happy holidays to everyone!!

  4. Susan Tracey | 30th Nov 21

    I was able to get one of your mugs with fat quarter bundles this year. Last year I think I got up in the middle of the night to check the sale and I hesitated a few minutes and missed out on the mug and bundle. I love all your bundles but I usually have about 75 percent of those fabrics in my stash so I like it when you mix in some other designers. Such a fun sale and I look forward to looking every day.

  5. Jeanie | 30th Nov 21

    Mini charms in a box! So cute!

  6. Patty Jones | 30th Nov 21

    One favorite item?? How hard is that!! LOL! I wasn’t able to get a set, but I think the one thing I would have liked to snagged the most was the trio of charms…..too cute! The whole sale was fun, happy with what I got, and will have to save up to possibly get more next time. : ) Thank you!

  7. Sharon | 30th Nov 21

    I am so glad I was able to get the Tree Farm quilt kit!! Love it and know it will become a favorite for Christmas seasons to come. Thank you and all your hard working elves for a successful 12 Days of Christmas sale. Merry Christmas!!

  8. Edna Kister | 30th Nov 21

    The two Christmas bundles (Christmas past and Christmas Present- I named them) were my favorites. I was able to purchase both!

  9. Nancy | 30th Nov 21

    Definitely the gingerbread house kit. I love making gingerbread houses and I am excited to make gingerbread houses out of fabric because they will last longer!

  10. Mary Ann Stewart | 30th Nov 21

    I loved the tree bag that the markers were bundled with. It is the cutest thing ever! And the zipper pulls are my favorite as well.

  11. Becky | 30th Nov 21

    Thank you so much for a fun Christmas sale, I was finally able to look every day at the right time and buy what I wanted!! I loved everything but my favorite were the tree bags and the cute zipper pulls.

  12. Ana Herndon | 30th Nov 21

    I loved Annie’s wreath. I got the pattern , but not the kit. It’s okay though. I was inspired by the story behind the pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Becky Hobza | 30th Nov 21

    I got the Annie’s Wreath kit! Loved it 🥰. Also the little zipper pulls. So cute. Thank you, love everything Figtree!❤️

  14. Sandra Close | 30th Nov 21

    I loved the Christmas mugs with fabric, even though I was not able to get one. very cute!

  15. Barbara Rodin | 30th Nov 21

    The 108″ fabric project bundle is going to be fun to do. Love the fabric

  16. Karen Sanford | 30th Nov 21

    My favorite was the Mugs with the FAt Quarters. I got interrupted on Saturday and was 4 minutes late and missed out😢 I really love every thing you offered. You always do an Amazing job with 12 Days

  17. Sharon Lammlein | 30th Nov 21

    Just one? That’s tough! I think the mushroom bag. That was really cute!

  18. Jennifer Newton-Mosinski | 30th Nov 21

    The tree Farm quilt kit. I liked it so much I almost bought it twice by accident.

  19. Debbie Skeens | 1st Dec 21

    This was my first year participating and I had a blast! My favorite item were the Christmas mugs with fat quartets…even if I was not fast enough to get one.

  20. JanetF | 1st Dec 21

    Oh, just one favorite – how about two? I’d have to say it’s a toss up between the Tree Farm and the Gingerbread House kits … I was lucky enough to get both (and picked up backings this morning)! I think my Christmas decorations get Figgy-ier every year! Thanks again for a fun week!

  21. Sandy | 1st Dec 21

    This was my first year participating after discovering Fig Tree earlier in the year and I LOVED it!!! I’m not usually a fan of things like this, but you ladies made it so much fun and I got wrapped up in the excitement of seeing what each day would offer. I love the mushroom tote and can’t wait to receive it. I’m making it for my daughter to store her diabetes supplies in and tuck into her purse. I was disappointed I didn’t originally purchase Annie’s wreath kit, but then I saw some additional kits pop up in the shop yesterday and snagged one! You ladies go above and beyond and your products are BEAUTIFUL! Merry Christmas to the entire Figgy Family!

  22. Susan Gilbertson | 1st Dec 21

    I love the Christmas bundles! I have a Fig tree Christmas book and saving my bundles to make something Fabulous! Thank you for the sale and all the fun! Now you can take a little breath and relax a little.

  23. Becky S | 1st Dec 21

    I loved the Tree Farm quilt kit!

  24. Cindy Michell | 1st Dec 21

    I was able to purchase a red and gray Christmas bundle which I think is a interesting and fresh color combination. My timing was poor this year and I wasn’t able to snag any of the speciality items such as the Christmas mugs with fabric or the tree quilt but there were more bundles and that’s always a win. The generous choices of backing fabric is a wonderful end to the sale. What I know from two years of sales now under my belt is that whatever I get, it always works with anything else I’ve purchased from Fig Tree. My stash has the most wonderful selection now of creams, reds, and greens, but also the blacks and blues are a delight. My current favorite item is the black and cream gingham fabric. It’s really beautiful. Thanks for all you do to keep us excited and looking forward to the next project!!

  25. Dana Haskell | 1st Dec 21

    It’s hard to choose any favorites when it comes to your fabric bundles, but do like your Christmas fabrics bundles. The red/grey set was nice, as I hadn’t thought of those together.

  26. Dawn Derrick | 1st Dec 21

    I really can’t pick just ONE thing…..but I think the Fig Tree swag items were so great to have this year! I’m looking forward to using them in my office as I sew with all my figgy fabrics and patterns! Thank you for another fabulous sale!

  27. Karla Brooks | 1st Dec 21

    Loved loved loved the red and grey bundle. Such a fresh yet vintage look to the fabrics!

  28. Heidi | 1st Dec 21

    The whole 12 days event was a favorite because I asked to do it for my birthday! I was able to get a few items and am excited to get them! My favorite was the tree farm! Super excited to sew that one and add a cute pillow to go with it, preferably sewn from A Scrapbook of Quilts. Thanks again!

  29. Linda Enneking | 1st Dec 21

    My favorite was the Christmas fabric bundles. I had a hard time deciding which one to buy. Thanks for putting on this fun sale event. I’m sure it’s a lot of work for your staff, but it brings so much joy and fun to so many people.

  30. Melody Brown | 1st Dec 21

    I missed the box of mini charms, it was such a cute idea to put them in a sweet box. Thank you for such a fun event!

  31. Connie O Murry | 1st Dec 21

    First time shopper to the 12 days of Christmas. Loved the craziness of setting my alarm for 2 am to hit your MN offerings and able to get in on items most days but missed a few. LOVE to story behind Anne’s wreath and can’t wait to make one in cheddar and red for out local college colors as well as red and white for holidays. Thanks EVERYONE for all the labor in this endeavor. Can’t wait to start on the many projects using the new fabric and kits as well as previously amassed Fig Tree fabrics. Looking forward to more events with this great bunch. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

  32. Kirsten | 1st Dec 21

    My favorite bundle was the mug with fat quarters.

  33. Jodi Fritz | 1st Dec 21

    I absolutely loved the “Fig Tree Favorites Christmas Bundle”! Yummy

  34. Karen Jones | 1st Dec 21

    I loved the Tree Farm Quilt kit. Unfortunately was not able to get it because of a computer glitch.🌲

  35. Chris | 1st Dec 21

    So much loveliness in one place!! I love everything Fig Tree!!

  36. Robin | 1st Dec 21

    I love the gingerbread quilt and Annie’s wreath!

  37. Joyce Levengoox | 1st Dec 21

    I loved the Trio of Christmas. My timing was poor this year and I wasn’t able to get as many things as I would have liked. My bank account is thankful for that! You did an amazing job with all the bundles, kits, and swag! Looking forward to next year!

  38. Kelly | 1st Dec 21

    Since I already own almost every fabric in your red and green line, I was delighted you offered the sale on Christmas patterns this year. So many Fig Tree projects in the queue.

  39. Patricia Wallace | 1st Dec 21

    Loved the little box of mini charms, sure wish I could have snagged one! Thank you all for all your work you put in to help us have an extra fun holiday season!! Hugs to you!!!

  40. Deborah Kagan | 1st Dec 21

    My absolute favorite is the mushroom travel bag. When you first posted it onInstagram it was love at first sight. I kept looking on the website everyday hoping it would be there. When it appeared I pounced on it immediately. I cannot wait to start on it. I do have to say I went Fig Tree wild the past couple of weeks and it will take me until next Christmas to complete all of the wonderful projects. Thank you for providing us with the access to such beautiful things. You are amazing!

  41. Stephanie Valdez | 1st Dec 21

    I loved and missed out on the tree farm quilt. I just finished my tree runner from the cozy Christmas duet and they would have gone together perfectly. I also was a little obsessed with the pine tree bags. 🎄🎄 So many goodies.

  42. Debby | 1st Dec 21

    I got the Tree Farm quilt kit…..I love your red, green, cream prints….I like the vintage look!! Thanks for the 12 Days of Christmas, again!!

  43. Traci slomba | 1st Dec 21


  44. Sonya Hayes | 1st Dec 21

    Hmmm, that’s a tough question because I love everything I bought! I will say I absolutely love the Fig Tree note pads and am very excited to have them in my sewing space and in my home office. I go through sticky pads quickly and have them stuck everywhere so this is both a fun and very useful item for me. Thanks again for hosting such an amazing event. I look forward to this every year and appreciate all the hard work and undoubtedly extra hours you and your team put into it. Happy Holidays!

  45. Jodie Craig | 1st Dec 21

    Hard to pick just one – but the Christmas bundles – I have some left from last year – will be fun to mix and match them together. Thanks to you, Susan and all of your other elves for having such a fun event over so many days again! Year Two for me and truly one of the best things leading up to the holidays. Between the fun shopping and the other great Figgies (is there a name for your followers?) everything Fig Tree is a bright spot every day (holiday or not)

  46. Nancy | 1st Dec 21

    The gingerbread house quilt kit is my favorite! I was lucky enough to get one and I am so looking forward to receiving and staying it! Thanks for a great sale again this year. So much fun!

  47. Rhonda Campbell | 1st Dec 21

    I loved the Annie’s Wreath kit. I wasn’t able to get it, but it was lovely.

  48. Lynn M | 1st Dec 21

    I love Annie’s Wreath quilt.

  49. Wendy Groves | 1st Dec 21

    Really hard to pick ONE thing! But I’ll say bundles. Always the bundles. But also the deer napkins. 😂😍

  50. Jody | 1st Dec 21

    My favorite was the retro Christmas bundle. I also really like the tree bag with the markers. Thanks so much for the sale! I looked forward to checking it everyday 🙂

  51. Angela Adams | 1st Dec 21

    A favorite thing, that’s hard, so many cute things! I loved the mug with the Fat Quarter bundles…I missed out but they were sure cute! Love all the things you do!! Have a very Merry Christmas 🎄

  52. Debra | 1st Dec 21

    Alllll the red and greens!!!! ❤️💚 Your fabrics are amazingly drool-worthy

  53. Sue | 1st Dec 21

    Oh my…just one? So many amazing goodies and I have no idea how you are able to keep all of our orders organized each day! Although it’s a small item I loved the zipper pulls…excited to add them to some cute bags I’m into making now. Thanks for the fun ride!

  54. Ellie | 1st Dec 21

    I am so excited to make the gingerbread quilt!!Thanks for all the fun!

  55. Mary Shaye | 1st Dec 21

    This was my first year participating in the 12 days event and I loved it! I enjoyed seeing new items each day, with a great variety of projects. As a young college student, I appreciated the great deals and practical projects! I love Fig Tree fabrics and patterns, they are definitely my favorite to quilt with! My favorite item was definitely the mushroom bag! Love the red gingham fabric and the little mushroom. It will definitely help organize all of my notions. Cannot wait to make it! Thank you guys for all your hard work! It is greatly appreciated!

  56. Maggie Thompson | 1st Dec 21

    My favorite was the red and green 108” quilt with the scalloped edge. I loved the simplicity of the two colors but with the addition of the special edge it gave it a very vintage feel. It was another fun sale with many great kits and notions to choose from.

  57. Anita | 1st Dec 21

    There were so many good things but I think my faves may be the gingerbread quilt and the little mushroom bag…but those zipper pulls, wish I got more of those! So much fun!

  58. Susan Dowhaniak | 2nd Dec 21

    It’s a choice between the gingerbread quilt and the Weekend layer cake trio. I was able to get the gingerbread quilt and got the backing for it today. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to get the layer cake trio, just love those colors. Thank you to all the elves who worked so hard on such a great Christmas shopping treat. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  59. Anne | 2nd Dec 21

    One thing? That is hard. My budget was tight this year, so I didn’t pounce on things because “what if I like tomorrow’s offering better?”. Ha, better. I like everything Fig Tree so that is funny. I loved Annie’s Wreath and will probably get the pattern and do it sometime in the future. Also, the little mushroom bag. So cute. It’s just fun to watch the creativity of Johanna and Co.! Also tree farm……Happy Holidays!!

  60. Cherilyn Bramall | 2nd Dec 21

    I wasn’t able to purchase this year but I loved the Christmas fabric bundles that you put together. They were all so pretty with such a nice variety of fabrics that complimented each other. I could think of so many quilts that could be made and oh so pretty. The other quilt that caught my eye was Annie’s wreath. Beautiful. I have yet to make a red and white quilt. It’s on my list for very soon!

  61. Lynn | 2nd Dec 21

    My favorite was the Christmas bundle Can’t wait to receive it in the mail

  62. linda nafe | 2nd Dec 21

    This was my first Fig Tree shopping marathon. I am waiting patiently for my package to arrive, (well, maybe not so patiently). I will be participating again next year. Thank you and Merry Merry‼️

  63. Karen S | 2nd Dec 21

    I watched from the sidelines this year, as I still have last year’s kits to make! But it was definitely fun looking at all you came up with this year, and as always, watching how quickly things flew out of the shop. Good luck, elves, packing and shipping! Loved the pine tree bags with the mushroom zipper pull and the magnetic note pads. Will be keeping my eye out to see if you are able to carry them again! Even though I didn’t buy this year, it was great fun to watch!

  64. Lisa Rettig | 2nd Dec 21

    Like Barbara, I missed out on the pine tree bags. They were super cute! I am excited though that I was able to get each of the bundles. That was my goal this year, and I made it! Thanks for a fun event, and all you do!

  65. Debra Taylor | 2nd Dec 21

    I loved all the different fabric bundles! Although I wasn’t able to check each day, I sure had fun following along with everyone else! Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎅🏻

  66. Mary Scarnecchia | 2nd Dec 21

    I would love that Christmas bundle!! It is breathtaking!
    Money has been super tight this year and I have not been able to purchase any Christmas fabric.

  67. Alice H | 2nd Dec 21

    Loved the box with mini charms. Wasn’t able to get it though as it didn’t fit into my budget

  68. Bonnie Salt | 2nd Dec 21

    I bought three bundles of Christmas fabrics during the sale and came back for the backings when you posted them after the sale! Can’t wait to sew for NEXT Christmas.

  69. Debra H. | 2nd Dec 21

    So many beautiful offerings this year! It’s very difficult to choose just one, but, at this moment, I’d have to say it was the Fig Tree Favorite Christmas bundle. This bundle will help create some Fig Tree Christmas pretties for our home for next year 🙂

  70. Ursula Lee | 2nd Dec 21

    I waited all year to participate this year as I sat on the sidelines last year and watched al the fun. I was not disappointed! I absolutely loved the red/green Christmas kits and was so excited to add it to my cart! Thank you so much for all the figgy fun & helping me plan my quilting fun for next year.

  71. Christopher Lum | 2nd Dec 21

    i was too slow this year (again!!) but as always my favorite are the christmas mugs with fat quarters. i can’t imagine what you must go through to acquire the mugs every year!! look forward to trying again next year!

  72. Barb Elenbaas | 2nd Dec 21

    I am anxious and excited to get everything that I ordered during the event! The Jelly Roll kit is what I am most looking forward to making, Thanks for the great variety & fun event you let me participate in:)

  73. Sandy Paskiet | 2nd Dec 21

    Loved the tree farm kit and think I scored that but missed on the mugs with bundles and mini charms. It was my first Christmas sale so I missed the release times on some items. I saw some ruler boxes on a display and wondered if those were a sale item too? Ordered a bundle or two but missed the Christmas one so happy to enter to win one, I’ll cross my fingers!!!
    Loved the sale though some items sold fast.
    Thank you Fig Tree as I’ve purchased some AWESOME projects I can’t wait to start.

  74. CarolE | 2nd Dec 21

    I thought the zipper pulls were adorable, but they went so fast I was unable to get some!

  75. Donna L McClellan | 2nd Dec 21

    I loved the Tree Farm quilt!! This was my first 12 Days of Christmas sale – didn’t really know what to expect. Unfortunately My budget didn’t allow for any extra spending this year – will definitely will safe for next year!! You guys are amazing – your creativity & organization skills blow me away!! Thank you for such a fun event – it was exciting to check everything out each day!! Thank you so much & have a Blessed Christmas!! 🎄❤️

  76. Donna L McClellan | 2nd Dec 21

    I loved the Tree Farm quilt!! This was my first 12 Days of Christmas sale – didn’t really know what to expect. Unfortunately My budget didn’t allow for any extra spending this year – will definitely will save for next year!! You guys are amazing – your creativity & organization skills blow me away!! Thank you for such a fun event – it was exciting to check everything out each day!! Thank you so much & have a Blessed Christmas!! 🎄❤️

  77. Donna L McClellan | 2nd Dec 21

    I loved the Christmas bundles!! This was my first 12 Days of Christmas sale – didn’t really know what to expect. Unfortunately My budget didn’t allow for any extra spending this year – will definitely will save for next year!! You guys are amazing – your creativity & organization skills blow me away!! Thank you for such a fun event – it was exciting to check everything out each day!! Thank you so much & have a Blessed Christmas!! 🎄❤️

  78. DIANE B FELICE | 2nd Dec 21

    I loved it all but missed out of the Christmas mugs with FQs. But then I did get the Christmas tree quilt kit so I can’t complain! Loved it all! Thanks for all you and your elfs have done to make this another fun time for us!!

  79. Catherine Howe | 2nd Dec 21

    Actually, my excitement starts the minute I buy my “box”! Love the fabric bundles!! Can’t wait to get my box in the mail!

  80. Debbie | 2nd Dec 21

    Definitely the gingerbread house!! So unique ❤️❤️

  81. Angie Moreno | 2nd Dec 21

    Your selection of vintage style scissors are one of my favorite things to look for when you post items. I can tell you have an eye for unique and beautiful things that make quilting inspiring and fun for all of us! Thank you for the time you invest into selecting special scissors and other items for us to enjoy!

  82. Penny Holliday | 2nd Dec 21

    My fav ~ I am so happy that I won a vintage Fig Tree Christmas Bundle! Thank you for offering so many wonderful goodies this year especially the zipper pulls, note pads & all dish towels! I look forward to the wonderful new Fig Tree Swag category in your shop! Wishing all the Figs & Elves a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  83. Deb | 2nd Dec 21

    I love Annie’s wreath….and the chance to win a bundle!

  84. Darlene L. | 2nd Dec 21

    Every year I get so excited for your 12 Days of Christmas sale! Not only does it give me a chance to get some Christmas shopping done for my quilty friends, but I always manage to squeeze in one or two cute things for myself! Thank you for doing this every year. So much fun!

  85. Jill McConville | 2nd Dec 21

    I wasn’t able to catch a glimpse everything on the sale. I work full time and so I sometimes miss it. But I loved the Tree Farm quilt kit. I love your vintage prints! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  86. Kathy Guenther | 2nd Dec 21

    I really am excited about all of the 12 days of Christmas items I ordered. This was my first time shopping this sale and it was awesome! Thank you all for your hard work in putting on such a great event! My favorite purchase was the mushroom bag! I can’t wait to start sewing it!

  87. Julia | 2nd Dec 21

    This was my first year & I absolutely loved it. I adored each thing I got but I loved the wool mat. I was excited to get this smaller size as I will use it to sit with the family when I pin piece. It’s so easy to stick some pins in it and not worry about losing one in the sofa. I can now leave my larger one on the ironing board. The surprise of items and the different times each day was fun. I loved the stories you guys gave us too. It made me feel even closer to you all. MERRY Christmas FigTree & family.

  88. Karen Meyers | 2nd Dec 21

    How can I pick just 1 favorite ? I was fortunate to grab something from just about every day ! I think my current favorite is the Annie quilt ! Can’t wait to open all my yummy selections! Thank you so much for such a fun event . Also. Thank you for taking the break for the holiday and Sundays – I think you, your staff and us alike all needed a rest period. I am happy to support your business ❤️

  89. Mary | 2nd Dec 21

    Missed out on the Tree Farm Quilt 🎄❤️💚

  90. Sue Schultz | 2nd Dec 21

    So hard to pick just one. I am real excited to receive the feed sack tea towels. I love tea towels and these ones looked so cute.

  91. Kathy English | 2nd Dec 21

    So hard to choose! I loved my mug and fat quarters from last year so much, I got another this year! Can’t wait to see what kind of mug arrives! I also love the red and grey bundle! Thanks for all you do! ❤️🌲🦌

  92. Carol McCaig | 2nd Dec 21

    This year I was working during most of the the drops and missed so many goodies. The little box of mini charms would have been my favorite! However, I have snagged one if the backings…that was hard to choose just one and I’m looking forward to the gift sew along with Susan next week. Thank you for such a fun and supportive atmosphere!

  93. Susan | 2nd Dec 21

    I love all of the kits! I look forward to making the Annie quilt for it’s my favorite!

  94. Bea Ann Hunter | 2nd Dec 21

    The red and grey bundle!!! Loved all those fabrics together, it was my favorite 😍 and I’m looking forward to the rest of the month!

  95. Jeanne Davis | 2nd Dec 21

    I had an incredible experience with the 12 days of Christmas this year. My very, very favorite things were the bundles of reds, greens and creams, especially the vintage look! I bought a bundle the very first day and will be using it to make a merry Christmas throw for my precious daughter who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Thank you all for putting wonderful things to look forward to in all that you do. God bless and Merry Christmas!

  96. Teresa Giles | 2nd Dec 21

    Pretty pretty fabrics!

  97. Nan Fowler | 2nd Dec 21

    This was my second year participating and it went really well. I snagged almost everything I wanted. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for a great event. Loved it! My favorite thing was the Tree Farm Quilt and I also loved the zipper pulls but I wasn’t able to get to those quite quick enough to score them for my box. Excited to have some lovelies for under the Christmas tree from Fig Tree!

  98. Juliet S Jacinto | 2nd Dec 21

    It was great fun! I enjoyed the new format, but I wish I would have been able to snag the fat quarters in the Christmas mug. So stinking cute! I missed out on them last year as well. How about more fat quarter bundles in the shop? 😉

  99. Shari K. | 3rd Dec 21

    The Christmas bundles were my favorite.

  100. Vicki | 3rd Dec 21

    This was my first time and I loved everything. I think I bought everything! If I was to pick a favorite it would have to be the 108” backings that you make into a quilt. I love the two fabrics together. Thanks for such a wonderful time.

  101. SUZANNE ROJAN | 3rd Dec 21

    First time for me. My sis and I are in cahoots during the whole sale. I live in CA and she in MT. Great collaborative fun. I bought a couple of bundles and backings. Love the Annie’s Quilt kit, a sure winner for Christmas. Quilt shops near me have all closed, retired, or moved out of state. Buying from Figtree and Company is my,new hometown shop. Thanks to all the Elves.

  102. Sharon Noller | 3rd Dec 21

    I loved the mug with the fat quarters and the little box with the charm packs. The projects were all wonderful. But my favorite was the mushroom bag!

  103. SUZANNE ROJAN | 3rd Dec 21

    First time for me. My sis and I are in cahoots during the whole sale. I live in CA and she in MT. Great collaborative fun. I bought a couple of bundles and backings. Love the Annie’s Quilt kit, a sure winner for Christmas. Quilt shops near me have all closed, retired, or moved out of state. Buying from Figtree and Company is my,new hometown shop. Thanks to all the Elves. My one favorite item is the bag of Frixion markers. Love using those on so many applications, great technology.

  104. Donna Johnson | 3rd Dec 21

    The fat quarter mugs~-so cute!

  105. Stephanie Carter | 3rd Dec 21

    Your lovely Annies Wreaths Quilt, is my favorite…

  106. Lois | 4th Dec 21

    I love Annie’s wreath but I missed that day. Even thou I missed it I had so much fun and did get some fun items. Thank you for all your work.

  107. Theresa Thayer | 4th Dec 21

    I just love your Christmas bundles!! It doesn’t matter that I have many of your past Christmas bundles! I always want the new ones too!

  108. Janet Jordan | 4th Dec 21

    I love everything, as you could tell from my purchases! Lol I couldn’t get everything I wanted but I’m going to try to get the Christmas tree quilt made to go with the seasonal Christmas tree quilt!
    Still trying to resist the gingerbread house kit.
    Thank y’all so much for all the goodies and the hard work you put into it.

  109. Aimee | 4th Dec 21

    Thank you so much, had so much fun and shopped with a goal to make my kids Christmas quilts this coming year. So, I had to pass on the backings set. I love, love those ideas. It’s my favorite print. I’d love to do the stockings, with a matching tree skirt, then pot holders LOL. Will you be restocking the 108” in red and green?
    Id love to see a mini wool kit next year. Think it would be interesting to try before investing in a huge bundle of wool –

  110. Barb Craft | 4th Dec 21

    The fat quarter mugs were adorable even though I was not quick enough to get one. Thank you so much for 8 days of fun. I am a Fig Tree fan forever!!

  111. Barb Craft | 4th Dec 21

    Thank you so much for 8 days of fun. I am a Fig Tree fan forever!! Loved the fat quarter mugs, Little House Pins and the markers

  112. Mary Harrison | 5th Dec 21

    I loved the Christmas bundles and little mushroom bag. Didn’t snag either, but I do have MANY Fig Tree kits I snagged in the past and are on my “to do” list. Currently working on Spruce Pine kit. Thank you so much for the beautiful fabrics and designs.

  113. Donna M Caldwell | 5th Dec 21

    I would’ve loved to have been able to get one of the Christmas bundles. I have the Christmas Figs Sampler Book and have been collecting the Christmas figs fabrics to make that quilt. I love your fabric collections because of your fabric colors.

  114. Debbie Jeter | 6th Dec 21

    I loved the 108 red and green, it was one of my few purchases I made in time. Wanted the mug and fabric and the zipper pulls, but alas, too late for that. I love Annie’s Wreath Quilt, too, especially after reading the story about it. Who can really pick one favorite Fig Tree favorite.

  115. Sarah C | 13th Dec 21

    I love the fat quarter bundles in the Christmas mugs! Such a cute idea!

  116. Roxanna Martin | 13th Dec 21

    I received the quilt kit Jelly and Figg. Love the colors. I did not get the Pattern? I thought that came with the kit. Roxanna Martin

    • | 21st Dec 21

      It absolutely should have. Please email us and we will get one out to you.

  117. Kathie Harris | 13th Dec 21

    First timer here! I managed to be quick enough to get a bundle of fabrics and a kit. My favorites were a mug with fat quarters and Annie’s wreath kit, which I did not score. Too slow. So much fun! Looking forward to next year!

  118. Wanda T | 13th Dec 21

    I thought the Christmas tree bags were really cute. Had one in my basket but wasn’t fast enough checking out and they sold out before my order went through.

  119. Hannah W | 20th Dec 21

    This was my first year purchasing from the sale. Like others there were things that I missed out on because I was not quick enough. One of my favorites, that I did not purchase, was the gingerbread quilt kit. I knew it would stay in the to be made queue for too long to justify the purchase, but it is a darling pattern.

    • | 21st Dec 21

      We will have it as a pattern soon!

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