My baby became a teenager today. Sooo not sure how I feel about this. Certainly don't feel ready for what is to come and haven't said goodbye to what has been. 

Feeling nostalgic and terrified all at the same time.

But I sure do love that boy. 

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  1. Deb A | 1st Apr 11

    He’s very handsome, wait until he’s 15, 16 or so and all the girl issues….don’t envy you with that problem, glad my children are gone from home.

  2. Dianne | 1st Apr 11

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. Sally Keller | 1st Apr 11

    Being a mom of a 13yo boy myself, I am enjoying almost every minute!! and I’m terrified right along with ya!! 🙂 hugs and happy birthday to your handsome boy, Joanna!! 🙂

  4. Cathy A. | 1st Apr 11

    I have a 13 year old son, too, and I just find that he gets more enjoyable all the time!

  5. Kat | 1st Apr 11

    oh dear, I see already the girls standing in long queues.
    Hide him for a few years, so you get some quiet sleep.

    best wishes to YOU !!
    Kat 😉

  6. rita | 1st Apr 11

    I agree, you need to hide him for a few years..Such a handsome guy!!!

  7. Beth | 1st Apr 11

    Wait until 21! When my daughter turned 21 she wanted me to take her out for a drink, now THAT felt weird!

  8. Chris | 1st Apr 11

    My baby turne 30 in a few weeks and it’s freaking me out!

  9. beritbunny | 1st Apr 11

    Of course he’s handsome; yet still adorable! I hadn’t thought of it, but I think I must agree with the other commenters about the young ladies being at the door.

  10. kelly | 1st Apr 11

    he’s adorable or should I say because he is a teenager now he’s very handsome!

  11. Bloom | 1st Apr 11

    Just keep the love at the forefront – the rest will fall into place! Happy birthday young man!

  12. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 1st Apr 11

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful young man! (You’ll do fine Mom.)

  13. DebrafromMD | 1st Apr 11

    I have a son and a niece with birthdays today too! They are my best April fools day surprises ever.

  14. Sandra Davidson | 1st Apr 11

    He is so cute especially those eyes. Just love him ,trust him, and keep lines of communication open and I am sure you will do just fine. Happy Birthday young man.

  15. paty z. from Mexico | 1st Apr 11

    Happy Birthday to your son! I have 3 children, the oldest is 18, then a girl who is 15 and the “little one” who is 12. Don´t panic and be confident of what you and your husband have taught him. Values and family life is the best you can give them.

  16. mamabug | 1st Apr 11

    oh my he is one gorgeous 13 year old. Change your phone numbers quick!!!

  17. Cherri House | 1st Apr 11

    Momma, you better lock that boy up…he’s too good lookin’ for his own good!

  18. Lara | 1st Apr 11

    Your baby and my baby share the same birthday… except my baby only turned 2! He’s our little April Fool. Happy birthday to your son! Hope he had a fabulous day too.

  19. pam | 1st Apr 11

    He is so dashing in this photo. Your troubles are just beginning I’m afraid.

  20. Dawn | 1st Apr 11

    he’s adorable…so Handsome… remember he’s a man in waiting… he’ll do wonderful things that seem silly at times… but he will survive cos he’s a survivor… men are..and you’ll manage Mom… we always do… My youngest DSon became a daddy yesterday (so yep I am a Nan now)… we are thrilled and to watch him change is wonderful…. they do grow up… enjoy..
    many hugs Dawn x x x

  21. Joyce | 1st Apr 11

    handsome, handsome guy. enjoy these next few years. my best advice is don’t fret over the small stuff, everything passes in due time.

  22. julie love | 1st Apr 11

    Your handsome son and I share a birthday! Hope he had a great one today like I did! Just love him and he’ll be fine! (You will, too!)

  23. WendyMT | 1st Apr 11

    Oh I do so wish your ‘baby’ a happy day! I, myself, am looking at my 4 and 6 yr olds dreading the moment I have to face when they will no longer be my “babies” … Congratulations to both of you for surviving this long and best wishes for the next 13 years!!

  24. Pam | 1st Apr 11

    Keep those sweet memories Joanna and have a. Blast making new ones. He is so adorable! I am sure he is a good big brother and a wonderful son! Look who his parents are! lots of love!

  25. Dorian | 2nd Apr 11

    Awww, hugs, it’s hard when they hit those teenage years. I have a 16yo boy and my girl will be 13 in a few months…two teenagers, don’t know what I am going to do! LOL

  26. Vivian | 2nd Apr 11

    Enjoy these years. They fly by way too quickly. Then they go off to college, get married, etc. And then we feel oh so lonely.

  27. Florence Papin | 2nd Apr 11

    What a beautiful son you have !! All mothers are terrified looking forward !! I don’t want to loose my babies too but they are growing so fast ! 20, 17 and 10…. Already so tall and no more babies !!
    Happy birthday to your son !

  28. Eileen R | 2nd Apr 11

    What a handsome guy, happy happy birthday! My son is now 24 and I remember those teen years, a mixture of awkwardness and confidence…wanting to be a boy at times, yearning to be grown up otherwise. Enjoy the moments!

  29. Pam Pike | 2nd Apr 11

    Oh what a handsome young man. I felt the same way as you when my daughters turned 13. They are now 32 and 30 and have given me 3 beautiful grandchildren to love and enjoy. Regardless of his age your son will always be mommies little boy.

  30. Sharon Vickery | 2nd Apr 11

    I know how you feel, I’ve been there 3 times. They grow up much too quickly. My children are now 44,42, and 40 and I have a 13 year old granddaughter who is about to turn 14. Keep the love flowing forever and ever.

  31. Amy | 2nd Apr 11

    He’s a cutie! My son turned 16 a few weeks ago and that is terrifying. Driving, yikes! But I’m taking it one day at a time and enjoying the fine young man that he is becoming. Tell him you love him often and give hugs even if you don’t get one back.

  32. Judith Blinkenberg | 2nd Apr 11

    He is really cute! Now your concerns will be different. My children are grown with children. My advice, love and prayer.

  33. janita | 2nd Apr 11

    you are surrounded by BEAUTY! May your children Bless you. It will be a few years before your teenager will think you are smart again but hang in there they do come around. Get to know his friends 🙂 and keep his feet on solid ground. give him something to believe in, After that a mothers prayers availeth much. Have fun with your new teenager!

  34. Shawn | 2nd Apr 11

    Awe he will still be your baby and he will remember all the lessons you have taught him, even though at times you think he has forgotten them all… My baby boy is 19 and my best advice is to know his friends and let them “hang out” at your house!! I just finished a “Fresh Cottons” quilt (take a peek if you have a chance) and just in time for “Strawberry Fields”, I love your new line and all of your fabrics!

  35. Dallas | 2nd Apr 11

    Oh soak up every moment. You know the saying. A son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter for life. Now is when you begin to see the little sparkles of the Man he will become.

  36. Jeanie | 2nd Apr 11

    What the? 13!!! But, the last time I saw him he was only 18 months. Where did the time go????????? BTW, I am in love with your quilt pattern “Kiss Me”-so charming:)

  37. SarahB | 2nd Apr 11

    Happy birthday to your son! How do they grow up so fast?

  38. Jean | 3rd Apr 11

    I know how you feel. My oldest grandson turns twelve next week. Not to mention how old my daughter will be two days later. Where did the time go?

  39. Mary Ann | 3rd Apr 11

    Oh my goodness, what a handsome guy. bet he already has a long line of 13 yr old girls swooning over those eyes! Enjoy it all, it races by so quickly!

  40. Ann | 3rd Apr 11

    Yes, that feeling of not wanting to let them fly, I remember it well. My girl is now 16 1/2 and just drove out of the driveway for the first time on her own yesterday – I may never get over it!! But she came back, in one piece and I felt a tiny bit better, but not much, I didn’t tell her how much I cried after she drove off. I keep telling myself we’ve raised her to the best of our ability, now it’s her turn to remember all those ‘life’ lessons. Give your boy as many hugs as he will still allow. Best, Ani

  41. Cindy Mindy Pindy | 6th Apr 11

    Handsome! He’ll be a heart breaker for sure!

  42. Joy | 11th Apr 11

    They grow way too fast dont they… he is handsome.


  43. Jean C. | 11th Apr 11

    Look out girls!!! Usually it’s the dad’s that have to keep the baseball bat handy… watch out there mom you may have to fight those girls off too! Teenagers… my dad calls it “the great sickness”… says we need to lock kids up til they are 21 and then maybe longer! LoL..
    They do grow up quick.
    Take care…

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