This too!

Did I mention that you could use it to "put a bird on it" too. Wherever you might like a bird that is! In this case on the end of a winter table runner. Love it!


Although I am not usually a fusible webbing kind of gal, this little machine is so much fun to use that I am hooked!

And for those of you going to Market, there will be a couple of opportunities to win some of these goodies you see below. In fact, there might be more than a couple of said opportunities. Stay tuned for times and places!




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  1. Miss Nancy | 10th May 11

    The little bird applique is just adorable. You made the shapes for the applique for that little gadget and its accessories that you have pictured? Most interesting! Can’t wait to learn more about it.

    Have a super great time at market.

  2. Miss Nancy | 10th May 11

    I just saw your last post. Most interesting and a great little gadget. Dah, I should pay more attention.

    Have a super great time at market.

  3. Grammi C | 10th May 11

    Interested to hear more about this. Haven’t bought a new “gadget” in awhile but this may be the next one.

  4. Marcia Kosturock | 10th May 11

    Not able to make it to market.. darn it.. but this does look spectacular!!

  5. Beth | 10th May 11

    I’m just getting brave enough to try applique, so of course I need a new gadget for it!!

  6. maria elena blecha | 11th May 11

    Oh that little bird is adorable, am ready for a new toy, too late to go to Market but I will be watching and ready to buy a toy!!

  7. Ramona Chester | 11th May 11

    What a darling bird. But then everything looks great in the fun Fig Tree colors!

  8. Pam | 11th May 11

    I will be looking for the giveaways! How fun is that!

  9. Mary Ann | 11th May 11

    Oh….big sigh…I’m not going to market but am hoping for lots of pictures on all my favorite blogs!

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