Hello Houston!

So here I am in Houston for the 9th or 10th
time I think. I guess I would have to count back to be exact but if it hasn’t
been that many times, it certainly feels like that many! The weather is, well…
the epitomy of Houston weather. It feels like it is almost 90% humidity and it
is forecasted to thunderstorm at the same time. Hope that gives a good feel for
how much weight we are all going to lose this weekend nothing more than
standing here and sweating!

If I haven’t already given it away a hundred different ways
till Sunday [is that even a saying?]… I am showing my first retro kid’s line
this Market. I have been so excited to do a kid’s line even though my munchkins
are mostly a bit too old to enjoy the fabric and the goodies we’re making from
it… the youngest of our brood is in heaven! If she thought it was all for her
before, now she is actually right!

The collection is called Whimsy. And although it is a kid’s
line, it is also versatile enough to be a fresh, stand alone Fig Tree line,
blending perfectly with all the other lines before and after it. If you remove
the 2 more clearly “kid” prints-the rest of the line is classic fresh vintage
Fig Tree! So really it is like having 2 lines in one and I am very excited to
see how people respond to it when the reps start showing.
  A few little birdies have told me that
the early reviews on it have been great so we can only hope that the rest go
that way too. It is a bit nerve wracking to do something a bit different after
so many successful years of doing more classic floral based collections. Why
fix it if it isn’t broke, is always my motto right?
  So I’ll keep you posted on the feedback.


Here are a few fun shots of the newest pattern to support
this line, Whimsy Fresh. It’s a kid’s room ensemble pattern with some new
unique styles of quilts, really fun use of the Snuggles fabrics, floor daisies,
bed and floor pillows,
quilts and more.
  Makes me wish I
was a kid again….





To see a few pics of another one of my favorite new patterns, Jelly & Jam, go on over to the Jabber….

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Carrie | 8th Oct 09

    Its definitely Fig Tree, I love it, I have often thought your fabric in flannel would be wonderful too!
    The plush fabric is just cuddly, such fun to look forward too!

  2. Carol | 9th Oct 09

    Joanna, I love the Mill House Inn Line! And yes, looking at the picture you have here, it does make you want to have a baby!!! I have a favor to ask. I have several quilts that I need quilted and cannot find a person that quilts that I trust. You are in the business and you would know more about what to ask, who do you go to, what do you ask, what is a fair price, do they love doing that kind of work. So if you could lead me to a quilter, or know someone who can I would greatly appreciate it. I live in CT. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. I am disabled and I want to get these done for my daughters for Christmas. They are the first designers quilt BOM from 2009 Fat Quarter Shop. Thank you,
    Carol Radcliffe

  3. Carol | 9th Oct 09

    Oh it’s wonderful…I’ll bet everyone loves it…I think I met you for the first time at Houston in 2000…when I flipped over your patterns the first time! Have a great Market!

  4. Monica | 9th Oct 09

    Joanna, I love this line. When will we see it? I love the fresh dots and ric rac lines. You did a great job! Great patterns to make, also!

  5. Kaye Prince | 9th Oct 09

    Absolutely beautiful Joanna! Have a great time at Quilt Market!

  6. dotti white | 9th Oct 09

    It’s all absolutely beautiful! I already love it!

  7. badlands quilts | 9th Oct 09

    Love the fabrics! I am so excited to see this line!

  8. Lisa | 9th Oct 09

    I love it, it’s really beautiful!

  9. Shirley LeDoux | 9th Oct 09

    Texture! Texture! Texture! I love it. It looks like the snugly fabric quilts beautifully. I can’t wait to get my hands on some! Maybe next week at PIQF, please, please, please????

  10. Jennifer Byrne Paganellli | 9th Oct 09

    so lovely!!

  11. Jean | 9th Oct 09

    Golly, gee willickers! Makes me want a new little granddaughter now! This fabric is adorable and will be just as successful as your other lines, just you watch.

  12. Brittany | 9th Oct 09

    Oh, too cute. Love it.

  13. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 9th Oct 09

    Whimsey looks amazing and how great that it fits right in with the rest of your lines!

  14. Kathryn | 11th Oct 09

    You take my breath away, I love it..truly love it! I can see so many ideas take form for kids or not…what a great design!!

  15. Mary Lou Weidman | 14th Oct 09

    Your booth was beautiful at Market!!!!

  16. Diane Knott | 16th Oct 09

    Joanna, I love it! I’ll be looking for it in stores so I can make something from it. So sherbetie! Is that a word? 😉 Hope you enjoyed Quilt Market! I know that your line is going to do beautifully! You have “the” touch! My eyes are always drawn to your colors and fabrics.
    Happy stitching and quilting forever!

  17. Sally Keller | 17th Oct 09

    Ohhhhh Joanna, Your new Mill House Inn line is FABULOUS!! I ran to the Cabbage Rose booth at Festival so i could touch it and see all of your fun patterns!! I’m soooooo picking up your Madeline pattern and some fun, fun fabrics soon!!! Thanks sooo much for your inspirational creations! and your fun eye candy BLOG!! 🙂 hugs from Houston, sally

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