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We have had a lot of new products release recently at Quilt Market and we have advertised some other new things via our newsletter and on Instagram and it is a lot of information to take in so we are writing all of the updates here in one place and hopefully that will answer most of the questions you might have right now. 


Hazelplum bundle saturatedss


Hazel bottlecaps on gate small

This is something that we do twice a year when we show a brand new collection. In an effort to make sure that everyone who does't have a local quilt shop near them that loves Fig Tree as much they do, we offer kits of some of our brand new patterns in the upcoming collection. These will be available for another week or so, so that everyone who wants one can pre-order. After this, they will no longer be available. When the fabric arrives in October, the kits will ship. If we have extra fabric, we might offer a few of each of the kits with what we have but we will never know what that will be until then. So if you love the kit, now is the time to pre-order it. For more info, go  HERE.  This year there are 4 options for HAZEL & PLUM pre orders.



Up new this week, our HAZEL & PLUM pattern are now ready to go. Paper patterns will be here next week and you are free to order them now so that you get them sent to you the minute they come through the door. PDF patterns are on the site for sale now for those of you who prefer the PDF delivery method. Please remember that if you want them immediately you need to purchase with a credit card and not through PayPal as we have a delay with that method because we have to release them by hand. SPECIAL OFFER: THE FIRST 20 PEOPLE TO ORDER MORE THAN $20 WORTH OF NEW PATTERNS, WILL RECEIVE A HAZEL & PLUM MINI CHARM AS OUR GIFT. Well actually, its a gift from MODA! When at Market, we receive some mini charms to give out to stores when they come by the booth to chat. We thought it would be nice to save some of those little mini goodies and bring them home to give out to you as well! CLICK HERE!

Patterns new



This is a new Block of the Month program that we are launching this June which will go through to next May. It is currently SOLD OUT due to its popularity. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please feel free to email me joanna@figtreequilts.com asap and you will be added to the current list. The program was on our site for about a week and many people found it and signed up then. We advertised it last Friday via our newsletter and it was completely sold out by Saturday morning. Again, we are so sorry for that but that is just the way it goes with our BOM programs! We were able to add a small amount of spots to accommodate the first set of wait list names and have a few more spots there but those will quickly fill. We are unable to get many of the fabrics again so will not be able to offer it in its current format with more spots after this. If there is still such huge interest, we will offer it again with a new set of cream fabrics, next year.




We are currently working on putting together our 2nd box of this year's subscription [the box goes out in July and is our autumn themed box]. If you are still interested in joining that program, feel free to email us well to be put on the wait list. The program is full but we are adding people to the waitlist. When we process those boxes, if people's cards decline several times, we offer the spots to people on the wait list and many people have been added that way each quarter. 



Last week we showed a yellow version of our brand new BOTTLECAPS quilt and many of you asked about the yellow and about whether or not we would be kitting that particular version. The answer is yes… we just have to work through a couple of other things first so stay tuned for that one! We also have it with a green background!



Greeen bottlecaps sm



Wool Bundlebrochureback

At Market we introduced a new Wool bundle and some cute patterns to play with to go along with it as well as some amazing new cotton threads and wool threads. We will have much more information on all things wool in about a week or so. Stay tuned for that! We are so excited to share more about it!!

Okay I think that is it for now… I am sure I forgot something so feel free to ask me. Love ya guys!


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  1. Suzanne | 7th Jun 17

    Beautiful items as always. Since I am currently enrolled in two of your BOMs I have been trying to be good! I’m afraid the yellow bottle caps will be my undoing though! Looking forward to its availability. XO

  2. Tracy Swan | 7th Jun 17

    Beautiful wool. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  3. Elizabeth | 7th Jun 17

    I have gotten smart and signed up formate cream BOM on the first day the minute I read about it. Can’t wait for my first month.

  4. Marcia R | 7th Jun 17

    That yellow bottlecaps quilt….love it so much.

  5. Angela Short | 7th Jun 17

    I really want to learn more about the wools. A kit sounds amazing!!!

  6. Jenhuertaball@gmail.com | 7th Jun 17

    Daaayyyyummm, guurrrrll! You are a busy bee! Miss you!

  7. Debbie Taylor | 7th Jun 17

    Thanks Joanna for the updates. Can you give us the SKU#’s of the yellow and green backgrounds you used please?

    Debbie Taylor

  8. Joanna | 7th Jun 17

    Not yet. Kits will be available soon!

  9. Joanna | 7th Jun 17

    I have to call you. I have to see you. I have to laugh with you. I have to be with you! Will call soon!!!!! I love your daayyyyummm guurrrlllll !!!! I think I am going to have to use that one! xoxoxoxooxoxox

  10. Joanna | 7th Jun 17

    Me too!! Working on kits!

  11. Joanna | 7th Jun 17

    That’s the way to go!!

  12. Joanna | 7th Jun 17

    That is the best kind of undoing!

  13. Janet | 7th Jun 17

    I took several of the Fig Tree subscription boxes to my monthly workshop … my friends were over the moon! don’t be surprised if you get a whole bunch of new members in Orange County come January … they’ll be excited for the wait list, I’m sure!

  14. Joanna | 7th Jun 17

    Thank you Janet! I really appreciate your excitement!!

  15. Rosemary Bolton | 9th Jun 17

    Joanna, These quilts are adorable, cutie cute
    I love the fabrics so much. Your fabrics are just perfect, I love the colors and they play so well with both modern and olden-ish fabrics. I appreciate that ???? totally. So, that is why I keep your goodies in stock here at the home stead.
    Always inspiring too. Thank you for that

  16. Cheryl | 9th Jun 17

    Those yellow bottlecaps are yummy…..can I pre-order that????

  17. Joanna | 10th Jun 17

    No pre- orders on that but we are working on kits for it to come soon!

  18. Cheryl Warstler | 12th Jun 17

    Can’t wait. Have been checking daily so I don’t miss out. Just when I think I can say ‘NO’ to something, you sucker me in again – or should i say I fall in love again.???? You got me with the creams, low volume…Love this idea. and when I saw the green background, but especially that yellow. it is special.


  19. Marian | 14th Jun 17

    Hi Joanna,

    I just wanted to ask about the Fig Tree blocks competition. I know I didn’t win because I didn’t receive an email (to either email address), but it was fun designing, but where can we see the winning blocks?

    Also, I seem to be missing a couple of newsletters that definitely haven’t ended up in the spam box because I check that everyday too



  20. Eagle Pass Injury Lawyers | 15th Jun 17

    Love the designs. I hope I can get these too for my collection.

  21. d3rkell@aol.com | 16th Jun 17

    How wide are the bolts of coated fabric ?

  22. Joanna | 16th Jun 17

    standard width, 45”. Its actual fabric that has been coated.

  23. Lea Kagel | 17th Jun 17

    Hi Joanna,
    Since this is the page for questions I was wondering when the tutorial for the travel bag with the coated fabric will be available. Even though you suggested I call or write in a question re: the instructions I am more of a visual learner.
    Sorry to be such a bother.

    Take care and stay cool-yikes!

  24. Joanna | 17th Jun 17


    We are still planning on doing ti but design and pattern deadlines have taken priority. Check back in with us soon!

  25. Joanna | 17th Jun 17

    It was an Instagram contest so all the info was posted on Instagram last month and you can check back there anytime you like in our feed.
    If you aren’t getting newsletters, you can always unsubscribe from your current subscription and resubscribe once again.


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