Winners, winners chicken dinners!

I just finished reading the comments. Thank you all so much for sharing your daydreams with us. They were so wonderful to read and I feel like I know a lot of you so much better! And I would still really like to be canning with some of you right now!

Given the amount of comments, I decided to have a few winners.  The main winner will get the whole packet and the others will get a Le Fig pincushion kit & some pattern goodies!


1st winner:  Jane, commented on August 25 at 8:00 am and said:

i'm rather new to your blog (2 weeks) and am hoping it's all right to enter your giveaway. the cotton pear is lovely and would be happy taking its place on my mantle. :o) as summer comes to a close, i'm still canning and dehydrating. i dream about getting busy on stitching (embroidery), a bit of knitting, a couple mini quilts, finishing a primitive Americana quilt, and sewing a couple dresses. lots to dream about. hope your day is swell. 

Extra winners:

Dawn, commented on August 23, 5:50 pm and said:

While your memories of the first day of school make me miss those days when my children were small and cute, I am now looking forward to something totally opposite – in a way. My baby (I have 4 children) is going off to college about 450 miles away. So my last few days of summer are busily buying and packing to move her away. BUT – I kind of am looking forward to that empty nest! for a few months at a time anyway! It is kind of nice knowing it is only temporary!

Lori, commented on August 25, 6:53 am and said: 

I have only been sewing for a year. I love all your great patterns. I always want ALL the new fabrics. My house cleaning days have been replaced with sewing days. Much more fun!

So send me an email with your address ladies so we can get your goodies out to you!

And after reading through all of your wonderful comments and coming across this next one, I felt like we should send her something extra special just because she might just need it a bit more than all the rest of us put together. So I added her in. I'm sure you will agree.

Donna commented on August 26, 9:32 am:

I wish so much that I had the opportunity to post anything BUT what I have been doing this summer. On March 16th of this year, I suffered the greatest tragedy known to any mother. I lost my precious, beloved son, Brian, after a 2 year struggle with cancer. He passed away just 5 days after his 19th birthday. I don't think I have to say that my life is now, and forever will be, changed. Brian knew how much I loved to quilt and he was always amazed at the things I would accomplish. I had to put aside that part of my life during those 2 years while devoting every minute of everyday to caring for my precious son and trying to keep cancer from snatching him from my arms. I know that he would want me to continue with the things that brought me joy such as working with fabrics and quilting. I have always loved your lines of fabrics and patterns. I just need a little boost and some inspiration to get going again. I'm even trying to think of a way that I could make a quilt in his memory knowing however, that he was such a tremendous young person and so loving, that it will really have to be something special. I love the idea of using your fabrics because the "happy" that they bring looking at them reflects the "happy" that Brian always gave to everyone around him. Nothing drab or dark would do. I hesitated to even write this, but I do need some inspiration to get started back trying to do things that bring me some joy, and like I said before, I know my son would want me to get back to this. It would rekindle the memories of the times he would watch me and praise me even though he was a major athlete and all boy, he still took the time to be interested in what I was doing. Just writing this makes me think back to those happy times. One other thing I would like to say after reading so many of the replies and those of you with small children is that (and I know all mothers know this but I can't help but repeat) they grow up so quickly. Cherish even the smallest of moments. Our children are gifts from God. Thank you for allowing me to post.

Thanks again everyone for playing. For all those of you who have emailed asking about desk organizing info, i will post about that in the next couple of days.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. julia | 31st Aug 10

    Joanna – yes, if anybody deserves some of your lovely goodies, then it’s Donna. My heart goes out to her as I read her comment. I really, really hope she’ll find some happy moments working with your fabrics and patterns soon…

  2. Ramona Chester | 31st Aug 10

    Joanna, Great choices and thank you for including Donna. Absolutely nothing can replace her son, but hopefully it will help her knowing she is surrounded by a loving family of fellow quilters who, at reading her post, are all sharing in her pain and sorrow. I know God will guide her hands as she works on Brian’s quilt and it will be beautiful.

  3. Jamie | 31st Aug 10

    Oh dear, tears coming to my eyes as I think of what Donna has been through. I have two boys, 9 and 6, and I cannot even imagine her sorrow. Hugs to you, Donna!

  4. Stephanie | 31st Aug 10

    Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for your generosity!!!

  5. Karen | 31st Aug 10

    Many congratulations to the winners….especially Donna. I cannot imagine how difficult her situation must be. It is wonderful that you are sending her something special.


  6. Madame Samm | 31st Aug 10

    What a dear heart you are…great choices and the Mom who lost her son, it is one tragedy of burying a child you never ever think will come to your door. Bless her heart and yours and to the other winners..YIPEE….how lucky you both are.
    blessings madame samm

  7. traceyjay | 31st Aug 10

    oh shoot she made me cry!

    I’m so sorry Donna! I’ll be snuggling my little sweetie as soon as he wakes up!

  8. Tina H. | 31st Aug 10

    All the best to Donna and thank you for doing something nice for her.

  9. folksmith | 31st Aug 10

    Donna, my heart breaks for you. Remember all of the wonderful seconds you had with your son. Each daily truly is a blessing. I hope the treats that are sent your way from Fresh Figs helps you through these trying days.

    Create for Brian!

  10. Cathy A | 31st Aug 10

    That’s so nice of you to have several winners! I do hope Donna finds just the perfect thing to inspire her quilting again.

  11. Christine | 31st Aug 10

    I am so sorry Donna. I am sitting here crying my eyes out for you.

  12. MoeWest | 31st Aug 10

    Joanna, it is so generous of you to include the extra winners. I hope Donna can take comfort in making a quilt in memory of Brian.

  13. Debbie Cook | 31st Aug 10

    I’m sitting here reading your blog after having spent the day watching my 21-yo son swear in and ship off to Marine boot camp. I just received his 20-second scripted call home letting us know he arrived, and was sobbing my eyes out. But Donna’s comment really put THAT into perspective fast. Donna – I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine. And I will now think of you and your son every time I think I’m missing mine while at boot camp.

  14. Heather | 31st Aug 10

    Congratulations to all the winners! And how thoughtful of you Joanna to send Donna something special too. I’m sure it will lift her spirits. I also think that maybe an upcoming fabric line might need to be called “happy”. Many blessings as we all move into fall and hope that such tragedies stay away while we enjoy your lucious fabrics and the harvest season. :o)

  15. Irina | 1st Sep 10

    Congratualtions to the winners!
    Donna, big hug to you and I hope quilting will help you to cope with your loss and ease the pain.

  16. Cate Tuten | 1st Sep 10

    Joanna, thank you so much for all that you do in connecting us all together through much more than material and thread, as wonderful as they are. I am so moved by Donna’s story and feel “connected” to her- to be aware of a mother’s unbearable pain in loosing a child, yet to see how she is handling it with grace and the ability to not just draw inward, but outward towards others and to a creative gift that can help mend her soul. For me as a Christian, only Jesus is the true mender of souls, yet He blesses us with gifts that can be used along our journey. I pray she will find solace and joy as she once again works with her hands to design and create. Because of you Joanna and your website I can pray for Donna. Thank you and blessings to you both….Cate Tuten

  17. Sandra Davidson | 1st Sep 10

    Hi Joanna, congrats to all the winners and a special hug out to Donna. I haven’t loss a child yet but have been close many times so I know how important it is to cherish every moment with your children. My daughter is on Kidney dialysis and if I didn’t have my quilting to keep me occupied it would be even more difficult. I will pray for peace for Donna. Love and Hugs Sandra

  18. Lisa | 1st Sep 10

    To Donna, May you find peace and comfort in your memories of your son and the joy he brought you and those who knew him during his short time with you. Best wishes for the winds of quilt inspiration to begin blowing your way again.

    To Joanna, Thank you for the opportunity to share our activities this Summer and to strengthen one another through your blog.

    I canned for the first time this Summer. Plum jam. It’s simple to do, but there is the time factor that may prove difficult 😉

  19. Laura Tawney | 1st Sep 10

    Congrats to the winners! Extra hugs to Donna and here is hoping she finds lots of inspiration in quilting. I also have had a different type of loss this past year and recently took a quilting class from Kathy McNeil and it was so wonderful as it did inspire me to quilt again and I could find peace and joy. So here is hoping that the same will happen with Donna:)
    Laura T

  20. | 3rd Sep 10

    Congrats to the winners and as everyone has mentioned, our hearts go out to Donna – as any parent knows to have such a loss is so unbearable. I’m hoping she will receive something wonderful from Fig Tree for new inspiration and find some comfort in being creative.


  21. Mary Ann | 4th Sep 10

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Donna. I’ll be thinking of her stitching away as woman have always done thinking of her son Brian with love. And than you Joanna, your work always adds to my comfort and joy. Big plans for a fall full of Fig tree goodness.

  22. Jean Thut | 5th Sep 10

    Joanna: Thank you for including Donna in your give-away. You are so kind. My sister and best friend both lost sons and I know how devastating this can be. Any act of kindness means the world.

  23. Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe & Mercantile | 5th Sep 10

    Hey Joanna. Wow. Talk about bringing tears to my eyes! Our thoughts go out to Donna and we hope that she knows her son will live on through the joy and inspiration she rediscovers in her love of quilting. A big, big, hug to this wonderful lady.

  24. patsters | 12th Sep 10

    I have just found your blog via a link from another blog (don’t remember which one tho) so am fairly new but really enjoy it. The colors of the fabrics are so beautiful and yummy and inspire me to run to my craft room and get busy. I look forward to future posts. Well done!

  25. Jocelyn | 13th Sep 10

    Thanks for being so kind and generous to Donna. She has really walked through a hard time.

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