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For those of you who have started following along on our Sherbets & Creams Quilt Along, here is some info:

Question #1: There are more Sherbet Bundles coming… and then more after that!

For those of you who have ordered already, your bundles have either already gone out or will go out on Friday when the next set of fabric arrives.

FT Sherbets 2

Question #2: Yes, we have another cream bundle up on the site as of 5 minutes ago!



Question #3: You can join in any time you like. I will give some instructions on the solids next weekend but if your bundle hasn't arrived by then, don't worry. Just start when you can! We will be "quilting along" for at least 4 weeks!

I am also posting some photos as I go along on Instagram, just in case you want to follow along there.



For those of you who entered to win one of our yummy little FRIVOLS last Friday or over the weekend…. drum roll please….

 If you are BETTY HARDEN and you posted on 4/8/16 11:28 PM  then you are the lucky winner of our FRIVOL. Betty said….

I love those tins, and I love Strawberry Fields Revisited. Am buying it like crazy and tried to get in on your new box but got dumped off the site and when I was able to get into your site, they were gone and I am so blue about that as I really wanted to join. Thanks for the opportunity to win a tin. Did join the Fat Quarter Shop box. I keep hoping you will get more of these. Thank you. My next project will be staring Strawberry Fields, and will be a table runner first. 

 Thanks Betty for playing along with us an for your sweet comments!  Email me at to claim your prize. 


Happy Sewing,


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  1. Shannon Wallace | 14th Apr 16

    Congratulations to Betty! I love the sherberts bundle.

  2. Tina | 14th Apr 16

    Hi Joanna!

    Could you let me know how to find you on Instagram – I’m not having much luck 🙁

    Also, I know you have a gazillion things going on, but I thought I’d check to see if there is a pattern available for that lovely, gorgeous ‘orange’ quilt that was in your 12-Days of Christmas that I’m still drooling over.

    And I’d also like to add my Congratulations to Betty!! I know she is really going to love this Frivol!

  3. Stephanie | 14th Apr 16

    Try instagram again. I tried a few days ago and couldn’t find it, today I did.

  4. Hildy | 14th Apr 16

    Congrats Betty!
    I’ve already cut my squares for the sew-along now need to sew them together and then wait for the next step. BWT which size will the finished quilt be? I’m asking because I quilt all quilts with my domestic machine and just can’t handle quilts too big.

  5. Peggy | 14th Apr 16

    Joanna or Eric. Would you sell just certain colors of the Bella sherbets? Some of us may have some of the colors and wouldn’t need the bundle.

  6. Joanna | 14th Apr 16

    Sorry, we only do bundles. You can find the solids in many online shops.

  7. Pamela | 14th Apr 16

    How do I keep missing out? I have missed the cream bundle! Will you do more?

  8. Joanna | 14th Apr 16

    We will put up more again tomorrow! They are selling as fast as we can make them for this quilt along!


  9. Joanna | 14th Apr 16

    We have more up on the site now!

  10. Joanna | 14th Apr 16

    not sure yet! A large lap or somewhere in that vicinity!


  11. Sarah | 16th Apr 16

    I’d love to play along with the quilt a long but is postage really $70 for $48 of Solids to Australia?? 🙁 🙁

  12. Joanna | 17th Apr 16

    Unfortunately we are 100% at the mercy of the postal service! 🙁

  13. Sarah | 17th Apr 16

    I’ll have to try source them locally or I could use some other colours perhaps!

  14. Tina | 17th Apr 16

    It’s me again 🙂 Could you let me know how to find you on Instagram because ‘figtreequilts’ doesn’t work. I thought you may be under another name possibly???

  15. Joanna | 17th Apr 16


  16. Tina | 17th Apr 16

    Thank you!

  17. colleen | 23rd Apr 16

    i am enjoying this so much thank you.
    my request is to have you do a (?) PDF so i can print out the instructions as i us the library for my computer so its hard to either take notes or print out your blog at fifteeen cents a page
    i do not know how hard this request is as i am not very computer in the know

  18. Joanna | 24th Apr 16

    No PDF available unfortunately. The template is on a PDF. So glad you are having fun!


  19. Bebe | 25th Apr 16

    I received my Fig Tree subscription box for summer yesterday. Love it! So sweet! It’s absolutely, positively the light of my day. I love just looking at the box, and how it was packed. It feels like a special gift, just for me. XXOO

  20. Joanna | 26th Apr 16

    So happy to hear that!!!!

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