Good morning and happy Friday everyone! 

Today is the last day of the sale and we are mixing it up a bit around here. Those of you committed to this sale have become so incredibly good at checking the moment we go live and grabbing your goodies right away, that it is like a Black Friday sale around her every day and we are cleaned out of most items within 1 1/2 hours!

For Friday, we will start to post some products at midnight, then some throughout the morning so as to give the best chance to as many different people… or perhaps even a better chance to some who haven't been too lucky yet. We will not send out any other notifications about when or what!

Given the random times and varying stock of the items we are posting, we won't be showing the items here. If you find them and want them, nab them.

For those who miss them, at least you won't have to be sad about what you missed! Good luck!  

Thanks so much for shopping with us!  Keep reading below….

Welcome to DAY #12!!


…if you want to read the "fine print" info for this sale, please click HERE to take you to one of the first posts about the sale and all its ins and outs…. scroll to the bottom of that post. Thanks!




…by Carolina Buzio



  1. Boxes will start to ship [for many of you, your first box has already filled and you are on your second box] first thing on Friday morning. So if you want to add patterns or other things to your box, do so first thing so you don't miss out. Think about adding patterns, cream background fabric or some of your favorite notions to that lovely little box of goodies. Don't forget to check out THE NOTIONS SHOP for all of our favorites!
  2. We will stop adding products mid morning PST so you don't need to keep checking after that.
  3. We have some NEW WOOL & BOM RELATED NEWS TO ANNOUNCE on Monday. We decided to wait until after the sale was over so that we would not complicate matters over here for the elves. Plus wool is so thick and fluffy that it would be really hard… close to impossible… to include any of it in the boxes anyhow. So if you have been waiting for more info on the wool, stay tuned on Monday.
  4. We are more or less unable to make any more of most of the kits that were offered during the sale. We will be offering more information on some of the most popular ones this weekend or next week and some more info on the Yuletide Snowflake kit especially [that is one that we plan on making more of and are collecting fabric as we speak… more info on that on Monday as well.
  5. But… we are sometimes able to get more of the notions and gift items after the sale is over. If you are still dieing for one or more of those items, let us know right away. If we get enough requests for something, we create a list and order more if the products are still available from the distributor. As long as you are okay if they ship out after Christmas, and not as a part of this sale, we are good. So don't hesitate to ask… as they say, it never hurts to ask!
  6. And most importantly… thank you for shopping with us! This was our 5th annual 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE and our most successful ever. We have created a system that seems to be working and other than the increasing speed at which you guys shop, everything seems to be working perfectly… knock on wood. So thank you for joining us and don't forget… stay tuned to Monday for some great info!!


Hope you have fun shopping today. Click HERE for more info on each product.

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  1. Trudi | 11th Dec 15

    This was my first time to do the sale, and I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn’t have any problems – I signed up for the newsletter, followed you on instagram and checked when you’d said to on the blog. I didn’t expect to get much since you’d warned repeatedly how fast things would sell out, but I was able to get some cute stocking stuffers and some really gorgeous fabric. I can’t wait to get it! Thank you for everything!

  2. Susan | 11th Dec 15

    It’s always fun to do your “12 Days of Christmas” each year and I look forward to it, but I wasn’t very lucky. I know items go fast, but wow, they really went fast!! I also clicked to add something to my cart from my phone, but for whatever reason, it disappeared somehow. I appreciate you stating that we can let you know if we missed something and you may still be able to get it, but without looking, can be go back to the previous days and check? I’m sure there are items I would’ve liked, but off hand I cannot remember. I feel if it’s meant to be, it’ll be there. Regardless, it’s fun and I’m sure a lot of hard work for you! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  3. Stephanie Otts | 11th Dec 15

    I watched from the sidelines last year, and took the plunge to join in this year. I had a lot of fun waiting to see what the new goodies were. Everything was so cute and fun. I missed out on a few things, but that’s okay. That meant someone else got lucky! I can’t wait to get my box and see everything up close. Thanks for everything!

  4. Joanna | 11th Dec 15


    Thanks so much for joining us. We completely understand that it is a bit crazy… we get crazy on our end too LOL! So very glad you were able to get some goodies!

    Happy Holidays to you!


  5. Joanna | 11th Dec 15

    Feel free to look through the posts and let us know.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!


  6. Lorraine Isaac | 11th Dec 15

    Thank you for your hard work during the sale, I had fun and even my husband played along, if you ever get the pencil sets Iwould like one or two, thanks again, Lorraine

  7. Joanna | 11th Dec 15

    Thanks Lorraine!! So glad that you got your husband to join in too! I have added you to the list for 2 pencil sets and plan on ordering some next week!


  8. Darlene | 11th Dec 15

    Joanna & Eric,

    This was my second year to participate in the “12 Days of Christmas” sale. I was more prepared this year and very lucky to add much more to my box than I expected! It was so much fun! I can hardly wait to receive all my goodies! I would be very interested in the Christmas Bundle of twelve half-yard cuts if you are able to offer more in the near future. I just love the red, greens & creams you put together! All of your gifts and notions were beautiful! I am in love with anything Vintage…thank you for everything you do to organize this sale. Happy Holidays!

  9. Joanna | 11th Dec 15


    Thanks so much for letting us know that you enjoyed the sale. Its sometimes easy to forget how much fun it is for you guys while we are running around here like crazy people LOL!

    Happy Holidays,


  10. Susan | 12th Dec 15

    Thank you for your replies among all the craziness. I was able to scroll through the past posts, but prices are not available since the items are gone. If possible, I’d like to purchase the animal tape measures, Moda candy cane napkins and perhaps, the gold Paris scissors. Not sure about: red dotted scissors, Farmhouse XMas bundle, and the Vintage notebooks. This is very kind of you to let us know if any items become available at a later date – thank you so very much! Again, the 12 Days of Christmas has always been fun and you and your elves are much appreciated – it can’t be easy!

  11. Linda Enneking | 12th Dec 15

    I would be interested in buying the neutral fabric bundles if more would be available. Would also love to have the pencils. I was in the hospital for surgery on Thursday so was not able to check the sale items until I came out of anesthesia early in the afternoon. Checking for new items kept me amused on Friday. This sale is so much fun. Thanks for all you do to put it together.

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