Hello Fig Tree Friends-

Happy Autumn and October and Falling Leaves and Pumpkin Spice Everything and Warm Sweaters and Crisp Air!

EDIT: CONGRATULATIONS DEB GIROTTI! YOU ARE OUR WINNER!! Email me your info so we can send your goodies.

As I am sure you well know… I am kind of an autumn fanatic. I love this season better than all the others put together and I wouldn’t mind if it was here for much longer than it is… especially here in Northern California. I have no idea how I have somehow not managed to move to New England in all these years of living in the US! But I guess I am destined to be a California girl who wishes she could live in New England! Although I do manage to find my fair share of fall color… so don’t feel too bad for me :-).

… nothing beats our Persimmon tree in our backyard.
… perfect fall stems from Target this year! I love them!
… real sunflowers are the perfect addition to the faux leaves.
Decorating with vintage fall feeling quilts is a the top of my favorite fall activities.
… making pumpkin quilts is pretty close to the top of that list too!

So instead of living in New England :-)… I do a lot of fall decorating! I love pumpkins and leaves and orange quilts and anything orange and anything pumpkin!

… can you tell that cream pumpkins are my favorite?
… the orange version of my Sweet Sixteen pattern.

So in honor of my love of all things pumpkins, I have gathered a few of my favorite recent finds of faux pumpkins [from Target, Joanns, Michaels] and I want to send one of you a set of them. I have repainted most of the stems… because although I love faux pumpkins of many kinds, I am usually not crazy about the plastic feeling stem. But a little bit of craft paint usually does the trick!


So just comment below and tell me your favorite thing about fall to be entered to win. We might even mix in some of my favorite orange fabrics and a fun little pumpkin pattern in case you want to make up some pumpkins of your own!

If you want to be entered a second time, go and comment on Instagram too!

Winner announced on Monday!

Happy Fall Friends!


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  1. Terri C | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is October birthdays!! My sister, 3 of my neighbors and myself (the 19th). It’s such a special time of year for us and we can’t wait until we can all gather together again to celebrate – maybe next year!

  2. Nancy DeMaagd | 9th Oct 20

    Making soup and pumpkin bread!

  3. Sandra H | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the crops evenings and mornings, the color of the leaves and the start of the holiday seasons.

  4. Sandra H | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the crops evenings and mornings, the color of the leaves and the start of the holiday seasons. Beautiful pumpkins

  5. Barb Smith | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the crisp air that sweeps in and takes away the mid-western humidity. It is also the time of year that I married my high school sweetheart. October 24th will be our 35 years together and 28 married wedding anniversary.

  6. Tammy Roberts | 9th Oct 20

    I love everything about fall! The weather, the colorful leaves, the sweaters and flannel, caramel apples, pumpkins…the list goes on and on! My favorite time of year!

  7. Kathy | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing is putting out all of my fall and Halloween decorations!

  8. LISA RETTIG | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the smell! We moved from Wisconsin to Texas a little over a year ago, and it’s not quite the same. Tassling corn, leaves chopped up in the final mowings of the year, the last hay crop or 2. Can you tell we lived in the country?

  9. Autumn Carter | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is the weather! I love chilly days and the ability to layer my outfits with sweaters and scarves. And then I can go home, pull out a blanket and drink a cup of hot coffee or tea. Fall is my favorite!

  10. Veda | 9th Oct 20

    The beautiful colors of the trees as they change!

  11. Monica | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing is autumn begins the end of a very long, hot SW Florida summer. Also, my early October birthday begins our birthday and holiday seasons. Also, hope for cooler temperatures. Like you Joanna, we also learned to decorate and create the feeling of Autumn in our home. I love decorating for Fall and changing out our many colors of Fiestaware each season, love the autumn colors!

  12. Susan Allard | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is sweater weather, Gil and red leaves of maple trees and the smell of the cooler air! This is also my favorite time of year!

  13. Kristine Kopf | 9th Oct 20

    I love love love the weather, the changing of the leaves, being able to wear hoodies and sweatshirts, and it’s salmon season! I love been able to share the fish with family and friends that love it and look forward to getting it every year.

  14. Sharon Colburn | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is such a wonderful time of year and there are so many things to love: apple butter, fall leaves, and, of course, pumpkin pie.

  15. Dee Knudsen | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite season! My favorite thing about the season is the changing weather that allows for hot chocolate, spiced apple cider, homemade soups and baking bread! What’s not to love??❤️❤️

  16. Joanna | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the new plants emerging. New colors and cool weather!

  17. Terri Elizondo | 9th Oct 20

    Here in Lubbock, Texas in the fall, the Canadian geese fly into town and fill the playa lakes that are scattered throughout the city. It is so unique to see and hear them until about mid-February when the head out. Also, the fall here brings such nice, cool weather the pumpkin patches, and the corn maze. A wonderful time of year!

  18. Kristie | 9th Oct 20

    Such incredible colors in the fall here in Michigan. And some of the best bounty for produce as well! Love all the seasons here but fall is spectacular with color!

  19. Cindy Blanton | 9th Oct 20

    Love all the beautiful colors of fall! Just went for a ride in the mountains around Helena Montana and the sun shining on the yellow and orange leaves just sparkles! The forest floor is carpeted in shades of red and orange. So beautiful!

  20. Lori Harbrecht | 9th Oct 20

    Autumn wraps you up like a warm colorful shawl and hugs you !!!

  21. Penny | 9th Oct 20

    I love the crisp mornings that finally bring us relief from the relentless heat and humidity of our Louisiana summers. Such a blessing!

  22. Debra Taylor | 9th Oct 20

    I love this time of year because it means pumpkin pie, cinnamon, nutmeg and Carmel apples!

  23. Jennifer hall | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the spirit… thankfulness and enjoying the bounty from hard work all spring and summer. It’s a time of thanks and appreciation. I love to decorate for the season and celebrate all that it stands for.

  24. Holly P | 9th Oct 20

    Way more than one…the colors, the air the holidays of fall and the decor!!!

  25. MJ | 9th Oct 20

    October birthdays (especially my sweet Mamusia on the 14th) Canadian Thanksgiving, and the end of worrying about landscaping OUTSIDE, which frees up more time for QUILTING INSIDE!!! Oh, and also, stitching bindings outside on cool sunny days :)))

  26. Carol Reedstrom | 9th Oct 20

    I love the crisp air and vibrant colors and cooking/baking with the fall harvest of apples, squash and pumpkins.

  27. Brenda | 9th Oct 20

    my favorite fall adventure is traveling down to Lynden & LaConner, WA to enjoy the festivities of the antique & fall fare in the former & the ambience of the later town to relax & shop . grateful for the chance to display such a creative array of pumpkins

  28. Jennifer B | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing to do in the fall is to go hiking! I love the crisp air, the beautiful leaves, and cooler temperatures.

  29. Kathy | 9th Oct 20

    I love the feel in the air that fall has. I also think the blue sky in the fall is extra “blue”! I have been enjoying my Canned Pears and Pumpkins in a Row patterns! Hope to have them completed soon!

  30. Laura C. | 9th Oct 20

    Besides all things pumpkin (pie, lattes, and roasted soups) I like thinking about planning and decorating for the upcoming gatherings that fall usually heralds.

  31. Jo-Anne Peterson | 9th Oct 20

    I love the fall colours and the cooler temperatures which means hiking and more bike riding. With the shorter days it gives me a excuse to do more quilting in the evenings! ❤️

  32. Elizabeth Smith | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite part of fall is the colors. Now I live in an area where I can watch the trees change colors. So beautiful. The cooler temps are a plus.

  33. Nanci Cartwright | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thingS about Fall are the coolness in the air during my morning walks with my dog, the changing colors here in Northern New Mexico (not as brilliant as when I lived in Michigan, but we do have four seasons here too), the wonderful fabrics and Fall patterns at Fig Tree, and of course all the pumpkin goodies: pie, cookies, Lattes, cider (yes, there is pumpkin apple cider!).

  34. Michelle Cooper | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall because I love pumpkin spice, fall colors, seeing all of the pretty colors and shapes of pumpkins! I love Halloween and Thanksgivings meal with family. There is so much to like!!!🎃🎃✂️

  35. Ashleigh C. | 9th Oct 20

    The beautiful fall foliage in upstate New York is my favorite! Followed by my little kiddos jumping into a freshly raked pile of leaves. Pure joy!

  36. Paige Dullaghan | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is probably my November birthday but I love the cool, crisp air, the smells and everything pumpkin!

  37. Linda Hill | 9th Oct 20

    I love the cool air and the falling leaves. I am so blessed to live so close to many hiking trails in NY state. Hiking in the fall refreshes my soul and keeps me in touch with the never ending beauty of nature.

  38. Marlene Leonardo | 9th Oct 20

    Oh my gosh…fall is my favorite season. I was born in October on the 30th so I’m really into fall and Halloween. I love the fall colors, trees changing colors, cooler weather, being cozy, scarfs, pumpkin flavored tea, pumpkin cookies, fresh cooked pumpkin pie, Pumpkin cheesecake…..

  39. Lynn M | 9th Oct 20

    Fall in the Midwest is the best. I love the leaves turning, pumpkin spice everything, pumpkins, quilts, and my October birthday (today!).

  40. Deb FitzGerald | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things (there isn’t just one thing, it is all combined into a beautiful season) about fall are the sound of leaves crunching as you walk, the creative faces and designs carved into pumpkins, the beautiful variety of pumpkins and gourds for decorating (the squirrels eat my pumpkins so I had to move them in for a while), orange and purple lights on bushes (so cheerful on the evening dog walks), sweaters, booties, apple picking, apple cider, and making a new Halloween quilt and pillows. So much for a short answer. I could also throw in your blog pictures. I love your decorating.

  41. Helen Grieve | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite think about fall is when the leaves on the trees turn into my favorite colors of orange, red, and yellow. The neighbor kitty corner from me has several huge maple trees in his yard and I love it when they turn color. Not so much when they start dropping leaves, but that’s the fall for you. .

  42. Dede Bliven | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the leaves changing color and now maybe my Fig Tree pumpkin table runner!

  43. Libby Blaha | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is the cooler weather, the crisp fresh air, the color change of the leaves; it is a
    relaxing change . – I love, love, the pumpkins, from the smallest to the regular size; from the real to the faux….
    I find myself almost decorating for fall as much as I do for Christmas !

  44. Candace Rice | 9th Oct 20

    In Southern California we don’t get the glorious fall of other places in the country. My favorite is the weather cooling down, the hunt for any changes in the leaves around us and enjoying warm drinks and cool sweaters!

  45. Ursula Lee | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite color! The oranges, reds, and yellow that pop out when the leaves start to drop….

  46. Traci slomba | 9th Oct 20

    We have a beautiful fall season here in western N.Y. After a hot and humid summer I look forward to wearing sweaters , flannels and of course my favorite blue jeans! Its time for making comfort food and soups. Two passions of mine are quilting and cooking. Oh and don’t forget football season….here in Buffalo, we have the most loyal Buffalo Bills fans, win or loose. I could go on and on as its my favorite season….!!!!!

  47. Stephanie Hironimus | 9th Oct 20

    Living in Pennsylvania, our summers have been super hot & humid the past few years… so I love the cool, crisp mornings for walking my pup and also the evenings for wearing sweaters or sweatshirts. My husband’s birthday is also on October 30 & our 9 year old daughter of course loves Halloween!
    I’m in love with your All Hallow’s Eve fabric, Joanna!

  48. Sandy | 9th Oct 20

    The colors and crisp air! I visited New Hampshire in the fall many years ago and fell in love with all the colors! It really just cemented my love of fall. Its tough on a California girl, but I make due! And we have family birthdays and my own Anniversary to celebrate! I’ve always loved the season…pumpkins (I love growing my own), leaves, and that crisp air! It makes me happy!

  49. Carolyn Sweetman | 9th Oct 20

    The crisp air, and the Honey Crisp apples.

  50. Dana M Haskell | 9th Oct 20

    I love all the Fall colors. Seeing all of the trees change colors is so exciting and beautiful! I love to see the pumpkins all of the Fall displays the world has to offer.

  51. JanetF | 9th Oct 20

    Halloween’s my favorite season … call it Autumn or Fall if you must, but for me it’s Halloween Season and all things ORANGE are fair game! I’m a California girl, too, but also an October baby, hence my love of all things Halloween!

  52. Sarah | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite part of fall is the cooler temps-so we can open the doors & windows & breathe the fresh air! Of course I love the colors of the leaves & all the different pumpkins & gourds in their rainbow of colors too!

  53. Diane Wilkinson | 9th Oct 20

    What I like about fall, the days are shorter and that means I can sew for an hour or so before I have to fix dinner!!!
    Love the colors, oranges, rusts, garnets, etc.

  54. Tracy H | 9th Oct 20

    I love the sound of crunching when walking on the leaves and have it be chili and soup season!

  55. Subby Reed | 9th Oct 20

    I live in western South Dakota and my favorite thing about fall is driving thru Spearfish canyon to look at all of the fall colors of the trees. Decorating for fall/halloween seems to be easy for me because if all the different decor choices. Have a great Autumn!

  56. Kari Reed | 9th Oct 20

    I love the chill in the air! Pumpkins and fall colors. Cool days with soup in the crockpot. And Starbucks Pumpkin coldbrew!

  57. carol thomas | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite fall treat is the beautiful leaves. I am looking a orange, red tree against the sunny blue sky as I type this comment. A day walking through leaves, smelling fall is perfect.

  58. Cathy Seymour | 9th Oct 20

    Pumpkin Gobs!

  59. Jo Ann Jones | 9th Oct 20

    Here in Southern Calf. It’s finally the cooler weather. Cool mornings to stay warm in my bed. People starting to decorate for fall. Pumpkins, colored leaves, hay bales, bring it on. I’m ready ! 🤗

  60. Christy Nolan | 9th Oct 20

    Being a Nor Cal gal myself, I’m thrilled when I see the beautiful oranges and yellows of Fall – though short-lived. Also having an October birthday helps! I love Autumn because you can decorate from September through the end of November, just adding in a few apples in September and Halloween in October – who doesn’t love candy corn in jars all Fall??

  61. Emma Amundson | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall, is putting on a binding with my newly finished quilt and a cup of warm apple cider.

  62. Debbie Nichols | 9th Oct 20

    The cool fall mornings. Living in West Texas we learn to appreciate the break from the heat. It’s just a feeling in the air❤️🍁

  63. Karen | 9th Oct 20

    I enjoy the autumn colors and crisp air. It is also a time to enjoy comfort foods like soup, stews, pumpkin spice flavors, and everything apple!

  64. Pam Perkins | 9th Oct 20

    I love running in the cool fall weather and running through piles of crunchy leaves!

  65. Mary B | 9th Oct 20

    I live in Florida where it’s warm and humid most of the year. Every year I look forward to that first day in the fall when I walk outside and can tell that the air feels different because the humidity has dropped.

  66. Annette Doggett | 9th Oct 20

    Fall has always been my favorite season! I love the Chang in temperature, the wonderful crisp Autumn mornings. My birthday is in October, so this time of year has always been special for me. The colors of changing leaves, the delightful scents of seasonal foods and drinks; Fall is perfection.

  67. Sharon | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is the color! The more colors, the better. Deep, rich reds and plums, the yellows and oranges, all shades of greens…and the (usually) clear blue skies. Love the color!!

  68. Judy Fox Gibbons | 9th Oct 20

    Living in coastal Mississippi the obvious favorite thing about fall is a break from the heat and humidity. Most of our trees stay green or go from green to gone, but I have a maple in my back yard, and if the conditions are just right I get some color! We do have a cool shrub called the beauty berry that in fall has an almost fuchsia berry! I look forward to that every September. I have azaleas almost year round and hibiscus until the first frost. Then there are the wild morning glories that cover everything. Did I mention butterflies? Butterflies, dragonflies, bumble bees, and hummingbirds everywhere! Ahhh, autumn in the South!

  69. MaryJane Price | 9th Oct 20

    Decorating with pumpkins, making soup, watching the leaves change (which unfortunately means raking them up) and all the wonderful smells of autumn.

  70. Lorraine | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is making apple crisp and enjoying the last blooms on my roses. Also the cinnamon smells of candles.

  71. Siobhan | 9th Oct 20

    I usually get back home to the north eastern US in October but won’t this year because of Covid. I have yet to see a real pumpkin here in Ireland this year. I’m trying to do the same–bring the New England into my home this autumn. My favorite autumn things, because it’s impossible to pick just one… the cooler weather, wearing long sleeves, watching TV with a fire blazing in the fireplace, the smell of wood smoke in the crisp air, caramel apples, pumpkin everything–food, colors, scented candles, the crunchy leaves, and the list goes on.

  72. Jan Burdette | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall baking — pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. I also love sweaters and light jackets — not heavy winter coats!

  73. Irene Jones | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite part of Fall is driving down a tree lined street and looking at the colors of the trees. The colors of Fall are so beautiful. In the Midwest, this is the best time of the year to be outside – walking, riding, gardening. Whatever you like to do, even just sitting and sewing.

  74. Diana | 9th Oct 20

    I love Fall too! To me its when things start over. The crisper air! Fortunate to live in Arkansas near the Ozark Mountains!
    I also love everything Figtree!

  75. Fran Hoffmeister | 9th Oct 20

    I love the fall colors, especially the turning of the trees, how nature makes those brilliant yellows and the gorgeous reds is so amazing.

  76. Stephanie Glover | 9th Oct 20

    I love the scents of fall! All of the spices, pumpkins, apples. 🥰 Fall is definitely my favorite season.

  77. Pamela | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is my very favorite season. I love everything about it – the colors, smells, food, and family activities. My son in love grows pumpkins and we love going to the pumpkin patch together. I am a relatively new quilter and and am soooo in love with the fall fabrics and quilts. 🍁🍁🍁

  78. Mary Kastner | 9th Oct 20

    Perfect weather for my walks at the park. I love fall colors in my quilts. THe opportunity to change up decorations and quilts around the house. Enjoy!

  79. Sherry Smart | 9th Oct 20

    I love apple cider, Carmel apples, popcorn balls and all of the sweet smells of autumn.

  80. Jan B. | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall to & I especially love fall decorating, fall quilts & pumpkins! I’m not a Halloween person, just a fall person. I think I like taking a drive to see the trees here in TN wearing their fall colors!

  81. Deb | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the beautiful colors on the trees and the mild weather!

  82. Candie Myers | 9th Oct 20

    I love the brilliant colors God uses to paint such a beautiful scene with the simplistic scenes we see every day.Everything takes on new beauty.

  83. Susana | 9th Oct 20

    1st and foremost, I love pumpkin pie! I love my home made pumpkin pie the most but I’ll eat anyone else’s too. I love the fall colors. As you probably know Joanna, Half Moon Bay’s Pumpkin Festival and the pumpkin patches are so much fun!

  84. Marsha V. | 9th Oct 20

    I love pumpkins also. I just got my Pumpkins and Cream quilt back from my LAQ this morning. These little pumpkins would look so nice in my Little Red Truck. Thanks for the chance to participate via the blog. Off to some binding!

  85. Sandy J | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall has to be the cooler weather and fall colors.

  86. Sandy | 9th Oct 20

    Although there’s a lot to be said for Fall in Florida, this Ohio girl misses the unique smell of Fall in Ohio with the beautiful color the season brings. Plus, I do love cozy sweaters!

  87. Sandi | 9th Oct 20

    I love the start of Fall because our daughter’s birthday is 9/23, her youngest daughter, our granddaughter is 10/2, mine is 10/3 and my husband is 11/18. I love the Fall colors and the slightly cooler weather as we live in Texas (born & raised) and the heat gets into the hundreds in the summer. I love wearing turtlenecks and jeans. We live in the country and set out in our yard more and watch all our trees turn oranges and red before they all drop off. My porch is all decorated with my Fall wreaths, pumpkins and stuffed 5 ft. happy scarecrow setting on our black bench.

  88. JO Ann Kazor | 9th Oct 20

    I love the colors of fall. The leaves, the pumpkins, the tree bark. I love to decorate for fall, too!

  89. Michelle Bennett | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is that we survived the hot, humid summer of South Florida! I was raised in New England yet somehow have found myself down here for the past 20 years. Love pumpkins and candy corn!

  90. Cathy | 9th Oct 20

    I love the beauty of this season, and the temperatures at night. Cozy! I love Thanksgiving, and the bounty of the harvest. Using your own foods is so rewarding!

  91. Margaret Shifflett | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things about Fall include the wonderful woody smells and Autumn colors. A new school year begins in the Fall—probably not so exciting this year; my birthday is in October; I love decorating my home with pumpkins, quilts, acorns and candles; weather turning cooler and pulling out sweaters and other cozy items; making soups and other cool weather recipes we didn’t eat all summer and the possibility of snow later in the season. Snuggling under quilts with my pups and love ones adds to my enjoyment. I love Fall!

  92. Donna | 9th Oct 20

    I am a New Englander so one of my favorite things is the brilliant blue sky behind the beautiful colors of the leaves. Fall birthdays, anniversary and Halloween factor in as well.

  93. Linda | 9th Oct 20

    Apples and pears off the tree. Asian pears, too. Pumpkins. Wool work. Orange in all shades. Jack o’ lanterns, black cats, witches, ghoulies, ghosties and long-leggedy beasties. Walking under a cool blue sky. Cinnamon.

  94. Trudy | 9th Oct 20

    Cooler weather after a hot Midwest summer.

  95. pam seaberg | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite part of fall is harvesting all the pumpkins that I grew this summer.

  96. Rebecca Harris | 9th Oct 20

    I love everything about Fall. Cool mornings, beautiful autumn leaves, deer coming out in the early mornings
    and late evenings, delicious soups, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire in the backyard, oh yes, and picking out my favorite my next quilting project.

  97. Kris Sage | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite fall things are the beautiful colored leaves , apple crisp and pumpkins !

  98. Cathy McMann | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the temperature – not too hot, not too cold, perfect for outdoor activities and walking.

  99. Mary Richter-Zeunik | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite fall thing to do is go to the local pumpkin patch and find the perfect pumpkin. 🎃My second is to pick apples 🍎

  100. Leah Turner | 9th Oct 20

    I love the warmth of fall colours against the white bark of birch trees in sun or contrasted with grey skies during autumn storms. A brisk breeze and time spent harvesting the last of the garden is a pleasure. So is raking leaves with my 3 year old son in Grandma’s yard. Fall makes me appreciate warm hugs, hot tea, and the cycle of nature that touches all of us.

  101. Hannah W | 9th Oct 20

    I love raking leaves with my children. Our trees turn early and we have the best sunny fall days to get out and rake the beautiful leaves. Lots of jumping in the piles and re-raking happens too:)

  102. Carole Adjemian | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is college football and pregame tailgate parties! Unfortunately in 2020 COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into this activity too but we can still watch the games from home.

  103. Deb Kelly | 9th Oct 20

    Baked goods, to include pumpkin pie. Fall colors in nature and clothing. And the anticipation of cooler days and nights are most welcome in N. Florida.

  104. Vickie Ludiker | 9th Oct 20

    Fall always makes me want to bake. Apple pies, homemade bread….anything. Day trips to see beautiful fall colors. If you love fall, you must experience one in Oklahoma!!!

  105. Marie C Eddins | 9th Oct 20

    I do love how the hot temperatures of the summer cool down (we’re in central TX!), how the colors of nature change to beautiful colors, and several birthdays in the family to celebrate. It is my favorite time of the year!

  106. Mary Maurer | 9th Oct 20

    I fall for Fall every year 😉 I’m in the Midwest now after 44 years of military moving! It’s simply perfect with crisp clean days and dotted colors of leaves scattered about. I’ve collected leaves to send my Granddaughters in San Diego. This is the time of year quilts shine in beautiful colors of fall.
    As I say Fall has it all !
    Your pumpkin ideas are beautiful and elegant.
    Happy Fall

  107. Carol Epp | 9th Oct 20

    I think what I love most about fall is the colors – just gorgeous!

  108. Paula Beeman | 9th Oct 20

    I love that I can feel Fall, the shadows look different, even though I live in Texas it feels different outside and all the smells of Fall are everywhere. Knowing the earth is changing brings a hope that other things will change in our personal lives as well. New experiences and new memories.

  109. Karen Dellinger | 9th Oct 20

    Greetings! Fall is my favorite time of year as well. I love the colors of fall especially the darker blue sky and ocean. The cooler weather is welcoming after a hot summer. Spending more time outside revives my love for nature.

  110. Rachel Bancroft | 9th Oct 20

    I love the food! Cider, doughnuts, pumpkin roll!

  111. Margo Baker | 9th Oct 20

    Watching the trees change color, it is so beautiful this time of year, the cool evenings are such a welcome after the Summer heat.

  112. Michele Raiola | 9th Oct 20

    What I love about fall is pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin yogurt. I also love roasting acorn squash. As for the weather, I love the warmer days and cooler nights and will miss them as the weather turns colder here.

  113. Susan | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall colors! It is beautiful to see the trees change colors It is also my birthday on Halloween so I look forward to enjoying pumpkin pie & other goodies with family & friends.

  114. Carmen Montmarquet | 9th Oct 20

    I love every little thing about Autumn, it is my favorite time of year too!!! I am lucky to live in New England we get the most glorious leaf colors and I would have to say that is my favorite thing!! I also love pumpkins, apple picking and getting out warm cozy quilts and always can’t wait to get my fall decorations up! Yes I love everything fall!

  115. Lisa Craven | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite season, hands down. I have so many favorite things but this year I made two Fall wreathes and one is made up entirely of small pumpkins. I also decorated my porch and it looks amazing; just like a magazine photo so those were highlights for me this year. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  116. Debbie Miller | 9th Oct 20

    Here in upstate SC, we get the full effects of fall. I love being able to throw open all the doors and windows and truly “feel” and smell the glorious season! We have lots of oak and hickory trees on our small farm along with other trees, so we get lots of color and loads of acorns and nuts to decorate with. The only drawback is also the tons of leaves to rake when they finally fall down!

  117. Heather Hanzlik | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather and the leaves changing colors! My birthday is also the 1st full day of fall then my two daughters and husband’s birthdays as well 🙂

  118. Eileen Mascaro | 9th Oct 20

    Born and raised in SF not a lot of fall color. Now living in East Bay we do get fall color. Favorite fall thing – beautiful leaf 🍁 colors.

  119. Sheree Haskins | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is certainly my favorite season. I enjoy the cooler weather, the colors of Fall and baking all things pumpkin.
    It’s the month my son was born and signals the start of my favorite holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Only thing i do not like is that it gets dark earlier!

  120. Julie Borders | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite season is fall! From the vibrant colors of changing leaves and cooling temperatures to the comfort foods and family celebrations, autumn is beautiful in every way.

  121. Peggy Schroder | 9th Oct 20

    I love all the rich rusty colors, white pumpkins and roasted butternut squash soup…yum!!

  122. Peggy Slesinger | 9th Oct 20

    I live in Sallas Texas so my favorite thing about fall is the cooler temps…!! The Hot Summer is over!! I love the changing colors of the leaves!! And the same colors on the fabrics!!

  123. Cynthia Karas | 9th Oct 20

    My reason started at a very young age. I was born on the 1st day of fall, Sept.22nd. I live in a tourist area in NW Wis. Lake area and all that entails, plus Lumberjack World Championships and of course Fishing. Fall is the time families return home for their children to start school. We get our town back, so I think fall is a time to take a breath and just Be. Now this area has so many things going on all the time but not as frenzied as summer. Needless to say our show of color rivals that of New England with all of the trees in our area. I love where I live except for the length of our winter but that is the price you pay for all this beauty and the glory, and the biggest mosquitos on earth!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 9th Oct 20

      I want to live where you are… except for the fact that I am allergic to mosquitos. I guess its not perfecta anywhere!

  124. Peggy Slesinger | 9th Oct 20

    I live in Dallas Texas so my favorite thing about fall is the cooler temps…!! The Hot Summer is over!! I love the changing colors of the leaves!! And the same colors on the fabrics!!

  125. Katie Wink | 9th Oct 20

    I love the cozy feeling that comes with fall! Beautiful changing of colors of the trees are my favorite as well.

  126. Shawn | 9th Oct 20

    I live Michigan and love all the colors from mix of so many trees. (Kind of like quilts)

  127. Janice Ely | 9th Oct 20

    I used to live in the South USA, England and the Midwest before moving to California. I love the crisp cool air of Autumn, the falling leaves of beautiful colors, jumping in a pile of leaves my Dad raked up when I was a child, starting to get the beautiful sweaters out to wear to school, carving the Halloween pumpkin with my Mom and Dad, just the cool crisp air most of all and taking a long walk in the woods!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 9th Oct 20

      Yes, I agree on all of that!

  128. Julie B | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is walking in the woods with the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet and the beautiful colors that the leaves become. I love drinking hot apple cider and eating ginger snap cookies.

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 9th Oct 20

      That sounds perfect!

  129. Melissa Bratland | 9th Oct 20

    Cooler temperatures and everything cozy!

  130. Rosemary Bertok | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall are PUMPKINS! Any food with a pumpkin theme, any carving of pumpkins, any kind of pumpkin be it ceramic, glass or anything, anything with pumpkins! My son says I would buy pumpkin spiced cat food, and we do not have a cat!

  131. Sophia DeLonghi | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite Fall things are the cozies: quilts, sweaters, windy and sunny, colorful trees, pumpkins, spicy baked goods, And long walks in the woods.

  132. Shari Kersey | 9th Oct 20

    The cooler weather, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves…these are a few of my favorite things!

  133. Karen Pickett | 9th Oct 20

    I love the crisp air and of course the leaves turning colors!

  134. Mary Jo | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite part of fall is decorating with the color orange. Or maybe it’s the cider and donuts? I love both.

  135. Gail Rowland | 9th Oct 20

    I love everything about Fall!!! But pumpkin scones are my fav!!

  136. Brenda C | 9th Oct 20

    I simply love all the fall colors, which I must say, you capture so perfectly in your photos. I love to bring out all my fall quilts and table toppers and surround myself with the colors of the season.

  137. Terri McGreer | 9th Oct 20

    I love to “Fall-sify” my house with all the lovely decorations from over the years. And I have a beautiful enamel leaf necklace that I only wear in October!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 9th Oct 20

      Sounds gorgeous!

  138. Nancy Rhoads | 9th Oct 20

    I think the cool crisp weather that makes baking and quilting and homemaking seem like the best way in the world to love on your family

  139. Angela Short | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things about Fall is the falling colorful leaves & the temperature. 🍂🍁angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  140. Donna Sproston | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things about fall are the glorious maples here in the Midwest and the fun of crunching the leaves underfoot as I go out for my morning walk. As I write this I am looking at the brilliant gold and orange of our hard maple 🍁 outside my windows.

  141. Sue Hart | 9th Oct 20

    Watching the beautiful fall colors reflecting on a body of water (in my neck of the woods, it’s the Hudson River). And the crunch of leaves 🍁 under my feet as I “shuffle “ through the woods.

  142. Cathy Rowland | 9th Oct 20

    I use to think summer was my favorite time of the year but this year its fall. My family and I have so much to be thankful for. We have not been touched by the fires, covid (as of yet), we have a roof over our heads, and we still have our jobs. During this time of year I love to bake anything pumpkin, drink hot Chocolate, and to find more time to sew.

  143. Cynthia Berend | 9th Oct 20

    I love the coolness of the mornings and the warmth of a fire. Sipping cinnamon flavored tea is another fall favorite!

  144. Connie Stanley | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooling of the weather, leaves falling, pumpkin muffins and quilting things that remind me of the things just mentioned. Getting ready for the cooler days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas to bring families together to share time is what all this time of fall means to me…..Enjoy the season!!!

  145. Maggiie White | 9th Oct 20

    Certainly the colors of Fall, crunch of leaves under foot, and, as Fall comes alive the temperature cools , you can sleep at night!

  146. bobbie rumler | 9th Oct 20

    I’m not much for winter…but fall is very colorful orange, red, some green…and we need a break from summer…I live in Corona de Tucson AZ it’s been in the triple digits here so even here we get some changes…small but that’s ok….Halloween, etc.

  147. Shellie | 9th Oct 20

    I love the cool morning air in the fall.

  148. Debbie Davis | 9th Oct 20

    The beautiful colors and wonderful westher’

  149. Lynda | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall, aside from the beautiful colors, is the cooler temperatures which lend to snuggling up in cozy, comfy quilts!!

  150. Susie Petitti Tilton | 9th Oct 20

    I love the shorter days after a long hot summer. After all the gorgeous leaves have fallen the silhouettes of the trees are stunning in a 5pm sunset.

  151. Sherry Helsen | 9th Oct 20

    I love all the colors of fall! The smell of leaves, apple cider, cinnamon sticks and cozy sweat shirts! Sitting around my quilts for fall looking for a new pattern to quilt. It’s just the best!

  152. Lisann | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is for taking rides in the car to see the beautiful fall foliage, raking big piles of leaves for the kids to jump in, Halloween, trick or treat and making costumes, pumpkins, Apple cider, baking and the cool crisp nights.

  153. Jane Opp | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things about fall are the crisp but not cold temperatures offering opportunities to be cozy, and the riot of vibrant colors everywhere you look. They never fail to get my creative juices flowing!
    Thanks for your generosity and the chance to win Joanna.

  154. Kathy Bertsch | 9th Oct 20

    I love everything pumpkin! Pie, bread, muffins, etc and the color orange😍

  155. Peggy Raines | 9th Oct 20

    I love the fall colors and the smells of fall baking.

  156. Maureen Neary | 9th Oct 20

    I enjoy all things Fall. It’s my favorite season to decorate with pumpkins and bake anything apple. I make more Fall quilts and table runners than any other season including Christmas. I love all your Fall patterns and have made a few of them. Especially enjoy the Fall leaf pattern I made a few years ago. Thanks for your creativity.

  157. Maritza hdz. | 9th Oct 20

    Me encanta esta época,en donde las hojas y viento frio le traen un calido toque a mi casa.el jardin se cubre de variedad de colores y mis hijos y yo pasamos unos grandes momentos.ademas de una buena taza de chocolate caliente.

  158. Maria L Zook | 9th Oct 20

    I look forward to the annual visit to a pumpkin farm with a corn maze with my grandchildren. I also love decorating for fall and bringing in the fall colors as we move into the fall season in Illinois where I live. This year I can add a finished Fig Tree Harlequin quilt to my decor!

  159. Katie Harland | 9th Oct 20

    I love everything about fall! The cooler temps, the leaves changing colors, apples and cider, picking pumpkins, having a fire….just to name a few! 🙂

  160. Tracey Heinle | 9th Oct 20

    I love all things fall too!!! I live in Southern California so the weather doesn’t really start cooling down until the end of October but it’s the hope of cooler weather coming! 😂 I love pumpkin everything and making all the soups!! 😋

  161. Anne | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall. When school (normally) starts that is my “new beginning” for the year. Dragging in all the plants I want to save is the only tiring factor, but even that I enjoy in a way. Everything is clean & in it’s place. I love the fall colors. What is my biggish joy is all the upcoming holidays and getting to decorate for each one. Enjoying all the things I haven’t seen for a year…finding new settings for old things. New uses for older quilts, wall hangings & etc. Enjoy my beginning of a new year.

  162. Helen | 9th Oct 20

    L love the multiple yellow, green, rust and brown colors on my beloved Japanese maple. Twenty-five years ago we contracted with a recent Cal Poly grad to design our back yard garden. My only specific request was a Japanese maple! All these years later, and that maple is still the star of the garden.

  163. Rebecca Stipe | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is all the different colors, changing of the trees, pumpkins and the change in the air from summer to fall.

  164. Sue Parks | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite in Autumn are the colors, and the smells. Leaves falling, skittering across the road, turning to a crunch when you walk among them. I’m a big fan of Halloween and all the colors and fun pumpkin faces. I love to sew up items to send to family and friends to enjoy. Your fabrics are among my favs!

  165. Sherry | 9th Oct 20

    I love when the air is a bit cooler and the leaves start to change and there is something new to see each day on my walks. I pull out my tub of fall decorations and bring the signs of fall inside my little home.

  166. Arlene | 9th Oct 20

    Love Fall and pumpkin spice latte. Love Pumpkins, leaves and cooler temps.

  167. Laura Nordehn | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall are the colors. But living in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior, I know that our very long winter will be here too soon.

  168. Becky | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing in Autumn are all of the beautiful colors – the bright yellows, oranges, reds of the leaves. And of course the oranges, whites, greens and even the bluish-green of the squashes and pumpkins. The cooler air, fresh breezes, falling leaves, squirrels planting nuts everywhere, all add to the wonderful season too here in Ohio! On my wish list is a trip to New England in the fall, since I have heard it is beautiful!

  169. V Jones | 9th Oct 20

    After growing up in south Florida, I am still amazed every fall by the color changes in the leaves and how many colors can be seen throughout northern Georgia and North Carolina. October is my favorite time to drive through these areas and see the mountains covered with the beautiful scenery!

  170. Verena Jones | 9th Oct 20

    After growing up in south Florida, I am still amazed every fall by the color changes in the leaves and how many colors can be seen throughout northern Georgia and North Carolina. October is my favorite time to drive through these areas and see the mountains covered with the beautiful scenery!

  171. Jody Rodgers | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is like a 2nd New Years for me with working in a school. It gives a chance to reassess things and make new goals. It also means hoodies and pumpkins and campfires and blankets and reading and sewing.

  172. Susie | 9th Oct 20

    I love seeing the leaves turn colors !

  173. Suzanne Kolhagen | 9th Oct 20

    Hi Joanna! My favorite thing about fall is making a new fall quilt. I just completed my Halloween fig sampler from you and it turned out beautiful! Such a labor of love but worth every stitch 🙂

  174. Yvonne | 9th Oct 20

    I love the cooler temperatures

  175. Angie | 9th Oct 20

    I love the harvest moon and a walk in the crisp fall air!

  176. Tammy | 9th Oct 20

    I love all the fall colors and pumpkins!

  177. Marian O’Brien Gilmore | 9th Oct 20

    I love the colors of Fall, piecing my quilts on my machine (in front of my windows) and hand sewing mybinding in the backyard while the leaves fall all around.

  178. Donna Melton | 9th Oct 20

    The changing of the leaves are so pretty. We live in Pennsylvania so the colors are just beautiful. I love biking and hiking and taking pictures of the trees. Never gets old.

  179. Susanne Hall | 9th Oct 20

    I love Fall even though it is a very short season in Alaska! I love pumpkins and making anything with pumpkin, muffins, cookies, soup, etc. Thank you for this fun idea!

  180. Liz Pelletier | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is decorating. I love mixing blue and orange together.

  181. Cynthia Harbison | 9th Oct 20

    The thing I love most about fall is pumpkin pies, fall colors, dahlias, mums, Maple trees and pumpkin decor!

  182. Karina Bak | 9th Oct 20

    I love the cool crisp air, the changing of the leaves and pumpkins! I enjoy making chili and pumpkin pie while watching football on Sundays.

  183. Tonia Zeiler | 9th Oct 20

    I just love to watch the leaves change and picking pumpkins!

  184. Mary T | 9th Oct 20

    Brachs mallow creme pumpkins!

  185. Mary T | 9th Oct 20

    Brach’s mallow creme pumpkins

  186. Kimberly Hastings | 9th Oct 20

    I love the pretty colors, cooler weather, a fire in the wood stove, soup on the stove, and even some rain.

  187. Kris Bolick | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things of fall is hot apple cider and the smelly of cinnamon spice candles! The rich colors of fall and the onset of cooler temperatures here in Florida! Love to attend our local fall festivals and craft shows and preparation for Halloween. I have two candy corn costumes to sew this weekend and to finish up some fabric pumpkins.

  188. Paula Saunders | 9th Oct 20

    October is my birthday month. That and Halloween, colorful leaves and chilly temps all make it my favorite time of the year!

  189. Patti White | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall colors, 🧡the cooler weather,🌬 the leaves changing, 🍁squirrels are busy around the yard preparing for winter. 🐿Family dinner feels cozier.🍽 Preparing the garden for spring 🌷and of course everything pumpkin!🎃

  190. Sherry Karge | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing is the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees and the cooler weather.

  191. Julie Connell | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite is walks in the cool crisp air surrounded by autumn color in the trees and sweater weather!

  192. Sandra Sykes | 9th Oct 20

    I 🧡🧡 the glorious colors God created for us to enjoy! ✝️

  193. Sandra Sykes | 9th Oct 20

    I 🧡warm beverages, cuddling under my fleece & reading! ✝️

  194. Maggie Kriz | 9th Oct 20

    I love Fall for many reasons – the colors, crisp apples, cooler days & nights, Halloween and one more thing – my birthday! Those early October birthdays are kind of special, don’t you think Joanna?!?😉

  195. Susan Dowhaniak | 9th Oct 20

    Love the chilly days of fall because I get to wear my cashmere sweaters which are so soft. Love everything pumpkin, the color, and pumpkin bread and pie. Pumpkin decorations last from September to Thanksgiving, giving you big bang for your decorating dollars. Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice) make the home all warm and inviting. As you can tell, I love the fall season.

  196. Cindy Lueck | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite fall thing is apple picking at an orchard when the air is crisp. My grandparents had an apple orchard when I was young and I grew up helping out.

  197. Denise Castelli | 9th Oct 20

    Autumn brings relief from those hot Texas summers. We can look forward to simmering soups & homemade bread. October is our anniversary month as well.

  198. Pat Henriksen | 9th Oct 20

    When I was much younger, playing in the piles of leaves was my favorite fall pastime. Finding different colors of leaves and making projects with those leaves, was another childhood favorite. I also remember family outings to the apple cider factory where fresh cider was made; fresh cider and donuts…what a special treat. Now that I am in my mid-seventies, I still jump into those leaves, with help getting up! I still have a sip or two of apple cider, sit back and re-live all those favorite fall memories of my childhood.

  199. Fox Sloan | 9th Oct 20

    I love the coziness of fall, the sweaters, the beautiful colors which are never the same twice , pumpkins and choc chip pumpkin bread!

  200. Carol pacheco | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall used to he all the colors and cooler temperatures! I loved getting out sweaters. Now I moved back home to Hawaii and there is no sweater weather so while I still wish for cooler temperatures,(it’s very humid here) I think now i wish for a cold rainy Saturday’s to stay inside and sew!!!!

  201. Sarah Paladino | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is working at Tate Farms in Meridianville, AL. It is a working farm that grows cotton, wheat, soybeans, corn, and 80 acres of pumpkins. In October we host thousands of people who ride the hay wagon to pick a pumpkin, play in the play barn, ride the pedal carts, pet bunnies and so much more. It is my happy place. Little kids love the tractors, and everyone loves an apple cider slush! I just love seeing the happy faces, and the pumpkins!

  202. Toni Anne Potter | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite part of I fall is my mother, she was born October 20th. I hope I’m as wonderful a mother to my son as she’s been to me.

  203. Sue H | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is memories of my Mother. She was born and she died in the fall so this time is special to me. Putting out pumpkins is the beginning of the season.

  204. Jaylene B. | 9th Oct 20

    I love all things made with pumpkin – Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie.

  205. Blanca | 9th Oct 20

    Fall has been our favorite time of year, Thanksgiving to be exact… I was married in the Fall, my husband died at 52 in the Fall, and it was his favorite time of year. I never knew who would show up at Thanksgiving meal because he would invite anyone who would be alone on that day…Fall is beautiful and the memories are endless….

  206. Robin Elliott | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite things about fall is the cooler crisp air, the changing colors of the trees and the John Deere combines harvesting the crops. Such a beautiful site.

  207. Deb | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall…of course, the pumpkins, pretty leaves, crisp air….etc. but also…fall means all the summer grass mowing, weed pulling, garden producing, mulching flower beds…it’s ALL DONE for the season…and I can sew away without guilt. That’s my favorite thing about fall!

  208. Deborah Tunget | 9th Oct 20

    October is my birthday month (25th) so close to Halloween 🎃 my Grandma use to make me fun Halloween cakes always with pumpkins and fall leaves 🍁 ! I got to loving all the various type of pumpkins and seeing them as Fall starts!

  209. Mary Wezner | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is seeing all the gorgeous trees as they change color here in Michigan, especially beautiful on sun shiny days!

  210. Raelene | 9th Oct 20

    Bonfires with my family!!!

  211. Roselie | 9th Oct 20

    I love the colorful foliage. There is nothing better than fall in New England.

  212. Debbie | 9th Oct 20

    It was a crazy dry summer here, but that very dryness has caused the fall cookies to be spectacular.

  213. Kathy E. | 9th Oct 20

    Living in the Midwest, we get a full-on display of color among the trees and bluffs of the Mississippi River. It’s breathtaking! My favorite thing about fall is taking long walks and hikes and swishing my feet in the beautiful fallen leaves. The crunch and swish brings out the kid in me!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  214. Rori Jensen | 9th Oct 20

    I love canning tomatoes for winter soups, Indian Summer days and cool nights.

  215. Stephanie Valdez | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite season! I love all the colors and the smells of all the delicious things. Fall is the time to slow down and snuggle under a blanket and enjoy nature’s show. I love the textures that fall brings.

  216. Brenda Veinotte | 9th Oct 20

    I love fall with it’s beautiful colored leaves, pumpkins, apples and chilly sweater wearing weather.

  217. Nancy Hager | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the colors. On a clear fall day we get a lovely blue sky that goes well with the oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves. And if it is a gray cloudy day those colors just bring a bright spot to the day.

  218. Vikki | 9th Oct 20

    Pumpkins pumpkins and more pumpkins! I have to sneak them in the house now I have so many! But I just love them!

  219. Loriann Fish | 9th Oct 20

    One of my favorite things about fall is helping my sister with her kids’ Halloween costumes. I’m so glad that I get to help their Halloween wishes come true.

  220. Sarah H | 9th Oct 20

    I love the crisp, cool air and the beautiful foliage!

  221. Ali Barnes | 9th Oct 20

    I love everything about fall, the crispness in the air, the fall leaves crunching under my feet, and of course, pumpkins! I love to decorate with them and eat them! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

  222. Judy Leach | 9th Oct 20

    I love autumn because orange is center stage. How can you not smile when orange is ruling the season!?!

  223. Ann Smith | 9th Oct 20

    I love sweaters and jackets and curling up with a quilt of course.

  224. Patty Bretheim | 9th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite season also, all those shades of orange, rust, tans, golds all are appealing. I decorate with lots of fall quilts, pillows and pumpkins. Thanks for the giveaway! Patty B.

  225. Becky S | 9th Oct 20

    I love the cooler fall air and baking everything with pumpkin and apples.

  226. Teri | 9th Oct 20

    Prars and apples falling from our trees and the return of sweaters!

  227. Teri | 9th Oct 20

    Pears and apples falling from our trees and the return of sweaters!

  228. Roseanne | 9th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is driving up the canyons, I live near Salt Lake City, and seeing all the beautiful colors that we are blessed with. I love to decorate my home for the different seasons and holidays. These little pumpkins would look great in the back of my red farm truck my daughter bought me last year.

  229. Kathy Rex | 9th Oct 20

    I love the warm autumn days that hint of crisp morning and warm herbal teas. I love the change that settles us into the quiet comfort of winter.

  230. Carol Baasch | 9th Oct 20

    I love orange quilts, pumpkin everything. Football, the smell of clean air. Leaves.. soups and stews.

  231. Theresa | 10th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the cool, crisp air, pumpkins, and yummy pumpkin baked goods, making pies and cobblers/crisps, wearing sweaters and boots, the beautiful change in colors of the leaves, decorating my home in autumn colors, celebrating my daughter’s birthday.

  232. Tracy Newman | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the way the sun hits us at a different angle and than I begin to think about family time

  233. Debra Scarimbolo | 10th Oct 20

    Growing up in rural NY, my favorite thing about fall was the first bite of a fresh Macintosh apple right off the nearby orchard tree. Another favorite was jumping in piles of raked leaves. What fun!

  234. Nikki Ellis | 10th Oct 20

    After visiting family finally in US last year at this time I got caught by the ‘fall fever’. Last year I noted all the colour and joy of autumn here in the UK. Unfortunately we don’t have much in the way of autumn decorating but I managed to visit a real pumpkin farm wow!

  235. Susan L. | 10th Oct 20

    I live in New England, so my favorite thing about fall is all the beautiful colors.

  236. Margaret | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the color. I live in Michigan where we have gorgeous autumns – claret reds, pumpkin oranges, golden yellows, vibrant greens, nutmeg browns all set against a beautiful blue sky. A drive through the country is a mini-vacation.

  237. Karen | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite things about fall are the leaves changing colors. I live in New England so we have amazing colors when the leaves change 🍁
    Pumpkin flavored foods and less humid weather. Thanks!!!

  238. Susan Anglin | 10th Oct 20

    I LOVE the crisp air, leaves rustling, and curling up in a cozy quilt – reading with a cup of tea and a slice of pumpkin bread! 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

  239. Patricia | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is now all my All Hallows’ Eve fabric quilts ❤️

  240. Karen Uhrik | 10th Oct 20

    Fall is my favorite because I love all of the changes in leaves, weather, clothes, holidays, fabrics, and foods.

  241. Stacy Lambert | 10th Oct 20

    Camping and quilting are two of my favorite fall activities. Pumpkins in my camper or at home on my All Hallow’s Eve table runner would be great!

  242. Kimberly | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather!! 🧡🍁🧡

  243. Jamie | 10th Oct 20

    The colors and crick air is my favorite!!

  244. Janette | 10th Oct 20

    I love all the fall colors and of course eating pumpkin bread…yum!!!

  245. Jan | 10th Oct 20

    Oh glorious fall, the air has a crispness and the ducks return to the pond by our house.

  246. Cindy Golding | 10th Oct 20

    Some important family birthdays in the fall. Along with harvest of some of my favorite foods

  247. Sheila | 10th Oct 20

    Living in Canada we get beautiful fall colours and crunchy fallen leaves. Sunny crisp days are also my favourite. And one more thing, although fall is “one” of my favourites, it leads into my other favourite…… Christmas!!

  248. Linda Stutzman | 10th Oct 20

    Cooler temps, changing leaves and anything apple……especially cider!

  249. Lindsay | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall…are the falling leaves. There’s just something lazy and beautiful about slowly falling leaves filled with color…❤️ It’s all about the leaves 🍁 🍁🍁

  250. Janet | 10th Oct 20

    My birthday is in October so that makes fall even more perfect to me. I live alone, but decorate for myself! Fall colors just make me happy.

  251. Kathy | 10th Oct 20

    The colors, the crisp air, sitting by a fire at night, caramel apples, Dutch apple pie… apple cider- it’s all good! Plus three of our kids’ birthdays in two days !

  252. Julie Binskin | 10th Oct 20

    I live in Australia and autumn as we call it here is my favourite time of year. We lived for twenty year in Canberra, out nation’s capital, and the colours of the trees and the beautiful changes that occur, frosty air and wonderful clear skies and crispy days. It really makes you feel alive! Now we live near the sea and I so miss my lovely trees

  253. Sharrie | 10th Oct 20

    I love Fall! The weather cools down and the garden is full of blooms. The Monarchs are migrating. And I have always loved pumpkins and the squash that is available this time of year. 🧡🧡🧡

  254. Katherine | 10th Oct 20

    It’s my favorite season! I love smelling the crisp air, stepping on crunchy leaves, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

  255. Carol Wilkie | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite Fall thing is to take a nice drive to look at the amzing colors of Fall foliage. Just a gorgeous mix of colors.

  256. Shelli Richardson | 10th Oct 20

    love all your cream pumpkins!!!

  257. Nancy Schmidt | 10th Oct 20

    Beautiful photos, they capture the essence of Fall

  258. Patti Stidham | 10th Oct 20

    I share your love of the fall season. There is such a sense of peace in the cool quiet of autumn mornings. It is good for the soul!

  259. Marcia H Baker | 10th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is of course the color changing in shades of rust, red, yellow mixed in with the mums and sedum. I live in the foothills of South Carolina and it’s gorgeous here in autumn. Your eye for the colors & textures are spot on. I really love your autumn fabrics. All Hallow’s Eve is just a classic now. Thanks for your creativity and being a beautiful person ❤

  260. Meagan Evans | 10th Oct 20

    I love fall decorating, especially the pumpkins and leaves!

  261. Donna Pieretti | 11th Oct 20

    My favorite things about fall is spending time with family and friends to share this special time with those around me. The smells of fire, Cinnamon, and cider, and taste of pumpkin indicate the changing seasons are arriving. The autumnal colors of purple, greens, yellows, browns and shades of oranges become so vibrant and visible on walks and rides. The trees, bushes and flowers bring us ever changing joy here at the shore. The pumpkins and gourds show us the beauty in difference and color. I love to bring those feelings and scents indoors and this is my most favorite time of the year! There is so much beauty in nature! And, it’s time to bring out those loved quilts and layers! Still making new items and adding to my decor each year, and I try to view this season through beautiful fabric, color and texture! Happy Fall to All! Thankful!

  262. Jane | 11th Oct 20

    Crisp mornings and homemade soup!

  263. Louise Reiman-Strand | 11th Oct 20

    The colors, the colors, the colors!! Fall in Western Wisconsin on the Mississippi is really beautiful! Nature has it all, we just try to copy.

  264. DebrafromMD | 11th Oct 20

    I love the crisp air and being able to open the windows to let it inside. I also love the tastes of Autumn – anything pumpkin is my jam.

  265. Kathleen C. | 11th Oct 20

    After the hot summers in New Jersey, fall ushers in a refreshing mix of colors, tastes, smells and cooler temperatures! Replacing pinks, purples and pastel colors of summer are the reds, oranges, and yellows that adds a richness to any decor inside and out. The smell of breads, pies, soups and ciders fill the air. Tasting all of these are a delight as well. And finally the cool air both feels wonderful and the smells of leaves and bonfires bring back memories of my youth. 🧡

  266. Del ia | 11th Oct 20

    I love the sunny cool days with a nice breeze to make the leaves flutter. Spending a day hiking at Mt. Rainier National Park provides a nice goodbye to summer this time of year. All too soon the snow flies at Paradise and we await the return of another fall.

  267. Terri L | 11th Oct 20

    I love fall weather and the leaves changing. My favorite color is orange and my next favorite is yellow so Fall just surrounds me with happy 🧡

  268. Samantha beckholt | 12th Oct 20

    I love hot apple cider caramel apples sitting by a fire with my quilt on

  269. Janet Vance | 12th Oct 20

    Love the cool mornings and Indian summer days. It’s a great time to focus on quilting, taking walks, seeing the pretty fall colors and enjoying a bowl of homemade soup.

  270. Maribeth Sala-Gietzen | 12th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about fall is apple cider and doughnuts!

  271. Debra Kramer | 12th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is hiking with my husband and granddaughters and admiring the changing leaves.

  272. Gail Whitis | 12th Oct 20

    Fall, is my favorite time of year because of the cool, crisp air and colorful leaves. Thanks for this chance to win!

  273. Gail Elizabeth | 12th Oct 20

    My favorite thing about Fall is fall itself— the beautiful colorful trees/leaves, the crisp air, apples, apple cider and pumpkins, enjoying stitching around an outdoor fire while chili is cooking over it — I’m thankful for it all!

  274. Mary Stanfield | 12th Oct 20

    Fall: sights, smells, sounds and feeling grateful! I see the bright changing colors, smell the cinnamon, maple syrup, and chocolate, hear the crunch of leaves & shrill whistle at soccer games, feel cozy in sweaters and socks. Yes, I’m grateful!

  275. Laura | 12th Oct 20

    I love the cooler weather, beautiful Fall colors and of course pumpkins!

  276. Kim Lunsford | 13th Oct 20

    I love when the leaves change color on a crisp cool day with sun shining driving through the mountains. And pumpkin and apple foods.

  277. Kathy G Anderson | 13th Oct 20

    I love fall. The changing of the leaves, the smells in the air, the slower pace, pumpkins, pumpkin patches, This is just to name a few. Love it all.

  278. Nancy | 13th Oct 20

    Appleumpkins made with gluten free pastry!

  279. sue s | 14th Oct 20

    I love the leaf colors in fall, especially maple and burning bush. The reds are spectacular!

  280. Angela | 29th Oct 20

    My favorite about fall is extra layers of warmth, fireplaces, and most of fall colors.

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