I am not sure if you are in the same boat with me, but I kind of love making flying geese. In any size, at any time. I always use the SEW&FLIP method that our patterns are famous for and the process is methodical and simple and I can even sneak in a little tv marathon while I crank out those flying geese.

So when I found a vintage flying geese quilt while working on my FIGS AND SHIRTINGS collection, I knew I wanted to reproduce this simple quilt with the simply layout and share it with you guys.

When I realized math-wise, that I could do it with a jelly roll or a layer cake or a couple of charm packs, I had one of those happy dance moments :-).

It goes perfectly with the collection and with the other quilts in this group… except that it is so simple to make!


  • Blocks: (1) Jelly Roll -OR- (1) Layer Cake -OR- (3) Charm Packs
  • Background: 2 ¾ yds. ivory solid
  • Middle Border: ½ yd. small print [blue print in this version]
  • Outer Border: ½ yd. small ivory print
  • Backing: 3 ½ yds.
  • Binding: ½ yd. binding [orange print in this version]

CLICK HERE to download the free PDF of the pattern.

If you are a store and would like to use this for reproduction or for kits, please email me at


This pattern is so much fun to work up in other colors and seasons. We just used it for a kit we offered as a part of our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS that ended a few days ago and oh my gosh, we love it in Christmas fabrics so much! Here it is in our Christmas Figs collection…

I think we might dream up a few more… tell us what you would like to see?

Added this special red, white and blue one by special request since it was so easy to mock up with the newest Figs and Shirtings collection. Love this one too!

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  1. Aimee | 2nd Dec 20

    I loved this Christmas kit, but was intimidated by all the flying geese. I’m still drawn to the muted, tiny florals of antique quilts, more so than the bolder colors. How about peaches, cream and greens? Or light blues, peaches, greens on a pale butter yellow background? I’m not that old, but it seems so soothing in what seems to be a chaotic world right now. Dandelion girl would be perfect 🙂 🙂

    • | 2nd Dec 20

      You should definitely do that… sounds beautiful. We would probably only mock it up in something more current [ I don’t even have swatches of Dandelion Girl LOL], but I would love to see you try it out in the colors you mention. Sounds lovely!

  2. Kelly Kiel | 2nd Dec 20

    Thank you thank you thank you so much for this pattern!! I loved this but missed the kit! I am so excited for this and am going to try and get one made for Christmas! This was so generous of you and I so appreciate it!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • | 2nd Dec 20

      I think you can absolutely get one done by Christmas! Happy Sewing!

  3. Lynnette Perkins | 2nd Dec 20

    Thank you Joanna! My mind is jumping with ideas! Love this.

  4. Sharon | 2nd Dec 20

    Your Fall quilts are always a big hit, and Flying Geese just seems to go hand-in-hand with that season, so how about a scrappy Fall version. I love all your versions of Twirl and this would be a great companion quilt for Twirl. I love making flying geese!! Thank you for the free pattern!

    • | 2nd Dec 20

      Good idea!

  5. Diana Rosenthal | 2nd Dec 20

    Thank you for the pattern. I’m thinking I may go with all my extra Hallows Eve fabric. Make a Halloween one.. I’m flip floppin at this moment. Christmas or Halloween.

  6. Hildy | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank you so much for the free pattern! I have a lot of chamr packs in my stash (about 100 give or take a few) and I think I can find three that will look great together. I would love to see a red, white and blue version or just a cream, grey, black one or a navy, tan … there are a lot of poosibilities.

    • | 3rd Dec 20

      I love the red, white and blue idea! Will see if I can get one of those mocked up this week!

    • | 3rd Dec 20

      In fact, made one just for you. It happened to work with the collection that I had right in front of me, Figs and Shirtings, so here you go 🙂

  7. Karen S | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank you, Joanna! I loved this design in 12 Days of Christmas but missed the kit. So many possibilities. Great suggestions by others and I was even thinking about my stash of 30’s fabrics. Maybe a few to be made . . .

  8. Donna Sproston | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank you! I plan to go through my stash of 1930s for these flying geese and remember sleeping under my grandmother’s actual 1930s prints quilts. I am picturing an updated take on the churn dash in your spring collection of fabrics.

    • | 3rd Dec 20

      1930’s would be so lovely. Especially with all the great memories you have.

  9. Barbara | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank you again! Can hardly wait to make this. Flying geese are so much fun to make. I see a figs and shirting or Christmas quilt starting today actually! I’m in between projects, this is a perfect pattern to whip up this weekend! I Love your machine quilting on the pattern.

    • | 3rd Dec 20

      So glad. Hope you enjoy a good weekend of flying geese 🙂

  10. Joan Figlar | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank You so much for Fly Away….looks like so much fun!! You’re the best!!

  11. Sharon Colburn | 3rd Dec 20

    I’m thinking of buying Eleanor Burn’s flying geese rule. If that would work, what size should I buy? Love the pattern.

  12. Christopher | 3rd Dec 20

    hmmm. i already know what i am going to do when Strawberries & Rhubarb is released!

  13. Donna Sellers | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank you so much Joanna! Love that you have taken this from a vintage quilt. Beautiful both vintage and modern. Oh and the Christmas version is beautiful as well. Thank you for your generous heart tword all of us Fig Followers in giving us this pattern!

  14. Ann W | 3rd Dec 20

    Love it! I have a stash of charm squares and this might be the perfect way to use them. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Anita R | 3rd Dec 20

    Thank you for the pattern! Too many options to chose from!

  16. Monica | 5th Dec 20

    I love the vintage quilt! Thank you for giving us this pattern. I love it in all the color ways you posted.

  17. Bambi Riberts | 22nd Dec 20

    I love this Fly Away quilt and have fabric coming. Can’t wait to start. I’ve looked through the pattern and I can’t seem to find what size the unfinished flying geese should measure. I want to make sure I am accurate from the start. Thanks so much for the pattern and everything you do.

  18. Bambi Roberts | 22nd Dec 20

    Never mind about the size — I was just having a “moment.” I couldn’t even manage to type my name correctly. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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