On Sunday… the elves chill!

Even though the aforementioned elves have barely started to work themselves into their annual 12 DAYS frenzy, it is Sunday today.

And so, the elves are staying in their pajamas… and doing… well whatever it is that elves do when they are not packing 12 DAYS boxes.

Have a wonderful day and see you again on Monday!



Sincerely, the elves…. sneezy, sleepy, grumpy, dopey and doc [we will leave it up to you to figure out who is who :-)]


1. We are going to get the Vintage Christmas Tags in a Tin back in stock next week. If you already have a box started and would like to add one of those, please email us and we will add it to your box.

2. If you are only getting blog subscription notifications, you will be getting them a day late. Please go to the INFO & FINE PRINT section of the DAY #1 post on the blog for all the info you will need [scroll down] on how to best follow the sale.

3. If you are not able to click on the item or the item is gone… unfortunately that means it is no longer available.

4. The special offer for DAY #2 was a FREE JUNIPER pattern with any purchase from the sale. It sounds like only a partial blog post loaded up for some people with some wrong information. If you refresh your screen, you should get the correct post for DAY #2.

5. We will post or "go live" at different times on different days to give folks on the 2 coasts as well as some of our international customers a better chance to get a chance at the sale. Sorry about that. To change things up a little bit, for Monday's sale, we are shooting to post between midnight and 1:00 am on Monday morning.

6. As long as you are shopping the sale and have some of the 12 DAYS items in your box, you can add anything else you like… patterns, sale items or whatever suits your fancy!

See you on Monday!



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  1. Chris Horne | 29th Nov 15

    I added some things to my box on day#2 but was one of the people who did not see the juniper pattern. Was I supposed to add it to my order or will it be added automatically?

  2. Mary Jo Spina | 29th Nov 15

    Is that between midnight and 1am PST or EST?

  3. Patty Flynn | 29th Nov 15

    Hi to all of the elves.

  4. Joanna | 29th Nov 15


  5. Joanna | 29th Nov 15

    Hi Patty!!

  6. Joanna | 29th Nov 15

    Anytime there is a special, it gets added for free automatically. Thanks so much for asking!

  7. Lorraine Isaac | 29th Nov 15

    I love your little elves, to bad they are not one of the specials, lol, we could all use some elves this time of year, hope they got lots of rest

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