On the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 12 Drummers Drumming. Now, I don't know about you, but I am not such a fun of so much noise. Give me a little sewing to do and I'll be good!



Today we have several bundles for you just in case you missed out on the quilt kits, need a good Fig Tree fabric fix or just want the opportunity to add some goodies to your stash.










 These bundles are all different and are at a special discount price! They come in "lighter" or "darker" and you can specify a preference during checkout and we will try to give you your preference based on availability. However, we can't guarantee which one you might get. Each bundle has a yummy grouping of mostly Fig Tree fabrics mixed in with a few of our other favorites.




Classic Black Tape Measure [Merchant & Mills]

We have loved sharing all of the Merchant & Mills notions with you this sale and here is the last one- a classic black & white tape measure that just feels like it should be hanging around the neck of a good old-fashioned tailor going about his business!








Today we just have a few more of our tried and true favorites. Those notions that we use every single day and couldn't live without.

Tulip Needles

Beautiful high quality needles made in Japan exclusively for United Notions. These needles are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing. Each lovely little glass tube contains 2 needles each of sizes #8, #9 and #10 Straw needles. Personally I fell in love with the packaging before I fell in love with the needles but I am a total sucker for cute packaging! I love these needles!



Tulip Patchwork Pins

Beautiful high quality pins made in Japan exclusively for United Notions. These are pins are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing. Each lovely little glass tube contains 60 count pins with multi colored tips. They go through fabric like butter and are a perfect size of 1 1/2". These make a lovely little gift… for yourself or your quilting friends!





MODA Baggie with Somerset Charm Pack




Each baggie comes with a Somerset Charm Pack. Perfect for you [I may or may not be known for putting a few little goodies in my own stocking] or for a special little gift.


Muslin Fabricholic Bag

And just in case you need a bag to put everything in ….


Note: This is not a fancy or high-quality bag by any means, just something fun as a gift or to take to class with fabric in it or for storing your scraps. Made from natural color muslin, 100% cotton, with green screen printed words on the front and back.



Today's special 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DEAL is our AURIFIL SOMERSET THREAD SET is 25% off.





And our huge set of AURIFIL THREAD is also 25% off! Now personally we think that is a perfect Christmas luxury for… YOURSELF!



CLICK HERE for more info on today's goodies.

Happy shopping,

Joanna and Eric




* The Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas sale starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and lasts for 12 days [usually with a Sunday off here or there].  


* Each day a different kit, stocking stuffer and/or home dec goodie will be advertised- on some days several of each! Each day a special offer will be made as well.  


* Each special offer will become available on that one day. Each goodie will only be available while stock lasts. Most of the items offered will sell out on that day, some will last a few days. Please believe us that some items will sell out crazy fast and some will last all day based on popularity and stock. Although we try and have and anticipate the demand, we are often surprised by your enthusiasm!! IF THE ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND THROUGH THE LINK, THAT MEANS IT HAS SOLD OUT!


* We never know which ones will sell out the fastest! If we are able to get more in stock of any popular product, we will try but we can't guarantee that anything that sells out will come back in stock. If they can, it will not be a part of the sale but something that we offer after Christmas for a separate January delivery. 


* For those of you who want to continue to purchase items throughout the 12 days of the sale but want us to hold your purchases for one shipment, YOU NEED TO BUY-A-BOX. THIS IS NEW AND DIFFERENT THIS YEAR!! The box is an actual product available on our homepage.  You only need to purchase it once either before the sale starts or on the first day that you purchase a 12DAYS item- but you need to purchase it as an actual product once. Then for all the remaining purchases you make, you will simply choose the "I BOUGHT  A BOX" option in the shipping directions during the checkout process. If you buy more products than fit in the box…. WE WILL PAY FOR THE REMAINING SHIPPING!! If you do not fill up that amount by the end of the sale, we will let you know how much of a credit you have and you can choose patterns for the difference [we will only charge a partial price on the patterns so you will get a deal]. There is no way to lose in this exchange!!  


• For international customers, we will calculate actual international shipping at the time of shipping and add what is necessary. We never charge anything other than actual international shipping through USPS.




 If you do not BUY-A-BOX, your items will not be accumulated but will be shipped to you each day that you purchase them.  We know that some of you love that feeling of getting something in the mail each and every day and look forward to the "presents" arriving to you every mail day!

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  1. cocoquilts | 11th Dec 14

    This has been so much fun!! Thank you for bringing us The Twelve Days of Christmas!! It must be soooo much work for you from compiling all of the goodies to organizing and shipping them! So I truly thank you for finding such wonderful and interesting sewing items! I missed several items and wondered where the little British scissors were sourced from? I love Merchant and Mills and will now be frequenting their site! Wishing you and your family a wonderful & joyful Merry Christmas!
    Cheers, Colette

  2. Deana | 11th Dec 14

    What a delicious post and blog. love the fig fabrics – one and all.

  3. Joanna | 11th Dec 14

    Thank you so much for shopping with us! We have had a lot of fun too but are now just in need of a long, long nap :-). Oh wait, I guess we have to get all these goodies out to you first LOL!
    The British Scissors are just from one of our regular distributors and are available at local quilt shops. We may offer them again in the new year!

    Merry Christmas,


  4. Joanna | 11th Dec 14

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Anita K | 12th Dec 14

    Joanna & Elves

    Want to Thank You So Much for the 12 Days Of Christmas, it went by so fast. I know it must have been alot of work for all of y’all to give this amazing gift to us, I enjoyed it so much.

    Now feel like a kid waiting for my box to arrive in the mail, this was amazing.

    Thank You Again and Merry Christmas to You All…

  6. Joanna | 12th Dec 14

    Thank you so much Anita. We really appreciate your kindness in taking the time to write us. The 12 DAYS is a fun and exhausting sale for us so we always love to hear that people have enjoyed themselves.

    Wishing you and your family the most Merry Christmas ever,


  7. Holly James | 20th Dec 14

    Just got month #5 of Fig Tree’s Modern Building Blocks BOM what a rip off. 2 pieces of fabric equal to 1 yard.
    for $24 and $6 dollars for shipping. So this quilt that doesn’t even use that much of your fabric comes out to $210. I could have bought a complete kit for $129.
    What a rip off. I will never purchase from this Company again.

  8. Joanna | 21st Dec 14

    So sorry to hear that you are not liking the MODERN BOM! It is such a popular one! We are loving following all the folks who are loving it on social media. Maybe seeing some of their blocks will inspire you! Merry Christmas!

  9. Anita K | 22nd Dec 14


    Just received my 12 Day Box, I am just soo happy with all my goodies. Thank You So Much, Merry Christmas to Me!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you All!!!!

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