On the 2nd Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree. However, he also added in something a bit more "Fig Tree"!



My true love gave to me a classic, red and green Christmas version of our newest pattern, STARFISH.


This classic version of our popular new pattern is made with only 3 fabrics in each block and one of my favorite prints in the outer border. The quilt is 4 blocks by 4 as shown and measures " when finished. It is absolutely perfect for the holidays. Back it in red or cream Snuggle [available in our shop seperately] and make it the favorite quilt of the season! Each kit contains all the Somerset fabrics you see her to complete the top as shown along with the pattern and the binding fabric.


I can't wait to finish ours so that I can add it to my special Christmas quilt stack…. possibly my favorite decoration at Christmas!



My true love also gave to me a fabulous retro RED & CREAM "PEPPERMINT" TRIVET.




There is just something about these retro kitchen goodies that gets us every time. The kitchen towels, hotpads and now this wonderful little RED & CREAM "PEPPERMINT" TRIVET that would be perfect in any retro kitchen or dining room display. Actually it would be fun in the sewing room too!




Made in India from 100% cotton, this 10 1/2" wide trivet is a perfect addition to your retro decor! This trivet adds a bit of immediate nostalgia however you choose to use it!



Today's special 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DEAL…

20% off all PDF PATTERNS with the code "day2".

You must enter the code in during checkout in order to get the deal. We cannot add it for you afterwards so please be careful and enter in the code correctly during checkout.


CLICK HERE for more info on today's goodies.

Happy shopping,

Joanna and Eric




* The Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas sale starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and lasts for 12 days [usually with a Sunday off here or there].  


* Each day a different kit, stocking stuffer and/or home dec goodie will be advertised- on some days several of each! Each day a special offer will be made as well.  


* Each special offer will become available on that one day. Each goodie will only be available while stock lasts. Most of the items offered will sell out on that day, some will last a few days. Please believe us that some items will sell out crazy fast and some will last all day based on popularity and stock. Although we try and have and anticipate the demand, we are often surprised by your enthusiasm!!


* We never know which ones will sell out the fastest! If we are able to get more in stock of any popular product, we will try but we can't guarantee that anything that sells out will come back in stock. If they can, it will not be a part of the sale but something that we offer after Christmas for a separate January delivery. 


* For those of you who want to continue to purchase items throughout the 12 days of the sale but want us to hold your purchases for one shipment, YOU NEED TO BUY-A-BOX. THIS IS NEW AND DIFFERENT THIS YEAR!! The box is an actual product available on our homepage.  You only need to purchase it once either before the sale starts or on the first day that you purchase a 12DAYS item- but you need to purchase it as an actual product once. Then for all the remaining purchases you make, you will simply choose the "I BOUGHT  A BOX" option in the shipping directions during the checkout process. If you buy more products than fit in the box…. WE WILL PAY FOR THE REMAINING SHIPPING!! If you do not fill up that amount by the end of the sale, we will let you know how much of a credit you have and you can choose patterns for the difference [we will only charge a partial price on the patterns so you will get a deal]. There is no way to lose in this exchange!!  




 If you do not BUY-A-BOX, your items will not be accumulated but will be shipped to you each day that you purchase them.  We know that some of you love that feeling of getting something in the mail each and every day and look forward to the "presents" arriving to you every mail day!!


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  1. LindaSonia | 29th Nov 14

    Can you post a link to your facebook site please – can’t seem to find it.

    Also what time will the 12 days of Christmas goodies be announced. Is it always the same or will it change.


  2. Joanna | 29th Nov 14

    Our Facebook is figtreeandco so hopefully you can find it by that. Here is the link…


    The sales will go live at somewhat different times to give different people a good opportunity. So far we have done it at 6:00 am and 7:00 am. We are skipping Sunday and will be on Monday. The Monday sale will probably be very early morning/late night.


  3. stephanie | 30th Nov 14

    Joanna, what is the price for the Day 2 quilt kit? I was not able to locate it. Thank you!

  4. Kristie | 30th Nov 14

    Do you have the kits for Christmas Starfish available? I can’t find them on the web page!
    Thank you!

  5. Deb | 30th Nov 14

    Maybe to prevent confusion and folks not being able to find something for each day’s sale, the photo of the quilt kit or whatever it is should still be on the page but SOLD OUT listed by it.

    That way with the price listed, too, everyone can see whether they would have paid the price if the kit had been available or if it was too steep anyway. That would help me. Thanks!

  6. Joanna | 30th Nov 14

    Unfortunately that is just not the way our system works. Once it is sold out, it disappears. So sorry for your confusion,

    Customer Support

  7. Joanna | 30th Nov 14

    They are sold out. Once a 12 DAYS item has sold out, in no longer shows up on the page.

    So sorry

  8. Joanna | 30th Nov 14

    They are sold out. Once a 12 DAYS item has sold out, in no longer shows up on the page.

    So sorry

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