Hello my Fig Tree Friends-

It’s the 2nd day of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE and we surely hope you enjoyed the first day. We made sure to have a lot of stock of yesterday’s items to ensure that as many as possible of you could get what you wanted on the first day of the sale! So we are hoping that most of you got your goodies!

We have completely sold out of the green boxes but are ordering some more to try to get them back in at the end of the sale in case you missed out. We still have a few dozen of the towel sets left and those can still be found in the shop this morning.

If you are joining us for the first time, welcome. CLICK HERE  for all of the info. But just so you know, your items might sell out while you are reading it… just saying.

ON THE SECOND DAY OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME, TWO TURTLEDOVES. However, here in Fig Treeland, if there was gifting to be had of any creatures of the flying variety, it would most definitely have to be TWO BARN OWLS. We have a pair that loves to come to us in the fall and winter and sits in the large pine tree in our backyard. The hoo-hoo in the later evenings is pretty magical. I love my owls.

If you just want to shop, in that case just  CLICK HERE:


KIT FOR THE DAY: Flour Sack Kit: Country Christmas






Each year we dream up another flour sack towel to add to our and your Christmas collection. This year, we couldn’t just choose one. Our red pick up truck was so popular last year and we had so many requests for more, we decided to make a similar one again this year, but this time with an aqua truck that had a slightly different shape to it. But we couldn’t just stop there. If you might have noticed, we have had a mushroom theme this year and decided it was time to add some mushrooms to a towel! Each KIT includes (4) flour sack towels for embellishing, (2) different red fabrics for the fabric band, a baggie of wool enough to make one truck towel and one mushroom towel, 2 skeins of floss and the pattern sheets for both designs. There is also enough red fabrics to make bands on the 2 remaining towels and to leave them with just the band or to add embellishments of your own choosing! Happy stitching!



Small Canvas Bucket with Star Motif and Handles. Perfect for storing so many things in your studio or office. Great for notions, threads, embroidery supplies, art supplies or a million other items. Folds down to put away if needed, this is stylish and fun storage that looks great while being totally functional. Each bucket measures app. 6″ x 7 ½” Made by MODA.


NOTION FOR THE DAY: BOEHN Tape Measure with Clip

Fabulous 60″ Tape Measure by Boehn. Comes in a choice of 4 colors- soft red, aqua green, golden yellow, blue or mauve purple, these tape measures are both classy and functional with a great substantial feel to them. Heavy duty clip attached to the tape measure makes it great to attach to your notions bag. Fabulous as a stocking stuffer! Different notions related design on each.

SPECIAL OFFER OF THE DAY: 40% off all of our CHRISTMAS PATTERNS. Available in the CHRISTMAS section on the left side bar of our shop. Happy Shopping!

TOMORROW’S SALE WILL GO LIVE ON SUNDAY at MIDNIGHT:15 tonite… otherwise known as 12:15 in the morning [PST] or late late Saturday night for those of you who think in terms of night instead of morning.

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