The FIG TREE ELVES are cutting, packing and prepping like crazy so that we can be ready to go for you later this week… THURSDAY NOVEMBER 18TH is our start date this year… can you believe it?! Yup… that is in less than a week, this Thursday!

We are continuing with last year’s new tradition and started the sale before Thanksgiving instead of after so that we have plenty of time on the back end to get your goodies out to you in time for Christmas. As we all know, shipping and supply chains are really really crazy this year so we are doing our part to try to help you get your goodies as soon as possible!

Hope you will be ready to join us this thursday. Keep reading for lots more info!

FOR THOSE OF YOU NEW TO THIS CRAZY SALE… here is all the info below. For those of you who join us every year, just a few changes from some past year so you might want to read through too!




1. BUY A BOX. You can do this ahead of the sale to be prepared once the first day starts or along with your first order. See below for more details on how that works. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR BOX NOW!

2. Shop for goodies that you are interested in each day. We will keep adding your goodies to your box for the full 8 days of the sale this year [thurs, fri, sat,[skip sun] mon, tues, wed,[skip thanksgiving] fri, sat]. If you overflow your box, we will upgrade for free [see below for more info]. If you overflow that, you will be charged for another box.

If you overflow that, the upgrade is once again on us and so on until all of your goodies are packed up!

3.If you are using PAYPAL, we will not be able to ship your overflow goodies until we receive extra box payment. If you use a credit card then we will simply charge the card you are using and ship your goodies. It is easier for us and faster for you if you use a card.

4. Have fun. Enjoy the sale. If you don’t enjoy this kind of pressure… please don’t play because it will be frustrating for you. For the rest of you, let the games begin!!! Keep reading for more details if you are new to the process…



The Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas sale will start on Thursday, NOVEMBER 18TH and will last for 8 days this year. We will take a break on Sunday 21st and Thanksgiving 25th. We will finish up the sale on Cyber Saturday November 27th. All goodies will start to ship on the following week and will arrive to you much earlier than in years past!

* Each day a different kit, special bundle, stocking stuffer and/or home dec goodies will be advertised- on some days several of each! I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU WHAT WE HAVE COLLECTED FOR YOU THIS YEAR!

* Each special offer will only become available on that one day. Each goodie will only be available while stock lasts. Most of the items offered will sell out on that day, a few will last a few days. Please believe us that some items will sell out crazy fast [some of them in minutes] and some will last all day based on popularity and stock. Although we try and anticipate the demand, we are often surprised by your enthusiasm and are limited by how much stock we can carry of any given item. EACH DAY IS BASICALLY A LIMITED QUANTITY FLASH SALE SO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU SHOP. It will be unlikely that the item [especially the fabric items] will still be available the next day.

* We never know which ones will sell out the fastest! If we are able to get more in stock of any popular product, we will try but we can’t guarantee that anything that sells out will come back in stock. If they can, it will not be a part of the sale but something that we offer after Christmas for a separate January delivery. Most of the kits will not be available again due to fabric being sold out.

* For those of you who want to continue to purchase items throughout the 12 days of the sale but want us to hold your purchases for one shipment, YOU NEED TO BUY-A-BOX. SEE MORE INFO BELOW [ I know that some of you want to receive your presents as you buy them each day, in which case you don’t need to buy a box and just choose regular shipping]. The BUY A BOX is an actual product available on our homepage. You only need to purchase it once either before the sale starts or on the first day that you purchase a 12DAYS item- but you need to purchase it as an actual product once. Then for all the remaining purchases you make, you will simply choose the “I BOUGHT A BOX” option in the shipping directions during the checkout process.


Just like in past years of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS we offer you the choice to hold all of your daily goodies to be shipped together at the end of the 8 days of sales so you can save money on the shipping costs and keep adding goodies to your box! Its an awesome option and a lot of fun!

This is how it will work: Regardless of whether you think you will get the smaller stocking stuffer kinds of items or the “bigger ticket” items and you are a die hard 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS fan, you will BUY-A-BOX as your shipping option. If your goodies “spill” out of the medium box you have purchased, we will upgrade you to a large box… AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. If you spill out of that, we will need you to purchase another medium box and go from there with a free upgrade again, etc.

If your box does not come close to filling throughout the sale and all we need to send your goodies is an envelope, WE WILL DONATE THE SHIPPING DIFFERENCE TO OUR LOCAL FOOD BANK. We will downgrade those orders into envelopes, calculate the difference and once we have everyone’s “donations”, we will let everyone know via our newsletter what that amount is and donate it to the Alameda County Food Bank. IN FACT WE WILL MATCH ANY AMOUNT THAT GETS ACCUMULATED FROM UNUSED SHIPPING CHARGES AND ADD THAT TO THE CHECK. So please don’t worry about whether or not you are going to fill up your box. The extra $7 or so that you might not end up needing will go to a very worthy cause during this holiday time. Also if you find yourself in that situation, please don’t complain. Please just see it as the $7 donation that it is! Thank you so much in advance!!


1. So that you are ready for the sale on Thursday, BUY-A BOX now so that you can focus on purchasing your items once they start going up on Day #1. Given how quickly the items go, etc, buying your box ahead of time is your best bet!

2. When you are buying your goodies, select the “I BOUGHT A BOX” choice in the shipping drop down menu so that you are not charged for shipping each time you place a new item in your box. This is basically your free shipping option for the rest of the items for the first set of 5 days [until you fill your box].

3. If you do not select “I BOUGHT A BOX” as your shipping option when you purchase items, we will assume that you wish to receive the product right away and you want it shipped right away and you do not wish to accumulate items. Believe it or not, there are some customers for whom this is their own personal Christmas and they look forward to receiving the packages each and every day. Enjoy!

4.Please know that if you forget to select the “I BOUGHT A BOX” option for shipping during checkout, we will not be able to change it. Due to the sheer volume of 12 DAYS customers, we really only have the opportunity to see what is chosen and ship or not ship based on the info you have provided during checkout. Thank you so much for understanding!

Remember you will BUY-A-BOX only once before the sale begins or at the time of your first purchase. This will make all of us- you and us- ready for the sale before it even begins!! You can of course still BUY-A-BOX on the first day of the sale or on any other day that you begin shopping the sale but its much easier all around if you grab one ahead of time!

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT DUE TO THE VOLUME & CRAZINESS OF THIS SALE, WE CANNOT MAKE ANY CHANGE, ADDITIONS, SUBTRACTIONS TO ANYTHING THAT YOU PURCHASE. International orders will be assessed actual shipping charges at the time of shipping. International orders cannot use paypal since we need to be able to access the payment info during shipping.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AFTER YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THE INFO ABOVE, please ask in comments below! Thanks for playing everyone! Eric and Joanna

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  1. Marlo Harris | 14th Nov 21

    Are you releasing items at the same time everyday?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 14th Nov 21

      Items are released at different times of the day to give different people in different time zones a chance. Some announcements will be made at the end of each day’s post about the following day so be sure to read through each daily blog post. Great question, thanks!

  2. Amy McGinness | 14th Nov 21

    Are the items posted at different times of the day or always about the same time? Will we be notified by email, or facebook, or just by chance that we see the post? Thank you!!

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 14th Nov 21

      Great question. See below for the time answer. As to the means by which we announce: we always post a blog, send a email newsletter and post on IG all at the same time. Some of those are more accurate and timely for some and other methods for others… it all depends on your server, your browser, your internet, etc. So we recommend that you are definitely signed up for our newsletter and IG. The blog also has a subscription but it is very timely for some and arrives 24 hrs late for others [unfortunately totally out of our control on that one]!

  3. Patricia Cooley | 14th Nov 21

    Are the items being released brand new items or items that were previously sold out? Will things be released at the same time each day, is there a post alerting to new items, or do we need to visit website throughout the day hoping to catch the release?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 14th Nov 21

      The items are a mix of kits, bundles, notions and gifts. Some are brand new, some new to us and some notions/gifts that we have found just for this sale. Each day will also include a “special” of the day. Sometimes its a sale, sometimes its a giveaway and sometimes its a freebie. See answers below to the other questions. Thanks!

  4. Viona Adkisson | 14th Nov 21

    This question is from my record keeping husband! Will the charges hit the credit card each day or at the end of the 12 Days if Christmas sale?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 14th Nov 21

      The charges will be charged as you buy your items. How your card processes that on your end is not in our control. But the item is purchased on the spot if that is your question. It won’t go through as an order until your card approves the charge. Hope that helps. Gotta love the husbands that keep us honest :=)!

  5. Barbara Brukner | 14th Nov 21

    What are the dimensions of the box? And can you purchase a quantity of more than one of each item being sold? Thanks

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 14th Nov 21

      It is a USPS mailing box in MEDIUM FLAT RATE, have no idea of what exact size that is but I am sure you could look it up at the Postal Service website. You can purchase what you like. However we ask that people be kind about the quilt kits and keep it to one.

  6. Heidi | 14th Nov 21

    The only shipping option I see when checking out are “downloadable/BOM or preorder signup”. Is that the same as “I bought a box”?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 14th Nov 21

      There is no option in the shipping for the I BOUGHT A BOX yet because the sale hasn’t started. On Thursday there will be the I BOUGHT A BOX option during checkout. Thanks!

  7. Vicki Byers | 15th Nov 21

    Do we purchase the items on your website or through your blog or is there a link in each 3 social medias to take us to the item and place to purchase?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 15th Nov 21

      The products will show up on the featured page in the shop each day. Once they sell out, they will no longer be there. So if the product is no longer visible, it means it has sold out.
      In terms of links: There is no link on IG, there is a general link to the FEATURED PAGE in the newsletter and the blog.


  8. Beth Foust | 15th Nov 21

    I am new to this sale. Can you give me an idea of the price range of items offered? Also – are they regular price or discounted? Thank you

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 15th Nov 21

      There is no helpful range since the items range from small notions to large quilt kits. There are price points all over the place. Each day there are kits and notions and gifts. Some are regular price, there are some deals each day, etc. Mostly its about unique products and kits that we only offer for this sale. Enjoy!

  9. Dee Dee | 16th Nov 21

    For Canadian and International customers, can we still buy a box before the sale starts to hold all our goodies and then pay the difference in shipping at the end ? Thank you so much !

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 18th Nov 21

      absolutely, for more info, we talked about international ordering in the blog post.

  10. Cheryl | 17th Nov 21

    Can I do the Buy a Box using PayPal then use my credit card for daily purchases? or am I tied to a method once I buy the box?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 18th Nov 21

      You can totally switch around, no problem at all. Each day is up to you!

  11. Sharon Colburn | 18th Nov 21

    I have not received any more blog posts since the 14th. Am I missing the posts?

    • joanna@figtreequilts.com | 18th Nov 21

      Today’s post went up this morning… happy shopping!

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