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Daily Archives: April 17, 2009

Limited Edition Kits are here

Well here I am blogging instead of writing patterns. Earlier I was "twittering" instead of writing patterns [to see some of our daily news or special twitter discounts, "follow" us in the top upper right hand corner of the blog]. Before that I was working on cleaning up my email inbox instead of writing patterns. Earlier than that I was answering some sales calls instead of writing patterns. Are you getting the picture yet??  I am confessing to all of you right now… that I do not want to be writing patterns! If there is an experienced pattern writer out there who likes to work for fabric… CALL ME AND YOU ARE HIRED!! Not kidding. Really not kidding. Anyway, here is one more thing to do instead of pattern writing— our FLY AWAY HOME KITS are back for a limited engagement. You…