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Daily Archives: December 9, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day #12

Happy, Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome to the 12th day of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE! Wow… we have together made it to the last day of this crazy 12 day sale! Thank you so much for sticking it out with us. Some of you have filled box after box and some of you just a few stocking stuffers here and there but I want to thank each one of you for following along and participating with us. This is the 6th year we have done this and although it is nuts and we know that each year a few people are unhappy that they didn't get what they wanted, most of you have a great time and enjoy the spirit of this sale! Thank you so much for taking this ride with us! SPECIAL INFO ABOUT THE LAST DAY The last day of the sale is…