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Daily Archives: August 24, 2017

Vintage Halloween 2017 Bundles are Here!

Its that time of the year my friends! Summer is technically still here but for many of us, our minds are starting to turn [or have already turned] toward autumn, school calendars, back to school shopping and coming up sooner than we know it… Halloween. Introducing the VINTAGE HALLOWEEN PROJECT: 2017 EDITION… Vintage Spiderwebs!   We are so glad that you have joined us in our annual tradition of our exclusively curated Vintage Halloween bundles. Each year, right about this time, we create a new Fig Tree flavored Halloween bundle and kit. The colors are our version of Halloween- soft, warm blacks, butterscotch oranges, creams, soft greys… Vintage Halloween at its best! This year we are offering another yummy bundle called Vintage Spiderwebs. Using one of our classic Fig Tree patterns, FRESH LAUNDRY, we have given that pattern a completely new feel with these yummy Halloween colors. There…