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Daily Archives: July 14, 2022

FIGS & FRIENDS: Bundle #2 for 2022

For those of you in the FIGS & FRIENDS PROGRAM… Welcome back to your second bundle of the 2022-2023 program year! We are very excited to continue this program for the third year in a row… each and every color combination is so much fun to make and I know SO MANY of you have been with us since the first month of the first year and you look forward to your bundles too. I cannot wait to see some of your creations with these fabrics this year! As of today, it is officially… OUT THE DOOR & ON ITS WAY TO YOU!! COLLABORATION #2 for 2022: CORNFLOWER & STRAWBERRIES COLLECTION INFO: This grouping is a combination of a few of my favorite Fig Tree prints from STITCHED along with a few MODA fabric “FRIENDS”. Here is more about the fabrics… This mix…