CHANTILLY is coming soon!

Our Spring collection, CHANTILLY, is coming soon and very soon. March delivery. We just aren’t exactly sure when in March… but we are ready!!

And we are also getting ready for all of your PRE ORDER KITS and ½ YARD BUNDLES and every other kind of goody and surprise!  Hopefully we will have a bit left of everything to share with those of you did not pre order. Let us know if you are interested in anything specific!

A perfect little stack of CHANTILLY quilts.



A perfect little stack of CHANTILLY fabrics. Yum.



TRELLIS pattern.

Grow your own garden whether on a white or grey background. Which is your favorite? Its pretty hard for me to pick!







GARDEN GATE pattern.

All you need for this one is a LAYER CAKE and a couple CHARM PACKS + 2 different backgrounds. Love its simplicity.



TOMMORROW… a few more pattern shares. Let us know if you have any questions!









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  1. Reve Fraser | 12th Mar 19

    So beautiful ❤️

    • | 13th Mar 19

      thank you so much! We do think it is a little bit perfect for Spring!

  2. Hannah W | 13th Mar 19

    This is a beautiful line, congratulations!

    • | 13th Mar 19

      Thank you so much. It just makes me dream of spring!

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