A few Market pics…

I know my schedule might not be quite in line with everyone else who is so patiently awaiting me getting my bottom in gear… but I have just cleared the studio of debris and have a few moments to share a few booth pics from Market… shots of my booth, a few of our edible accessories, my fun little floor items and my favorite shopkeeper  :-)!

 DSC_01775794PIQF In Between Stitches40PIQF In Between Stitches49PIQF In Between Stitches44PIQF In Between Stitches46PIQF In Between Stitches47Boothleft
PIQF In Between Stitches45PIQF In Between Stitches50PIQF In Between Stitches39PIQF In Between Stitches48

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Silver Scissor Quilts | 6th Nov 08

    I LOVE the snowflakes. I made a list for my husband of all the patterns I want for Christmas. I think 4 of them were yours!

  2. Sherri | 6th Nov 08

    Your booth is just the definition of “lovely!”

  3. Stephanie | 7th Nov 08

    Of all the pictures I’ve seen of Quilt Market, yours is THE most delicious!!!

  4. Carrie | 7th Nov 08

    I want a room in my house that looks and feels just like your booth. I usually love primitive quilts but your fabrics definitely appeal to my softer cotton side. LOL….
    I’m with silverscissors, you will be on my christmas list….. Looking forward to your new fabric in 2009.


  5. lovetostitch | 7th Nov 08

    How delightful to see your booth. It is so full of sunshine yet soothing too. I think I need the Little Slipper Cuties to tuck in everyones stocking – how adorable!!! How fun would it be for everyone on Christmas to be wearing a pair!!

  6. Jodi | 9th Nov 08

    Your booth looks simply stunning !

  7. polly | 10th Nov 08

    oh my…I just love the colors of the booth:) It makes me feel warm and fuzzy:) How many more days to Paris with my bag?

  8. Amy DeCesare | 11th Nov 08

    Beautiful booth! Are those “floor items” called floor-de-lis? ha, ha

  9. Tif | 12th Nov 08

    Just absolutely beautiful!!!

  10. rachel | 13th Nov 08

    oh how beautiful!!!

  11. Donna | 13th Nov 08

    Loved your booth at Houston, it was fun visiting with and Eric. Can’t wait for the new line of fabric to come in. I think it was my daughters favorite.

  12. Donna | 13th Nov 08

    I meant to say you and Eric, Tell him to make sure he keeps wearing shorts

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