School & Pumpkins and such

Well, my munchkins started school yesterday… all 3 of them! A lot of emotional firsts for us in the Fig household… first kindergarden day for Ella, first day back in 3rd grade with the same beloved teacher as last year for Zack and the first day of a brand new school in the 6th grade for my oldest, Ben. It looks like they all weathered it much better than I did and are quite excited to go back again tomorrow… 


…a few moments on the front porch before walking to school. Oldest had to leave earlier so managed to escape the mandatory first day of school pictures….I love the fact that she still sits like that and just doesn't care. In fact she will show off those Dora unders to anyone who will listen!


Me on the other hand would love to just stay on the couch and watch a long marathon of some wonderfully cheesy old show like Remington Steel or Magnum P.I…. with a glass or 2 of wine. Why is it that they are just so much more resilient than we are?? I tell ya, I am never going to make it into their teenage years!

On the Pumpkin front….

Look to see what has popped up in the latest Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest publication? The Halloween Tricks & Treat 2009 issue is on stands as of yesterday and contains this wonderful ad sponsored by the one and only  MODA Fabrics.

 I know, I know why anyone would want to look at this much face of one person is still a mystery to me!  But after an entire day of shooting 478 different shots of me and this pumpkin stack, lots of advice from my lovely friend and lots of emails to this amazing marketing guru, we finally settled on this shot. A little photoshop magic and we were good to go. Thank you ladies!


Talk to you soon.

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  1. kathys | 27th Aug 09

    Hi Joanna,
    I saw the article in WWC about you and ran straight away to see your blog. I love your work and was so excited to see that you are a Francophile. My family and I have had the incredible experience of living in France and Belgium over the last 11 years. We are in Louisiana for this school year, but will be moving to Paris next June. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how I am looking forward to that : )! I will be checking in very often to see what’s new with you. Your Sugar Pumpkin kit is precious!

    Warm regards,

  2. pam | 27th Aug 09

    Great photo! Little Ella looks so grown up, I just saw her that once at PIQF a couple of years ago. Congrats to everyone’s milestones.

  3. Bren | 27th Aug 09

    I love the photos!. . . all cute! (YOURS too!) I am so in love with your little sugar pumpkin. . . I can see making many many!!! See you soon!
    xo, Bren

  4. Stephanie | 27th Aug 09

    Ah the innocence of childhood! I have years of first day of school photos! My favorites. They’ll look back on those photos one day and ask why you dressed them like a dork! My answer is “that’s how YOU wanted to dress.” And then you’ll put these photo albums out on the table for everyone to see when they get married. Lovely photos, lovely children, lovely mom.

  5. Joanna | 27th Aug 09

    You are so kind and generous. Thank you! You are so right. My oldest is
    already asking why on earth he wore what he did on the first day of first or
    second grade. He of course forgets that we battled hard about what he
    wore… And he won!
    Thanks again,


  6. Beth | 27th Aug 09

    They grow up so fast, mine is going to be 23 on Halloween, I thought she was only going to be 22 until she reminded me, where did *my* life go!? Your kids are adorable mom, and I *love* everything you put out! I saw that magazine, I’m going to have to pick it up next time I see it.

  7. Heather Peterson | 27th Aug 09

    Your kids are beautiful. I’ll take one of each! The pumpkin isn’t bad either . . . I just finished something for my new book out of Mill House.

  8. Cheri | 27th Aug 09

    How cute and eager they look!

  9. rachel | 27th Aug 09

    such cuties, your kiddos!!!

    love the ad.
    you look beautiful.

  10. Kim Kaslow | 27th Aug 09

    They do grow up so fast. My youngest of 5 starts high school this year…yikes!

    I can’t wait to get my pumpkin kit. 🙂

  11. Jean | 27th Aug 09

    My oldest grandson ran off to school first so missed his pictures, also. Much too grown up for all that nonsence now. Your children are sooooooooooo cute – they could be little models. I’m a sucker for dimples on kids!

    See ya soon in Livermore!

    Congrats on the ad, by the way 🙂

  12. dotti white | 27th Aug 09

    Your adorable children look so happy! Thanks for sharing those awesome photos! It’s hard to send them off, I know….You look very nice in the ad about your sugar pumpkin. I ordered a kit–hoping it is in the mail today! Have a wonderful rest of the week. You only have one more day of school for them and then you will be able to enjoy them for the weekend!

  13. sherri | 27th Aug 09

    Such cute kids…first day of school pictures are the best…and the Moda ad is terrific…the Pumpkin and fabric stack just say “fall!”

  14. Sue | 28th Aug 09

    Your kids are adorable…looking forward to receiving my pumpkin kit soon…and I am going to parent/teacher meetings today with my grandson. Haven’t done that in 30 years.

  15. Andrea Villarreal | 28th Aug 09

    Okay that made me laugh! I wish I sewed because I LOVE the Sugar Pumpkin kit!!
    Hope you kids a wonderful school year. Enjoy because let me tell you the high school years…..well aren’t as much fun;)

  16. Jeanie | 28th Aug 09

    6TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I say it all the time, but TIME FLIES-much too quickly:)

  17. Betty | 29th Aug 09

    You and your children are beautiful!

  18. Kaye Prince | 29th Aug 09

    Hi Joanna!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the monkey I made using some of your Mill House Inn fabrics.

    I’m glad you liked it!

  19. anencourager | 29th Aug 09

    Your picture is darling! The photographer captured the joy on your face from birthing that little bundle in your hands! Great work, and happy day for wonderful ads … and camera’s funnery!

  20. Mary Anne Drury | 30th Aug 09

    Such cute kids ! Enjoy! My kids ARE teenagers (boys 16 and 19 ) and believe me, I’m barely hangin’ on!! (They, along with my oldest son’s girlfriend and youngest son’s buddy, just left a half hour ago to drive into Philadelphia BY THEMSELVES to a concert at Penn’s Landing ….. this involves a 2 hour drive including the VERY confusing Schuylkill Expressway in Philly and other unfamiliar city driving ….. I offered to go and do the driving and not set foot anywhere near the concert ….. Honest, I said …. I’ll find a Starbuck’s and sit and read and do some hand stitching …… but they would have NONE of it …. after all, don’t I think they can get to the concert themselves?!?!?!!! (accompanied by a sigh and some eye rolling ) …… so, here I sit by the phone nervously waiting and wondering how soon is too soon to call them and see how they’re doing ….. thank goodness for cell phones and GPS systems !!!! Now, where’s that drink ?!?!?!!!

  21. jaybird | 1st Sep 09

    so cute!! my mom & dad took a ton of pics when i was a kid… and i’m super grateful for it… they have one from the first day of school each year standing by the mailbox.. and i love that cause i can see how much my brother and i grew year to year! sending the last one off can’t be easy.. but she sure looks ready to go spread her wings!!

  22. Chris Beresford | 1st Sep 09

    I finally stopped sewing long enough to read my “Where Women Create” and you popped up! You and your wonderfull fabrics and creations, two of which are pictured above. I am an old sewer, new quilter and cannot get enough Moda. Put me in any quilt store and I start touching fabrics and my hand will pick out all the Moda………..then my wallet immediately pays for it!!! Fig Tree Rocks!!! I have some cut on my table as we speak. Your designs speak volumes to me. Thank You!!!! I just popped you into my fav list. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Chris Beresford

  23. Christy | 1st Sep 09

    First of all, thanks for all the gorgeous fabric and patterns! I’m a huge addict..I mean fan! Mill House Inn is so fabulous, I’m having trouble stopping with it. I’ve already got 3 quilts planned, but who’s counting. I love the article in WWC-what a great publication! Your studio looks like a little slice of heaven! Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration and eye candy!
    And, those kiddos are too cute! Don’t they just get big way too fast?

  24. Molly | 1st Sep 09

    I love the sugar pumpkin…your kids are so cute! 🙂

  25. Diane Knott | 4th Sep 09

    Hi Joanna! Were you able to find a copy of the book I recommended? I hope so! It will be a big help!

    Hugs, Diane Knott

  26. Joe Wood | 4th Sep 09

    You are ALL so darn cute!!! I have such wonderful memories of our kids getting ready to go back to school – memories YOU will have forever. I wish all three kids a wonderful and rewarding school year – and I wish you a little “extra” time to be creative!!!

  27. sheri howard | 4th Sep 09

    The reason is because you are beautiful and easy on the eyes!!Love the pumpkin too! ~~Sheri

  28. Sue Mullane | 4th Sep 09

    Got my pumpkin kit yesterday. Excited to get started. However, after reading the directions, I have a question. You mentioned using “crushed walnut shells” in the filling. Is this something I could find in the local craft stores as JoAnn’s? Or is it something only available in California? Just wondering.

  29. Joanna | 4th Sep 09

    Actually, believe it or not, crushed walnut hulls can be found at any pet
    food store. Usually in the form of “lizard litter” in bags!

    Best of luck,


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