New Pattern Debuts…

Well I am here in Pittsburgh, getting ready for Spring Market. Making the rounds of my favorite prop shops- otherwise known as Home Depot, Target, IKEA, etc…. I thought I would start off a little show n tell of what the shops are going to be seeing in the next few days. If all goes according to plan, i hope to get a new post out to you all every day while I am here with new pattern debuts. If things go better than planned, I might actually get some pictures of Market out to you… but if not we will rely on those wonderful gals like Pam, who will certainly be doing it better than I will!

So today is more of a tease pic more than a sneak peek. This is the front of our new summer catalog and the image of a few our new ads that will be out in several different publications over the next few months. We are in love with this little gal right now. Here name is Madeline.

She also happens to be our new wall hanging applique project… pics of that coming later.

Talk to you after I am done working today… hopefully.

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  1. Jennifer | 13th May 09

    That is gorgeous! I’m off tomorrow to market (first time)! Can’t wait to see it (& you!) in person!

  2. pam | 13th May 09

    Have fun setting up!!!

  3. Bren | 13th May 09

    See you soon Joanna! (love that Madeline!)
    xo, Bren

  4. rachel | 13th May 09

    oh good heavens!!!
    i want a skirt JUST like that.

    can’t wait for all the market updates!!!

  5. LindaSonia | 13th May 09

    I am loving Madeline. Am anxious to have more information!! :-] LindaSonia

  6. annie | 13th May 09

    Oh I send a HUGE thank you from all of us girls who WISH they could be there, but alas we are NOT!!! So share away. Nothing better than being the mouse in a pocket of one of my favorite designers.
    Great success….and thanks again for taking the time to take us along for the ride. XXX Annie

  7. Martina | 13th May 09

    I couldn’t agree with Annie more! For those of us that are wishin’ we were in Pittsburg, we’re living this experience vicariously through those that are there! So, a heartfelt thankyou for all the tidbits, teases and sneak peaks, it’s all very, very exciting! I LOVE Madeline!! Martina

  8. tina | 13th May 09

    Madeline, I’m mad about you. Must have you. WANT you. Have fun Joanna—- looking forward to marketly tidbits—-

  9. Carrie P. | 14th May 09

    Can’t wait to see it all.

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