Figs & Friends: Collab #4

To those of you in the program… OUR FOURTH FIGS & FRIENDS BUNDLE HAS JUST GONE OUT so be on the lookout!

Here is a little backstory to this series in case you missed it…

Earlier this year I went to a quilt show called ROAD TO CALIFORNIA and got to visit with my fellow MODA designer and friend, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings. We sat in her booth while she stitched and talked about the show and our fabric. As I looked around me at the sea of blues and indigos [her newest collection called INDIGO GATHERINGS has just released], I thought about how I could use it even though it is so much darker than any fabrics I design for Fig Tree. And we started talking about how fabulous my orange would look with her blue [it was like one of those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials… did you guys ever see those??].

In that moment, an idea was born for me… what if I figured out other joint groupings with designers whose fabric I might not normally even consider pairing with mine? What would that look like? What color combos are different but still “go”? And after a few more brainstorms, this program was quickly born.

So the first month was this indigo, cream and orange bundle… a collaboration with Lisa Bongean and Minick & Simpson.

Second Bundle… collaboration with Jen Kingwell and her FINE & SUNNY collection.

Third Bundle… collaboration with Bunny Hill Designs and Squirrelly Girl.


COLORS: Its all about the reds and the greys with this one. One of my favorite things to do is to pull out color grouping from my own collections and put them together into entirely new groupings… almost like creating a new mini collection! That is what I did this time around. The fabrics are mostly a mix of the brand new Figs & Shirtings along with a few favorite greys from All Hallows Eve. To finish out the grouping, we added in a few fabulous greys from Jen Kingwell’s Fine & Sunny [you might remember some of the other colors from that group were featured in our bundle #2 from this program].

There is something so classic and timeless about a red and grey combo, don’t you think?

PATTERN: When it came time to pick a pattern that would showcase the bundle this time around, we had a few strong contenders. We finally picked our Starburst pattern as a way to showcase the fabrics in the group in a soft way and I am absolutely in love with how the blocks look like twinkling snowflakes.

It is a perfect holiday, winter quilt if you ask me!


For those of you in the program, if you are interested in a “finishing kit” for the pattern, we have put together the creamy white background, the red for the sawtooth and red solid for the binding to finish it off like the quilt we showed here above. Find it HERE.

For those of you interested in backing as well, we have some of those too HERE.

… delicate grey print for the 4 3/4 yd. backing

* * * * * * * * INFO ON THE PROGRAM ITSELF * * * * * * * *

We are completely sold out for this year. However, we will start taking sign ups for next year at the end of this year so be sure to keep your eyes open for that if you missed out and are interested in joining us next year for another 6 fabulous bundles.

WHAT: Every 2 months we will offer a fabulous little combination bundle of Fig Tree fabrics and another favorite MODA designer [or sometimes even 2] to make up a wonderful new and unique fabric palette. Each palette will be 2-3 colors, some of ours and some of theirs to create something new and different… something that we would not have thought of before. We cannot wait to see some of the beauties that we will come up with when we put 2 of us together!

WHEN: Starting in May, 2021 and continuing every two months for a year [6 total bundles for the annual program. Starting in May and then July, September, November, January and March].

INCLUDES: (16) 1/4 yds. fabric prints for a total of 4 yards of fabric plus a pattern that would be a good suggestion for these fabrics. The pattern is just there as a complimentary option… you can of course do anything you like with the fabric bundle as it will be a great palette to start so many different projects!

It is a perfect way to add some new combinations into your stash, a great way to be introduced to some new designs and maybe even colors for you. We promise that each bundle will absolutely coordinate with Fig Tree as half of the bundle will be Fig Tree but will perhaps push out a little bit outside of our regular favorites into some new and fun combinations.

OTHER INFO: The bundle is just a fabric bundle, not a kit. Borders and background will be suggested if you want to make the pattern included look exactly like ours but they will not be included in the bundle. These bundles will not be offered outside of the program at this time.

MAY PARTNERSHIP: Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings plus a few extra fabrics from Minick & Simpson as well to round out this group.

JULY PARTNERSHIP: Jen Kingwell with her Fine & Sunny collection.

SEPTEMBER PARTNERSHIP: … Bunny Hill Designs, Squirrelly Girl collection.

NOVEMBER PARTNERSHIP: Fig Tree mix of 2 different collections Figs & Shirtings with greys from All Hallows Eve, with a little bit of Jen Kingwell’s Fine & Sunny collection mixed in.


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  1. Nancy Diaz | 24th Nov 20

    I am confused. Is this the one i signed up for? Love the orange an blue. Beautiful colors.

  2. Nancy Diaz | 24th Nov 20

    I am confused. Is this the one i signed up for? Blue and orange beautiful colors.

    • | 25th Nov 20

      I’m not sure what you mean. If you have a question about an order, please email us or look in your Fig Tree account under REVIEW ORDERS for a history of all of your purchases. Thanks!

  3. Theresa | 24th Nov 20

    What beautiful fabric bundles! It would be hard to pick a favorite.

  4. Angie Quistad | 27th Nov 20

    I couldn’t find this beautiful pattern

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