For those of you in the FIGS & FRIENDS PROGRAM… Its time for your sixth and final bundle of the 2021-2022 program year! We hope you guys enjoyed your previous bundles and are ready for this last beauty as it should be hitting your doorsteps this coming week!

Even though we did not plan it this way [these things are planned months in advance], we are very happy with the yellow and blue color combination as a way of honoring and standing in solidarity with our UKRAINIAN neighbors. If you follow me on social media, you might know that the proceeds from all of our extra bundles this time around will go to the Ukraine. Our hearts will go with the donation too.


Here is a little backstory to how this series got started in case you missed it…

A few years ago I went to a quilt show called ROAD TO CALIFORNIA and got to visit with my fellow MODA designer and friend, Lisa Bongean. We sat in her booth while she stitched and talked about the show and our fabric. As I looked around me at the sea of blues and indigos [her newest collection called INDIGO GATHERINGS has just released], I thought about how I could use it even though it is so much darker than any fabrics I design for Fig Tree. And we started talking about how fabulous my orange would look with her blue [it was like one of those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials… did you guys ever see those??].

In that moment, an idea was born for me… what if I figured out other joint groupings with designers whose fabric I might not normally even consider pairing with mine? What would that look like? What color combos are different but still “go”? And after a few more brainstorms, this program was quickly born. Last year was our first year and our first six bundles were all totally fabulous… if I do say so myself. I can’t wait to come up with 6 new bundles for this year.

These are a little look at the first year’s yummy bundle collaborations…




Yellow and Aqua is such a warm and welcoming color grouping and we are so excited that we were able to put together this wonderful group featuring my FRESH FIG FAVORITES mixed with some special friends…

For this grouping I mixed a variety of aqua and yellow/gold prints and added in a few coordinating ivory prints to round out the collection. I used my FRESH FIG FAVORITES collection for the aquas and yellows, and chose a few of my favorites of both of those colors. I added in several aqua prints from Paper & Cloth’s SEW WONDERFUL as well as some golden prints from Sweetwater’s SPRING CHICKEN. I added in a few ivory prints from several designers and MODA Basics to finish off the (16) ¼ yards. 


PATTERN: I just uncovered a secret stash of some of our Fig Tree Club pattern sheets that we used a long time ago and thought it was time to use some of those classic patterns for our Figs & Friends bundles. This one is called TWINKLE.


For those of you who want to finish your bundles off just exactly like we did… this is what we used. For those of you in the program or who have purchased an extra bundle, if you are interested in a “finishing kit” for the pattern, we have put together the creamy ivory background, along with the aqua and gold prints for the borders and binding shown. Find it HERE.

Here is our finishing kit for this project.

For the backing kit, I used the large aqua floral or a soft golden print as a second option Find it HERE as well.


Thanks for joining us for the 2021/22 program. It has been a great joy in creating these for you. Looking forward to six more fabulous bundles this next year!


We had so many requests for the bundles each time we released one and we felt so bad because we had no extras to share with anyone outside the program.

So this time around, there is a limited stock of EXTRA BUNDLES EACH TIME!!

So if you are not in the program but would like to grab this specific bundle, we often have a grouping of them available.

Please note that the extra bundles do not NORMALLY include the special pattern as that was a special inclusion for the program participants only but this time around the pattern is included since we are using the extra bundles as a FUNDRAISER for the Ukraine. Click HERE for the bundle.


* * * * * * * * INFO ON THE PROGRAM ITSELF * * * * * * * *

This is the 2021/22 program and it is closed for the upcoming year as well. If you are interested in next years program, signs ups will be later this year. Unfortunately we are completely sold out for this year’s program at this time. However we have managed to secure extra fabric for many of the bundles and will work to have a few bundles extra each time to offer to those of you who missed out or who might just be interested in that one bundle.

WHAT: Every 2 months we will offer a fabulous little combination bundle of Fig Tree fabrics and another favorite MODA designer [or sometimes even 2] to make up a wonderful new and unique fabric palette. Each palette will be 2-3 colors, some of ours and some of theirs to create something new and different… something that we would not have thought of before. We cannot wait to see some of the beauties that we will come up with when we put 2 of us together!

WHEN: Starting in May, 2021 and continuing every two months for a year [6 total bundles for the annual program. Starting in May and then July, September, November, January and March].

INCLUDES: (16) 1/4 yds. fabric prints for a total of 4 yards of fabric plus a pattern that would be a good suggestion for these fabrics. The pattern is just there as a complimentary option… you can of course do anything you like with the fabric bundle as it will be a great palette to start so many different projects!

It is a perfect way to add some new combinations into your stash, a great way to be introduced to some new designs and maybe even colors for you. We promise that each bundle will absolutely coordinate with Fig Tree as half of the bundle will be Fig Tree but will perhaps push out a little bit outside of our regular favorites into some new and fun combinations.

OTHER INFO: The bundle is just a fabric bundle, not a kit. Borders and background will be suggested and offered as a FINISHING KIT and BACKING KIT if you want to make the pattern included look exactly like ours but they will not be included in the bundle.


MAY PARTNERSHIP: Brenda Riddle with her SOPHIE collection and 3 SISTERS with their SANCTUARY.

JULY PARTNERSHIP: Happy Days from Sherri & Chelsi, Flowers from Freya from Linzee McCray



JANUARY PARTNERSHIP: Neutral fabrics from 3 Sisters SISTER BAY along with our Fresh Fig Favorites


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  1. Doris T Furness | 3rd Mar 22

    HI I would love the purchase the bundle 6 that is a fund raiser but when I click here I cannot find the bundle. Please let me know where I purchase this for such a worthy cause.

  2. Dawn Derrick | 8th Mar 22

    I sure do wish I had seen this post and scored one of these bundles! GORGEOUS! I am signed up and ready for the next year of this collaboration, though……won’t miss out on any more!

  3. Marie Eddins | 11th Mar 22

    Did I miss something? All of your dates for the upcoming bundles were for last year ending with this month. What about May 2022 – Mar 2023? I would be interesting in perhaps signing up but I didn’t see where. Please let me in so I can be in the ‘know’! Thanks!

    • | 17th Mar 22

      Sign ups for all of our programs happen well in advance. The 2022-23 year is sold out. We only show the bundles once they go up, the subscribers get theirs and then we offer the extras that we have been able to make.

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