I know that this one was a really long time in coming!

First it took us a while to get the finished blocks put together into 2 lap size quilts [that was what we decided to do instead of the one really large quilt that was a little bit too much for us]. We decided to redo a few of the pink blocks once I decided that the quilts were going to be for my boys. One can "hang with" a bit of pink. The other one… not so much :-)!

Then it took a while to get it on Diana's long list of quilts to quilt. Then it took a while to decide what to quilt on it. Baptist Fan seemed like the perfect choice as soon as we thought of it!

Then it took quite a while for me to get it to the top of the list of TO DO'S and bind them both. The week I got back from THE EPIC ADVENTURE when I was waking up at 3:00 am with jet lag… that seemed like a perfect time to finally get binding!

But now they are both done, quilted and bound. The back is yummy SNUGGLE and each one is for one of my boys. The oldest will take tone with him to college next year and the next one, well we still have a few more years for him to wear it in!

Quilt #1











Quilt #2









So happy with these!! Hope you are all done with yours or at least I hope it is on the top of your TO DO list. It really is a wonderful grouping of blocks… even if some of them are a bit large!

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  1. Joanne Gerber | 17th Jul 15

    Love, love, love! Do you have any kits left after “cleaning out”??

  2. Lana freeland | 17th Jul 15

    I made this and love it. It was so much fun!

  3. Robin | 17th Jul 15

    It was so fun to do! I kept mine large…it is not quilted yet, but the plan is to use it in my college daughter’s room…now a part time guest room. And it is high on the to do list!

  4. Joanna | 17th Jul 15

    Thanks! Unfortunately no more fabric whatsoever :-(!

  5. Joanna | 17th Jul 15

    So glad you are near completion… yeah!!

  6. Shannon | 17th Jul 15

    I got distracted with the last month to go. You have inspired me to finish. I absolutely LOVE these quilts. They are beautiful!

  7. Kathie | 17th Jul 15

    Those are two beautiful quilts. Love the colors.

  8. Joanna | 17th Jul 15

    So glad you are going to finish!

    Happy Sewing,.


  9. Betty | 18th Jul 15

    Any chance you could share with us what fabrics were used? It really is a perfect combination.

  10. Helen LeBrett | 18th Jul 15

    They are gorgeous Joanna! I really love the one with the navy: so striking! They are lucky boys!! Hugs, Helen

  11. Joanna | 18th Jul 15


    I don’t have the fabric numbers but I used a combination of MODA BELLA Solids, some of the ones I remember the names of for sure are: Clover, Royal, Caribbean, Teal, Butterscotch [yellow] on an Ivory base.

    I added small prints and solids from various Fig Tree collections:
    from Somerset: Red Solid, Aqua Woodblock print, Green Dot Trio, Orange Dot Trio, Red Dot Trio, Grey Floral, Aqua Houndstooth
    from Mirabelle: Coral dot [you could also use Moda Bella Coral here]
    Honeysweet: Aqua with little circles

    Hope that helps!

  12. Sherri | 18th Jul 15

    Perfect idea! And now both boys have quilts…such a great pattern for boys!

    Mine in red and white is at the quilter…can’t wait to get it back!

  13. Jeanne | 20th Jul 15

    Those turned out quite lovely!

  14. Joanna | 21st Jul 15

    Can’t wait to see your red/white version!!!

  15. Lorraine M Isaac | 23rd Jul 15

    The quilts are beautiful, I love the colour choices

  16. Mary Hartmann | 24th Jul 15

    The more I see this the more I want to make one. Thanks for the list of Bella solids, I will start with these as this one is my favorite!

  17. A Little Blue Dragonfly | 24th Jul 15

    Ahhhh! Yours is such a happy place in the world wide web! Such beautiful quilts! I am wanting to make a smaller version as well. So happy to know that it will still be stunning! 🙂

  18. Sinta | 27th Jul 15

    Love the revised edition of this quilt… perfect for making it very usable for the guys!

  19. Joanna | 28th Jul 15

    I sure hope you decide to make this. It is a really fun quilt… or two of them LOL!


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