Happy Easter Yesterday!

Ooops, it looks like even though our Easter newsletter went out on time… the blog post got stuck somewhere in Easter never never land. So figured it was still good a day late :-)!


Happy Easter my Friends!

Hope your day was filled with loveliess, family, friends, wonderful food and lots of eggs… both the real and candy variety!

In the midst of all the festivities, I hope and pray that you had a moment to reflect on the meaning of the day. Happy Easter everyone!


In honor of Easter, we are releasing our brand new MODA BELLA Solids "SHERBET" Bundle today!

We couldn't resist releasing this perfect bundle of loveliness a little bit earlier than we had originally planned. A perfect combo of all of our favorite MODA BELLA Solids, this is the ultimate compliment to your favorite Fig Tree fabrics.
Fig Tree Sherbets
FT Sherbets 2

Tied up in a fabulous MODA tape measure bow, this bundle of (12) BELLA Solids is the perfect start to so many projects!

Not only that but we are working on several special projects that will use this bundle along with a variety of some of our favorite low-volume ivory prints.
Cream 47

Do you want to join us? 

If so then be sure to stock up on (1) solids bundle and any (1) of the ivory low- volume bundles we have in the shop.

Stay tuned next week to receive your first set of instructions on how to get started on the project!

More info HERE.
ALSO STAY TUNED TO A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT LATER TODAY! Hint: It has something to do with a little green box!
Happy Sewing,

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  1. Jess | 1st Apr 16

    Hi!! I love this sherbet bundle, but I’m having a hard time finding it. I can’t find it in your shop, or anywhere else. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  2. Joanna | 1st Apr 16

    We are getting more in soon!

  3. Mindy williams | 8th Apr 16

    I purchased my bundles and was wondering if I missed ‘instructions’ post. Where should I look for it? Thank you

  4. Joanna | 8th Apr 16

    We got a bit delayed this week. The instructions will be up this weekend!


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