I need a plan.

FYI [The bag photos really have nothing to do with anything. We've just been having a thing for bags around here lately…]Bellabag1small

[…our Bella Bag made from Rouenneries and Fig & Plum]

Sometimes blogging just comes. A lot of the times it just doesn't. At least for me. A lot of times I struggle to find the time, the structure, the creativity to post something that I think will be interesting or informative to all of you great people who read this. I'm not sure why this is exactly, its not like I don't write all of the time. I write articles, I help with homework, I edit my husband's press releases, I write patterns, I write letters and emails, I write thank you's, I write books, blah, blah, blah. I write for a large part of each day. I do. 


[…our new Satchel for Two made from upcoming Fresh Cottons]

But the blogging… it just doesn't always flow for me. A lot of the time, I feel a bit stuck. I think I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the process of writing the post. I am always glad I did, when I am done. I am usually happy with what I have posted about, after I push the save button. I am always glad to "talk" to all the fun people I have met through the process afterwards. But there is something about the process that just doesn't thrill me.


[…our Bella Bag made from Whimsy]

I think I need a routine. I think I need a better plan. Like everything else in my life, unless I create some kind of structure and plan around it, it just doesn't happen. We even have a joke around these here parts, that in our house, we need a plan to go to the bathroom. Don't even ask, I think one of those very creative boys I am raising came up with that one! 

[…Satchel for Two bag, the inside of the above bag also from Fresh Cottons]
Needless to say, I need a plan. I absolutely love all of the "plans" some of my friends have started doing on their blogs in the past couple of months, Brenda's sweet daybook posts, Camille's Friday Feature, Sandi's family recipes, Jackie's a photo a day. I think I might be very uncreative and try something like that. They have me a bit inspired. Let's see if that might just lead to a plan. Plan? Plan? Are you there?  

Okay, I am working on a plan. Really. 

[…a Springy version of Satchel for Two, from Fresh Cottons]. this one doesn't even have a button yet. All from fat quarters!

Meanwhile, while I work on a plan [feel free to send suggestions of any kind. Email or comment is fine]… I have more bags to share. I guess, "a thing for bags" would be a bit of an understatement. Maybe its the coming of Spring or something… 

[…and the inside of the same Satchel, 2nd version]. No button here either!

[…our Purselets, my personal favorite. take it with me everywhere.]

Whenever a store calls to see if this is available for a sample or trunk show, somehow its magically unavailable. I wonder why… as it can usually be found on my wrist on the way to school or soccer practice!


[… and of course the Prairie Rose bag.]

The girlie girl bag, with that little ruffle that's just sweet enough to "girlify" a bag without too much frill. Is there such a thing, I wonder? I am not much of a girlie girl so I think maybe yes. But I know some of my friends would disagree. The girlier, the better.

Okay. The post is done. I still have no plan. But at least I shared some of my favorite bags with you. 

Talk to you soon.

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  1. SarahB | 23rd Feb 10

    Ooh! Love all those bags! I wouldn’t call myself a girly girl but I just had to hunt down your Prairie Rose pattern just now, and lucked out finding it!

  2. Linda | 23rd Feb 10

    Keep showing those beautiful bags while you are working on your plan! Love them…

  3. Brittany Davis | 23rd Feb 10

    I always enjoy reading your blog. You are so creative and I just love the pictures of your projects and quilts. I’ve said it so many times, but truly it is eye candy for me. I am working on a little bunny wall hanging right now for Easter, and I am using quite a bit of your fabrics. So with that said, I would love to see what other people create with your fabrics. A little more inspiration for me to see. Anyway, good luck!

  4. Dandelion Quilts | 23rd Feb 10

    I always find your blog inspiring. Mostly, I enjoy the pictures. Maybe it could be your release from writing! LOL. I love these bags. I am so in love with sewing bags these days. Can’t wait to pick up these patterns and get started. They are so fresh.

  5. Dianne | 23rd Feb 10

    I love your bags! The wristlet is one of my favorites too 😉 Just big enough to hold the good stuff, but small so you don’t feel like you’ve got the world hanging from your shoulder!

  6. Camille Roskelley | 23rd Feb 10

    Wait, wait… yep, hell has most certainly frozen over. But are your kids being perfect yet? That hasn’t happened yet over here. Definitely hasn’t happened over here.

    Now on to the spa!

    I’ll help you think of a plan. While I’m sewing tonight. I’ll let you know.

    But you definitely won.


  7. Lisa | 23rd Feb 10

    I always enjoy reading your blog, no matter what you say☺ You haven’t bored me yet- I don’t think that’s possible!;-)
    Don’t worry too much about what you say. Blogs are meant to share what’s on your mind. It doesn’t have to be anything deep or poetic.
    But a plan is always good too. I’m one of those people who need a plan for everything too ☺

  8. amber | 23rd Feb 10

    All of the bags are absolutely beautiful! I kept thinking, “o.k. that is my favorite”, then I’d see the next one and think, “o.k. now THAT is my favorite” all the way down the post.

    Well, you’re doing something right because we keep coming back to your blog and you do AMAZING work!

    Just an idea ~ I think we would all LOVE to see how you decorate with these beautiful quilts and how you incorporate them into your personal life. Don’t know if that’s more than you want to share, but I know I enjoy seeing peoples home spaces (just to see how they decorate.) Just a thought… You could do a Fig Fridays at Home or a Saturday Sneak Peak or something. Anyways, enough rambling. Good luck figuring it out. It seems like an idea will probably just come to you when you least expect it though…

  9. Sandi Henderson | 23rd Feb 10

    I found myself in a total blogging rut, and made the decision to blog once a week. If I get in more than that, great. But once a week isn’t too daunting a task and if Thursday rolls around and I haven’t blogged, then I know I need to make sure that ends up on the list that day!

    The recipe thing was a result of wanting to have some sort of consistent thing that I could keep adding to. Ya know?

    You’ll figure it out! You rock!

  10. Sherri | 23rd Feb 10

    I always love reading your blog posts…this one included…it got me thinking about planning (which is something I love to do but don’t always get around to…does that make sense)?! Anyway…I’m sure when you come up with a plan it will be amazing!

  11. Peony | 23rd Feb 10

    Dear Joanna: What a sweetie you are! Don’t worry about having a plan– you’ll come up with something when the inspiration comes. We like reading anything you write. Thank you for sharing your world with us– we live vicariously through your photos and seeing your fresh ideas!

  12. Bradie | 23rd Feb 10

    I think the problem is that you are sewing way too much. Look at all those bags! I’m certain you have too many. 😉

  13. Angie | 24th Feb 10

    Love all the bags. I recently made my first bag for a friend and now am bag crazy. Love the Satchel for Two and can’t wait for Fresh Cottons to come out. I may have to make one now and another one later.

  14. Jess | 24th Feb 10

    Love all your beautiful bags!

  15. Joanna | 24th Feb 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Angie submitted a comment on I need a plan.

    Thank you for the ideas ladies. Still working on that plan. Thanks for the emails too!

  16. Angela Yosten | 24th Feb 10

    Seriously, LOVING the bella bag… want one… actually, you can just go right ahead and send me the one using the rouenneries and fig & plum to my house. I won’t mind. LOL!!!! You rock Joanna! Love it!

  17. Christy | 24th Feb 10

    Plan or no plan the bags are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Cathie Donahay | 24th Feb 10

    Came to an idea how about create a flip flop (thongs)with your fabrics like use velcro on fabrics to change colors.

  19. Monica | 24th Feb 10

    I think you do what you do best…write when you feel inspired by something you love at that moment. Your pattern is a long, creative beautiful blog when you feel inspired, have new products or just feel it’s been a long time, right? As a reader, I know they don’t come often, but when they do, they’re beautiful and inspiring! In fact, you blog pretty often compared to many other quilt blogs. Thanks for blogging!

  20. Diana | 25th Feb 10

    I love the freshness that you bring to the everyday – the creative flair that you have.
    A post a week on sewing, quilting or another creative teachnique would be fabulous and another post on a homekeeping or decorating project would be the icing on the cake!!
    Oh, and lots and lots of pictures….love your pictures!

  21. Betty | 25th Feb 10

    I love the pictures and the things you make from different fabrics. Sparks my imagination and is so much fun to see in the different beautiful lines of fabric. I love the new Whimsy and the Fresh Cottons coordinate rather nicely with it.

  22. D-lyn | 26th Feb 10

    Oh I love the Bella bag from Whimsy!
    absolutely adorable!

  23. Amy | 26th Feb 10

    Here’s a secret: I love to read, and usually love to read the blogs, but my biggest pleasure is to see the photos of either works in progress, or finished items. When you need a break, or on a regular basis, you could just post some pix, and I’d be happy! Some people have “wordless Wednesdays,” as their plan.

  24. Carolyn | 26th Feb 10

    Hello Joanna, your blog is great and I never get bored reading it. I love the colours of your blog and you always have interesting and creative things to share. I love the french connection that you have and the style of your fabrics, patterns and pictures that you show. Maybe there is a plan in that? Whatever you decide I will enjoy reading. Best wishes.

  25. Peg | 26th Feb 10

    The bags are such a great design and the colors are
    just awesome. The assortment is tremendous.

    Also, your blogs are very good. I have just received
    Houses and I love it!

    I can’t wait to start doing some of the houses and I have a black and taupe that looks like an antique coverlet. Can’t wait to start that pattern.
    The colors you use are so peaceful and graceful.

  26. Sherri V. | 6th Mar 10

    I love reading your blog. It makes me feel inspired to see all your fun bags! I just can’t seem to stop sewing them! I just bought the Satchel for 2 bag and the pincushion patterns! This will keep me working this weekend! I can hardly wait to sit in my sewing room, touching Fig Tree fabric and sewing up a storm!

    I love the idea about showing us how you use and incorporate quilts into your life and space! You are very inspiring. Thanks for writing patterns I can’t get to the quilt store fast enough to buy them!!

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