Introducing… Blue Ribbon

This is one of those quilts that just makes my heart happy. Its perfect for your stash or you favorite collection… just gather your favorite grouping of fat quarter cuts and you are ready to go. That's it…just add your favorite background.


Some days when I look at it…. I see butter cookies. You know those little shortbread ones? Some days I see wreaths… I wonder what it might look like in Christmas colors…




 I can't wait to get home from Market and start making one of these with every single one of my favorite fabrics in it. Oh my goodness…. I want to do that now LOL!


NAME: Blue Ribbon

SIZE:  Two Different Sizes, 77" x 77" [16-blocks] or 59" x 59" [9-blocks]

FABRIC: These are both made using our upcoming Chestnut Street collection, due out in September, 2016. Made using Fat Quarters.

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  1. Laurel | 12th May 16

    It’s so gorgeous! I love it! 🙂

  2. Maria | 12th May 16

    You are so talented! I love this quilt! It

  3. Susie | 12th May 16

    This is gorgeous !! I can’t wait to make one!!
    I can’t wait for the new fabric, too!!

  4. Hildy | 13th May 16

    It’s a great pattern for sure! Personally I see sunflowers when I look at it.

  5. Helen LeBrett | 13th May 16

    So beautiful!!! And your new fabric looks wonderful too! I love that it is a bit brighter, I love the black background in one of the floral prints, and the yummy orange, green and blue! 🙂 I’ll be looking for it at your booth at PIQF! Hugs, H

  6. Kim Strickler | 13th May 16

    Can I have it? It will look perfect in my house!

  7. maria elena blecha | 13th May 16

    this is a keeper for sure, yummy in blues for the summer!!

  8. Mindy | 13th May 16

    I would love to have that one! But I know, I will have to wait. Do you think you will offer it as a kit? Or is it Fat quarter friendly?

  9. Mindy | 13th May 16

    Sorry I missed that last line stating that it is made from fat quarters.

  10. Corie Greene | 13th May 16

    Delightful pattern…so happy and makes you smile…it will be sweet in many applications…all one color, multi in bright or pastels, or seasonal choices…beautiful for Christmas, lovely for Easter or Harvest colors!! Really outstanding…this will be a must do!

  11. Ann M | 13th May 16

    It’s lovely!

  12. Pam Landolt | 16th May 16

    I finally found the quilt for my bed???? This is gorgeous Joanna! I cannot wait for more of your lovely fabrics to make this!!! Happy Quilt Market days.

  13. Joanna | 19th May 16

    This is the one I am planing on re doing in all of my favorite fabrics as soon as I get back from Market and have my sewing mojo back!


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