Thanks so much for your support of our business! No matter how hard we try we cannot seem to keep up with you guys.


So…. we have had this in the works for a while but given the amount of moving parts in this little project, it took us a few extra months than expected to pull it all together.



A few months ago, my cousin [who is not a quilter or even a sewer but who supports me and my business wholeheartedly] came to me and said "Joanna, we think you should do one of those subscription boxes like we get for makeup in our family! It should come in a cute little green box and it should have little projects in it and it should be seasonal"….. and then she went on and on and on… because she is a super energetic marketing person with lots of great idea who definitely has the gift of gab. Thanks sweetie!!  I think she had me at "cute green box"! 

I hope you agree with Melonie that It was a great idea and that you jump on board with us as we take off for our first yearly subscription!

Different from any of our BOM programs or yearly kits, these projects will be small, seasonal and four times a year! Here is the scoop… or at least all of the scoop that we can share.





We are so excited to share this new program with you. Join us for this beautiful little 6" x 6" box of seasonal Fig Tree goodness, once a quarter for one year…one for each season! Register with us now to secure your spot and every three months you will be sent an exclusive Fig Tree box with a seasonal fabric kit, a seasonal "goodie" kit, a favorite Fig Tree notion as well as a few other goodies that will be added each month. Each fabric kit will be exclusive and newly released especially for this box. The boxes will ship in April [summer box], July [autumn box], October [winter/Christmas box] and January [Spring box]. 

This year's subscription will begin next month in April 2016. Sign ups for the box are now!

The contents of each box are a secret and a mystery until the day that they ship out each quarter but this is what we can tell you:

1- Each quarter the fabric kit will be seasonal. April's box will be summer themed. July's box will be autumn themed. October's box will be winter or Christmas themed. January's box will be Spring themed. A box might looks something like this: a kit for a wall hanging or a table runner for the "fabric kit" A small kit for a pincushion or a flour sack towel or a softie or a small pillow, etc., for the "goodie" kit. One of our favorite notions or something that would be especially useful to complete one of the kits in that box. A few other special items.

2- Each quarterly box will range between $35-$55, depending on that month's kit and the notions and goodies added that quarter. The value of your kit will ALWAYS BE MORE THAN YOUR COST. Shipping will always be standard USPS medium size box.

3- You will sign up for the entire year at once. All you have to do is register and be charged the $4.00 registration fee now. Each quarter when your box ships, the card that you used to register will be charged the fee for that quarter.

4- We do not know yet if we will continue the program next year or if it will be a one year program only. If we continue it, the projects next year will be different. You will not be required to stay in the program next year but this year's participants will be given priority for next year before the spots are opened up to others on the wait list.

5- Spots will be limited as always. We are so very sorry that we are just not able to do our clubs on an "unlimited" basis. We hope to have enough of these available to meet a large demand though!

6-The box itself is a beautiful little "Fig Tree green" box with a lovely sticker…. if all goes according to plan, the sticker will be different each season!

7- If you follow us on our blog, our newsletter and primarily on IG… we will be sharing hints about what is coming in each box!

Please go HERE to sign up and to read THE FINE PRINT. Please read THE FINE PRINT for all the little details that you will need to know!

Welcome to our latest adventure!! The first kit project is being secretly quilted by Diana as we speak and absolutely can't wait to share it with you. Oh my goodness its really cute. Hint: It involves a favorite summer snack. That's all I can say :-)…

Happy Sewing,


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  1. Lorraine Isaac | 28th Mar 16

    Would love it but the shipping is more than the box, maybe later, Lorraine

  2. Joan | 29th Mar 16

    Could you send the box flat, not put together. Then when you get it you put it together.
    It would save a lot on the shipping.

  3. Elise K Kalika | 29th Mar 16

    I JUST received the email about the quarterly little fig boxes — tried to order– you are already SOLD OUT– how can you sell out in under a few hours? it says to send an email to be put on wait list– but it doesnt give an email address!! ARRGH! I hope someone will answer this! Elise Kalika

  4. Jenni Roberts | 29th Mar 16

    I too was hoping to sign up for the cute little green box of goodies but am struggling to find an email address. Could you please put my name on the wait list. Regards Jenni Roberts

  5. Kim O'Riordan | 29th Mar 16

    I did finally find an email address to request to be put on the wait list, one to Joanna and one to Vicky as it was unclear as to which email I should use. Any clarification would be appreciated.

  6. Gayle | 29th Mar 16

    I’m so sad that I missed out also. My email has been sent and I will patiently wait for a new spot to open up. Great news, though … your ideas are a success! Instant Gratification!!! You know you’ve got a winning idea.

  7. Patty Flynn | 29th Mar 16

    I too missed out–tried last night too. Hope I’m on the wait list– clicked it but not sure if it went through. Get more boxes!

  8. Betty | 29th Mar 16

    I would like a spot for the green boxes, too. I am unable to find an e-mail address. Betty Thanks

  9. Joanna | 30th Mar 16

    The box went live on Sunday night and the blog post and newsletter went out yesterday at noon. Often times there is a delay with the blog post coming to your inbox and as we have mentioned before, if you want to be notified of our offers and sales right away, please sign up for the newsletter. You can do that from the front page or the side bar of the website.

    We had hundreds of spots and unfortunately we have sold out at this time and we are looking to see if we are able to open up more spots. If you would like to be added to the wait list please email us at since that is the only way we are able to track the requests. For future reference, if you need to contact any of us or call, etc., all the info is under CONTACT US on our homepage. It looks like we need to add that info to other places as well!
    Thanks so much!  Joanna

  10. Joanna | 31st Mar 16

    Unfortunately due to volume and processing, etc., we will not be able to send this box out with any changes or exceptions. Thanks so much for asking though!


  11. Kay Aycock | 31st Mar 16

    Joanna, The post office does make Priority Flat Rate boxes of various sizes and shapes. Maybe one of those would be a fit for shipping so it would be a bit cheaper. Just FYI. :o)

  12. Joanna | 31st Mar 16

    Dear Kay-

    We have a special account with the post office and someone who helps us with all of our shipping. We spend a lot of time figuring out the best and least expensive way to ship our products.

    Thanks so much!

  13. Sherry | 8th Apr 16

    I signed up for the box in the first group and I am looking forward to it. We had to change our credit card number for security reasons since then. How do I make that change for my box?

  14. Joanna | 8th Apr 16

    You would need to go into your Fig Tree account, find your box order and change the card in that order. Since it is a recurring payment it needs to be done within the order itself.
    You would then also need to change it in your regular account so that any future orders were also charged the right card.
    Thanks so much!

  15. Sherry | 8th Apr 16

    I updated in my account but do not find my box order listed on my account.

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