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As soon as I noticed Lacey’s miniature FRUIT SALAD blocks on Instagram and asked about her plans, I knew we needed to dedicate a blog post to it and her inspiration. Hear from her below on what she created to inspire and share with all of us…

From Lacey:

As soon as I saw the Fruit Cocktail fabric collection, I was immediately drawn to it (like many of Joanna’s lines). When I saw she would be having a book, too?! Ahh, the excitement grew!!

I am part of the Fig Tree Quilts Friends Facebook group, and the inspiration there is truly magical. They had announced a casual, week by week, sew along with Fruit Salad, and I knew I wanted to do the sampler, so that I could work with each of the fruit blocks. Additionally, I wanted to challenge myself by attempting miniature-sized blocks.

Using Susan’s wonderful instructions on making blocks at half the size (in a previous MUST READ blog post), an idea was born! A mini sampler quilt….turned sewing machine cover!

I was able to get a head start on my miniature blocks with the help of a local quilt guild retreat. I had many spectators visit my table; some with looks of admiration, and some who thought I was just downright crazy! All in good fun, of course, but I can’t say I didn’t have both of those thoughts one time or another throughout this project, too. 😉

OMG… that yellow vintage BERNINA is the most beautiful little machine I have ever seen!

I decided to combine both the Fruit Salad book and Joanna’s last book: Scrapbook of Quilts, which she co-authored with Carrie Nelson.

I started first with the sampler quilt in Fruit Salad as my layout “guide”. I figured out how many blocks of each fruit, leaf, and daisy I would need (making each at half the size) and then worked on reducing the sashing and borders. I love math so even though this took some extra time, it was almost as fun as creating the blocks…almost.

Once I finished the quilt top, I sent it off for some wonderfully dense quilting, and then moved to the sewing machine cover instructions in the Scrapbook of Quilts book. I loved the spool one created in the book – which I had earmarked as a “someday” project.


I followed the sewing machine cover directions entirely, including the spacing measurements for the ties. I hand bound that irresistible aqua stripe binding to the back and now I have the *sweetest* machine cover/mat to admire. What a treat!

Special thank you to Joanna for reaching out to share here on the blog!

-Lacey (@laceypoirier on Instagram)


To kick off some of our FRUIT SALAD GIVEAWAYS over the next few days, I have put together a LEMON flavored GIVEAWAY here on the blog. I pretty much died when I saw these lemon items at my local TARGET dollar spot last week!

Oh my goodness, they were too good. And paired with some yellow and green fabric and a few stickers, what could be better!

Comment here below and tell me which FRUIT SALAD fruit project you have started -OR- have plans to start -OR- wish you could start for a chance to win one of these!


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  1. MJ Pocrnick | 26th May 23

    Anything with lemons and spools will make me smile … I have a few spools on the design wall already and ‘need’ some new mini quilts for the kitchen for Summer☀️🍋🧵🪡

  2. Dana M Haskell | 26th May 23

    I want to done one of the runner with all of the fruits and the mini pin cushions. Now after seeing this post, I need a sewing machine cover too!

  3. Elizabeth | 26th May 23

    I have made the blueberry pie quilt. Now working o finishing the fruit salad sampler.

  4. Lois | 26th May 23

    I have always loved everything lemon so I had to make the lemon sampler! I’ve loved working on it and plan on hanging it in my kitchen. Of course those dishes will look great with it.

  5. Diane | 26th May 23

    I’m late to the game, but who’s counting! I’ve just started the table runner from the book. What a perfect Memorial Day project — sew fun. These fabrics just shout summer to me!

  6. Elaine | 26th May 23

    I am so ready to make that cute sewing g machine cover! I might have to do it in blue’s because I love them sew much!

  7. Elaine | 26th May 23

    I am so ready to make that cute sewing machine cover! I might have to do it in blue’s because I love them sew much!

  8. Elaine | 26th May 23

    I have three projects ready to go as soon as I have 5 minutes! I want to make the fig box with the fruit border, the sewing machine cover and a blueberry something!

  9. Janet Jordan | 26th May 23

    I’m putting the Fruit Salad Sampler together now! Have Cherries Jubilee & Blueberry Pie kits and fabrics for Lemon Chiffon. Having a hard time picking which one is next! I have a place for them all.

  10. Sherry | 26th May 23

    My kitchen is yellow, white and black. I am looking forward to starting a counter/table runner from the lemon pattern. This whole line and book are just adorable and there are soooo many projects you can create from the blocks!

  11. Glenda | 26th May 23

    I have really loved following along the fruit salad project. Everything is so gorgeous and yummy!
    I’m working on cherries jubilee.
    It’s so cute!

  12. Elaine Bonds | 26th May 23

    Oh those lemons are adorable. But my next fruit salad project will be the apples. I’ve collected Fig Tree fabrics and I’m ready to go. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  13. Susan Koopman | 26th May 23

    I need to start on the fruit salad sampler. All of my stuff for it went to our house and we are away for work right now. Hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll get home and I can start.

  14. Suzette Cox | 26th May 23

    I haven’t been able to make any of them yet due to overtime at work. Can’t wait to get started!

  15. Donna Thomas | 26th May 23

    I love the cherries, oranges, and pears and am planning something incorporating all three.

  16. Wendy Groves | 26th May 23

    I plan to make a wall hanging with the lemons using Susan’s reducing instructions. My kitchen walls are blue and a lemon mini will be perfect in there. 🍋

  17. Marlene Jordan | 26th May 23

    The fruit salad sampler quilt is on my list once the kiddos are out of school and the oldest graduates. I am also loving the half size version in the blog so I’ll save my leftovers and plan to make a tabletopper. Nothing says summer like these fabrics and patterns!

  18. Shelley | 26th May 23

    Oh my goodness the yellow is divine! And that cover!! Now I so want to do a mini *something*! Will have to check out scrapbook of quilts!!

  19. Barb Elenbaax | 26th May 23

    There will definitely be a run to Target to grab some Lemon accessories!
    My next project is the little figs box quilt, which I plan to make fruit blocks for a border as someone else in the group did. And then I’d like to make each project in the fruit salad book

  20. Jane Bleigh | 26th May 23

    I am starting the blueberry quilt, but have been sidetracked by some of the beautiful bundles you have recently offered (and I have purchased). So many pretties; it is had to stay focused on one thing!

  21. Debra Taylor | 26th May 23

    I LOVE lemons in whatever form…food or fabric! I have the BEST lemon bar recipe and I ordered fish at the Dockside Restaurant in Hilton Head last night with lots of lemons to squeeze on top! And I love how my “framed lemon” project turned out! 🍋

  22. Stacey Hunter | 26th May 23

    I am collecting for Orange Blossoms. Would LOVE to do lemons!! Such a cheery pull! I am working in some red and blue Fruit Cocktail fabrics into a beachy flag quilt and a table runner for July 4th.

  23. Mary-Ellen Nienstadt | 26th May 23

    Love all the fruit salad projects! I have the blueberry quilt cut out and have made a sampler runner. Can’t wait to make more!
    Thanks for all your beautiful ideas and fabrics.

  24. Patricia L Heuer | 26th May 23

    Iloooove the fruit salad sampler quilt. On my list to do!!!! The lemons are great also!!! I love the yellow!!

  25. Sandi McDaniel | 26th May 23

    I love all of them! I want to make the sampler first.

  26. Angela Adams | 26th May 23

    That sewing machine cover is adorable ❤️. I just finished up orange blossoms quilt from last summer and would like to start on the cherry quilt next! Love them all!!

  27. Susan J Schedler | 26th May 23

    Yellow is SO bright and pretty – I love the lemons, a great addition to my kitchen decor. Can’t wait to make & hang a little lemon quilt. It would be great to add the little lemon dishes !

  28. Kathy Barnes | 26th May 23

    I just completed the Fruit stack in the latest Little Box of Figs. It brought back memories of a ceramic tabletop centerpiece my mom proudly displayed on our table in the 70’s. This brighter, happier little quilt will hang in my kitchen and remind me of Mom.

  29. Tamie zolman | 26th May 23

    This sewing machine cover is absolutely perfect. I am going to get my fig tree scraps out and make one. Love the vintage spool idea!.

  30. Darlene Gregory | 26th May 23

    Oh my stars! I love anything lemon and the lemon table topper would be an awesome addition to my Fig Tree creations! Thank you for so many marvelous quilt options and ideas 🙂 ❤️

  31. Sharon | 26th May 23

    I want to start the Orange Blossom quilt and the Mini Lemon quilt. Just had to get a graduation quilt and two hospital donation quilts finished up first! Busy, busy…but enjoying every minute!

  32. Rita Nichols | 26th May 23

    I’m going to start with the sampler quilt because I think eventually I will make them all and the sampler will give me a taste of everything. The book is just fantastic and I know I won’t stop with just one. With this line you just hit it out of the park!

  33. Sandra | 26th May 23

    I have SO many plans …. But first it will be pears, then lemons, then the mixed salad with the central part being the little box of figs pattern…. And then on and on and on. My house will be a fruit salad buffet!

  34. Bev Webster | 26th May 23

    I am in the process of making the Cherries Jubilee quilt – which I LOVE!!! Now I’m thinking of a sewing machine cover in my leftover cherries pieces along with some figgy scraps! Thank you , Joanna and Susan and all your wonderful crew for all the great fabrics and inspiration!

  35. Kathy Thomas | 26th May 23

    Working on the Orange Blossoms quilt and a matching pillow. Love the lemon block and pineapple block. I would love to make pot holders with each of the blocks.

  36. Betty L Liehr | 26th May 23

    I’ve started the fruit blocks hor the sampler quilt – that way I can “taste” them all. Done with 3 but got the firstonth of the Apple Blossom Road BOM so, duh, sidetracked!

  37. Karla Brooks | 26th May 23

    I finished the fruit salad sampler today! It’s divine. I’ve also completed the Lemon Chiffon, Cherries Jubilee, and Orange Blossoms kits. I’m working on the Pineapple Fields now. These quilts are for my grandchildren. Everyone needs a little fruit in their lives!

  38. Sandy | 26th May 23

    I’m looking forward to working on Orange Blossoms. No sewing for me right now though due to surgery on my retina. Have to wait a few more weeks before I can jump in and get started.

  39. Sheryl Murchison | 26th May 23

    Oh I love the lemons! Just finished the fruit salad wall hanging from the little box of figs and trying to decide which I want to make now. I bought a bundle of fruit salad prints from fig tree so I am thinking a table runner or maybe a lap size quilt. Love fruit salad fabrics!

  40. Monica Shuler | 26th May 23

    Since I decorate late summer in lemmons, I am going to be doing a table runner with the lemons and just getting started on the fruit salad wall hanging. Those lemon bowls are too cute!!! Love them!

  41. Karen Sanford | 26th May 23

    I have been working on the Fruit Sampler and love it so much. Unfortunately, I have fallen a couple weeks behind with those darn treatments. I’ll get there though😊 Thank You for Hosting this fun sew along🍋🫐🍎🍊🍍🍐❤️

  42. Marcy Peterson | 26th May 23

    I’m late to start, but I can’t wait to do the lemons and blueberries in one quilt. Lemon accessories are great too.

  43. Barb Smith | 26th May 23

    As soon as school is out I’m going to make a table runner of the variety of fruits and call it fruit salad salsa after a song my girls used to sing by Laurie Berkner.

  44. Judith McNabb | 26th May 23

    I love the lemons! I’m almost ready to dig into my lemon quilt kit! Also looking forward to doing the wall hanging fro The Little Box.

  45. Dawn Derrick | 26th May 23

    As always, I love these projects and all the possibilities with the Fruit Salad fabric line! I really enjoyed seeing this machine cover….maybe I can adapt it for my embroidery machine! After two years, it really needs a cover!

  46. Barb Smith | 26th May 23

    As soon as school is out I’m going to make a table runner or a quilt of the variety of fruits and call it fruit salad salsa after a song my girls used to sing by Laurie Berkner.

  47. Laurie George | 26th May 23

    I have collected the “ingredients” for the Lemon Chiffon, Pears in a Row and the blueberry tabletopper! I want to make every delicious quilt in the book! As soon as I finish hand binding my Manchester by the Sea!

  48. Peggy Serpico | 26th May 23

    I’ve been working on finishing up some UFOs then on to the fruit sampler. Love these lemon yellows and can’t wait to dig in

  49. Nancy Wilson | 26th May 23

    Just love your lemons and the fabric that coordinates.

  50. Stacy Lindblom | 26th May 23

    I’ve been dreaming of starting the Pears Quilt and need little motivation. I have far too many projects in the fire and need to whittle down my project list. I think I’ll put the Pears Quilt in my “To Finish By The End of The Year” list. That should do the trick! Fingers crossed! Oh dear, I just remembered that I really want to make the Cherry Quilt too. Oh bother.

  51. Susan | 26th May 23

    I have plans to make a lemon quilt someday! I am in awe of all the beautiful creations being made!

  52. diane | 26th May 23

    Love the sewing machine cover! Makes for such a happy treasure to enjoy!!
    And the lemon bowls are FABULOUS!!!

  53. Cheryl Wirth | 26th May 23

    I’m working on the Fruit Medley quilt and a table runner! The blocks are a breeze to piece and oh so pretty!!

  54. Kay | 26th May 23

    I was back at yesterday’s blog and now lemon squares are in my head. I bet Joanna is a little jealous of Lacey’s YELLOW Bernina.

    • | 31st May 23

      A LITTLE!?! More like…A LOT! lol. 🙂

  55. Stephanie Lopez | 26th May 23

    Love everything lemon! I can’t wait to start on the blueberry pie quilt.

  56. Darlene Derifield | 26th May 23

    I am so excited to begin a table runner from the Fruit Salad collection, but seeing the sewing machine cover inspires me too! I am very impatiently waiting for school to be done so I can finally spend some quality time sewing for me! I love yellow and the lemon collection for the giveaway is adorable

  57. Mary | 26th May 23

    From the beginning, I decided to make 2 of each fruit and see what I feel inspired to do with them. I was leaning more towards a table runner, but now that I’m looking at them, I’ve decided to do a wall hanging. I just finished cutting the sashing strips.

  58. LISA SHAFFER | 26th May 23

    I have made several of every fruit in the book, except the pears. I want to make the pears into a pillow. And once I collect some additional fabrics, I am going to make the Candy Apple quilt. Oh, and I want to make the pillow in the Fruit Salad book with apples. So I still have quite a few projects planned even though I have already made a quilt, two runners and a pillow 🙂

  59. Krystal Bray | 26th May 23

    What a wonderful gesture and great way to add yet another factor to this scrumptious line of fabric. Your lines are not only fantastic to create useful loving masterpieces ….but also a great way to liven up life by using them as decor also.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  60. Diane | 26th May 23

    I love the table runner and plan to make one soon. I love the Fruit Salad pattern!

  61. Penelope (Penny) Smalley | 26th May 23

    Oh goodness! The lemon dishes, which I wish were available at my Target🥰, and fabric are simply gorgeous. Lacey’s sewing machine cover would be simply delightful out of that bundle!

  62. Leah Turner | 26th May 23

    I love berries and my children picking freely out of the garden. Mini berries are in the plans for me!!! And binding on orange blossom.

  63. Darla Smith | 26th May 23

    I am still trying to decide, I am torn between pears and oranges….leaning to the pears right now! Thinking of a mini quilt for my kitchen but the sewing machine idea is neat as well.

  64. Cindy Keith | 26th May 23

    My goal is to complete all the fruit salad projects in the book plus table runner and now machine cover!!!! I ordered the orange prints do it looks like that is where I will start! Thank you for the lovely designs!!! Looking forward to your next publication!

  65. Viona Adkisson | 26th May 23

    There are so many patterns for the fruit patterns to work with that I am having a hard time deciding which one to start after completing the projects in process. Love lemonade, lemon curd, lemon cake and the list goes on so the lemons may win out!!

  66. Sarah Smith | 26th May 23

    I’m really excited to start work on the Blueberry Pie quilt. I love the blues in the Fruit Salad collection! I have to finish the borders on the Manchester by the Sea BOM first!

  67. Traci Slomba | 26th May 23

    When I first saw the book I thought my favorite would be the blueberry but I can’t get those lemons off my mind!

  68. Jill VanOeffelen | 26th May 23

    I have started the bluberries but I am going to do many more. So sad, I went to my Target and they had NO lemon bowls. I would love this bundle.

  69. Christine Coll | 26th May 23

    I absolutely love the fruit salad sampler quilt! I haven’t yet made it but it is definitely going to happen in the near future! Just having a small wall hanging hung in my kitchen made with the fruit cocktail fabric has totally brightened up the whole space. I can only imagine what the full size quilt will do!

  70. Betty Wagner | 26th May 23

    I have the book and two stacks of the fat quarters. I love the miniature blocks so I will start those. What a great idea. I love the lemon dishes. Wonder if my Target has them.

  71. Diane | 26th May 23

    The book and the fabrics are just gorgeous. They simply evoke summer. So many choices and everyday inspiration in reels and posts! The pears draw me in but then I’m easily distracted by the lemons and blueberries!

  72. Tanya Spuehler | 26th May 23

    I have bookmarked your fruit salad sampler quilt and saved photos of fruit pillows to my camera roll for inspiration… but I found out about these projects too late in the game. 😞. My whole kitchen is citrus themed and I really wanna make something with lemons (as I’ve been hoarding lemon fabric for the last 3 years) for my bedroom. I just need a jolt of inspiration like this so I can get excited!

  73. Monica Bowers | 26th May 23

    Love the lemons! They are always so happy…I can’t wait to get some sewn up!

  74. Michelle N | 26th May 23

    I’m tempted to make another orange blossom layout but with blues and purples. My home state is famous for Huckleberries and that’s the feeling I want to convey. So I’m contemplating it.

  75. Phyllis Skalko | 26th May 23

    Love the Lemon and the Strawberry….wish I could start any or all of them Thanks for making tiese summer projects so delicious!

  76. Kathy Ivey | 26th May 23

    I want to make the fruit salad runner for my kitchen. It’s so sweet and cheerful!

  77. Cindy | 26th May 23

    I love this line of fabric, it is so fresh! Actually I absolutely love them all, love your style. Your fabrics are not easy to find here where I live but every once and awhile someone will bring one in. I would love to make the sewing machine cover.

  78. Debbie Coleman | 26th May 23

    Your fabrics are so fresh and pretty! Love them!

  79. Theresa Terry | 26th May 23

    I have made the pears quilt. Also the lovely Orange Blossoms. Now I must add lemons to my “to do list”.

  80. Rita Herzberger | 26th May 23

    I love lemons. I plan on making the lemon quilt. I love lemons and like to eat them after they are squeezed. Such a pretty fruit.

  81. Ruthann Lindsay | 26th May 23

    I love lemon anything….I am in the process of revamping my sewing room. So haven’t been able to do any sewing,, but when it’s finished I plan to make the mini sampler machine cover for my machine. Will be a while yet as waiting for cabinet and shelf installation and then putting everything in their new home.
    Also want to make the sampler quilt.

  82. Nora Jensen | 26th May 23

    Cute lemon bundle!
    I would like to make make a kitchen ensemble based on a combination of your ftuit patterns. A table runner, placemats, pot holders, trimmed t towels, maybe even napkins out of the fabric line.

  83. Sandra Thurston | 26th May 23

    Love the 🍋 lemons 🍋. I am working on the fig tree box and can’t wait to finish this then on to make my fruit quilt!too bad work gets in my way! Lol. Thanks to all who have posted their fruit creations !! Really enjoy everyone’s posts!!

  84. CarolAnn Hawkins | 26th May 23

    I am almost finished with a fruit salad table runner. I hope to start the lemons soon and use them in some placemats for my daughter. Love this collection of fabrics!

  85. Heather Martin | 26th May 23

    It is so thoughtful of you to share those fabulous lemon bowls! They are so cute, and I don’t live anywhere near a Target store. After I finish up my fruit salad sampler, I want to make the lemon chiffon quit. The lemon blocks were my favorite to make out of the bunch 🍋🍋🍋

  86. CHRISTINE ELKIN | 26th May 23

    I have all the “ingredients” and the recipe book for the fruit salad sampler but haven’t started yet. It is next up on my list as soon as I finish my current project and I cannot wait! I also have my eye on several more quilts in the book. Especially love the apple quilt and the blueberry quilt.

  87. Diana s Rosenthal | 26th May 23

    I already did a Pear quilt. Now I want to do the Lemon Chiffon. Love the dishes super cute.

  88. Christine Weld | 26th May 23

    How darling! I love a good pineapple block, so that one is on my list! Thanks for sharing such sweet goodies!

  89. Diane Wilkinson | 26th May 23

    I made the fruit wreath pillow with cherries to go with my cherry pie queen sized quilt I completed in 2020!
    I have 2 more cherry blocks made . I think I will make the tote bag with those blocks!

  90. Sharon Starr | 26th May 23

    Well, I just love the lemons too! Will have to look for them on my next visit to Target. I have the Fruit Salad book and have made a blueberry, cherry and leaf block so far. Plans are to make a table topper with several of the fruit blocks. This fabric line is so happy and colorful! Fat Quarter Shop has helped with this by including a layer cake in the May box and I just bought another one just to be sure I have enough fabric. Love this!

  91. Wendy | 26th May 23

    Well I absolutely love the lemons! But I’m going to start with the pear quilt. Just wrapping up some previous projects and then will be ready to take on the fruits!

  92. Debra McCarriar | 26th May 23

    These lemons remind me of my time in Sicily last spring. I have a miniature cherries quilt kitted up which I hope to stitch over the summer.

  93. Margaret DiCarlo | 26th May 23

    I love the lemons! My aunt had lemon wallpaper many many years ago. This I have a fondness of lemons. I want to make some lemon mug rugs.

  94. Dawn | 26th May 23

    I love the lemons….wouldn’t this be cute with a lemon chiffon table topper?
    Great find!🍋

  95. Kellie Warren | 26th May 23

    Everything kitchen is lemons in my house. I love them ❤️. But I have to make a mini spools machine cover. Stat! Too cute!

  96. Chris | 26th May 23

    I love everything about Fruit Salad but I’m especially drawn to the pears. I am imagining my kitchen transformed by beautiful fruit table topper, placemats, and potholders. It will be summer even when the snow flies! Thanks, Joanna, for yet another beautiful inspiration.

  97. Nancy | 26th May 23

    There are just so many choices of fruits, fabrics and patterns!! I’d like to do a coordinating small wall sampler and sewing machine cover. Appreciate everyone for sharing projects, inspiration and enthusiasm!!

    • | 31st May 23

      Agreed, the Fig Tree ladies bring in the talent. I am so lucky! 🙂

  98. Kim S | 26th May 23

    I’m finishing up a BOM, but I need a sewing machine cover, so I’m going to go for a quick win with the spools! And of course, they need to have lemon yellow, as yellow sparks creativity!

  99. Cindy Webb | 26th May 23

    I just discovered your book, and I love it all especially those 🍍 pineapple blocks!!

  100. Nancy | 26th May 23

    Oopsie -typo in email -see above comment

  101. Sandy Rizzo | 26th May 23

    Oh my now, such beautiful fabrics and that lemon dish is so perfect!

  102. Deb | 26th May 23

    Table runner, probably lemons. I already made a pear wall hanging!

  103. Carol Lattimore | 26th May 23

    I plan to make a fruit runner first, and a quilt for my bed later.

  104. Cherilyn Bramall | 26th May 23

    I love cherries. They just feel so much like summer to me. I would definitely make a cherry quilt and runners ❤️

  105. JennyH | 26th May 23

    I’m planning to start Blueberry Pie when the really hot weather sets in and I need to stay inside all day.

  106. Wanda Narr | 26th May 23

    So many bright and beautiful projects. Lemons make me think of lemon pie, a favourite! The lemon table topper is a winner. That’s the one!

  107. Amy Abraham | 26th May 23

    Oh my so much GOODness in this book! I am just craving to start the blueberry quilt. The blues are just amazing and drew me in! Happy sewing everyone!

  108. Wanda Hall | 26th May 23

    From the start I have been in love with both Blueberry Pie and Lemon Chiffon!! These lemon dishes are absolutely adorable… I do not recall seeing these at our local Target! You got very lucky indeed!

  109. jeanae L odom | 26th May 23

    I’m planning to “squeeze in” 🤭 the lemons table topper this summer, and use my fall scraps on the pears later this year.

  110. Julie Lane | 26th May 23

    Loving the lemons. Would love to follow you around shopping, you find the best things. Your Fruit Cocktail journey has been fun to follow and participate in. So many wonderful projects to make. Thank you, thank you.

  111. Kathy McCoy | 26th May 23

    I really like the blueberries and pears, but lemons always make things seem cheerful and fresh.

  112. Kathy Guenther | 26th May 23

    My goal is to make the late summer pears quilt! I love all of your patterns in your beautiful book!

  113. Lori H | 26th May 23

    I’m hoping to start the cherry quilt during the rainy days this summer, farm life has kept me quite busy!!

  114. Lisa | 26th May 23

    This is simply amazing. Every time I open Facebook or Instagram I am inspired. Not sure I will every catch up with all the things on my wishlist. So much creativity!!!

  115. Susanne | 26th May 23

    I have the lemon chiffon kit that I am hoping to start soon. I think lemon bars for snacking would go great with that project – yum!

  116. Mary | 26th May 23

    Oh my goodness the lemon dishes are adorable 🍋 I have the book and bundle and can’t wait to get started. Cherry Jubilee is waiting too. There isn’t a fruit I don’t want to try. Thanks to Lacey for sharing her great projects. Glad I’m back from vacation 🤩

  117. Earlene Valler | 26th May 23

    Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeze~ Love the lemon bundle

  118. Kim Deadmore | 26th May 23

    Love all the book, but especially the blueberries

  119. Sharon B. | 26th May 23

    I would love to make your Blueberry Pie Quilt. The colors are beautiful! I would also like to make the Vintage Spools machine cover. So adorable!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win some fabric!

  120. Wendy Munson | 26th May 23

    Those lemons are ever so cute! As a former orchardist that grew many varieties of pears I plan on making s bunch of table runners with pears. Can’t wait to get started. Thank you for this cute contest!!

    • | 31st May 23

      how PERFECT! 🙂

  121. Sherida Giddings | 26th May 23

    Totally love how fresh the lemon collection looks!!!

  122. Ginger McCafferty | 26th May 23

    So smitten by this fabric line. A “fancy” dinner growing up meant fruit salad on the table. I am supplied to make several quilts from your book and will start with making the table runner designed for FQS, then the blueberry pie quilt, and then it’s tough pick for the 3rd project. I think either cherries jubilee or the lemon chiffon…but I’m so crazy for oranges, it could be the orange blossom. :-). I so hoped to do your quilt along but with work and for some reason time in April/May didn’t slow down.

  123. Jonnie Nottingham | 26th May 23

    I’m loving these fabrics and all the projects!! Thanks to everyone for your inspiration!!

  124. Kirsten M. | 26th May 23

    I want to do the sewing machine cover! Love the book 💛

  125. Deborah Andry | 26th May 23

    I have not started my project yet, but I am looking forward to making a pear table runner. I love decorating with pears and I love your pear pattern. Of course I love everything yiu fo! Keep it coming!!! 💗💗💗

  126. Mary Durham | 26th May 23

    I am hoping to get started on the fruit sample soon. I have a couple of quilts to get finished for gifts first, then onto the fruit fun!

  127. Vicki | 26th May 23

    I have lemon and blueberry decor in my kitchen, so I would like to make a wall hanging combining the two. Those lemon dishes are so cute with the yummy fabrics!

  128. Terry | 26th May 23

    I purchased the lemon kit and starting making the lemons and daisies. After completing several I decided to make them into a table runner. It’s not quite completed but I love how it is turning out. And the bonus is that I have enough left for 1, 2 or maybe even 3 more smaller projects. I just may venture into the oranges next as they really appeal to me.

  129. Shirley Pearce | 26th May 23

    I am making the cherry quilt. I will use it as a table topper in my kitchen to put a bright spot for all to enjoy. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and I am planing on making a table runner of all the fruits for a dear friend of mine. What fun I have had visiting with the ladies in the Fig Tree friends group and admiring the creative juices that flow in this group!

  130. Angelina Scott Ziemba | 26th May 23

    I love lemons! I hope Target still has some when I get home on Tuesday! Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸

  131. Karen S | 26th May 23

    Well, seeing this little lovely, I may need to make some miniature fruits. A wall hanging might be perfect!

  132. Debbie | 26th May 23

    I would like to take all your fruit patterns and make a table topper for my dining room table! Love all the patterns!

  133. Katherine K. | 26th May 23

    I already made canned pears in the past, and can’t wait to make the pineapple picnic quilt next!

  134. Jaylene B. | 26th May 23

    I have started the Orange Blossom quilt. I’m hoping to get it finished within the next few weeks. I’m wanting to make the sewing machine cover. That’s a great idea to use the mini fruit blocks.

  135. Lisa Parlett | 26th May 23

    Blueberry Pie been playing mental tug of war with the lemons. After reading this post it’s Lemons all the way, then Blueberry Pie. Then sewing machine cover , then . …….. ?

    • | 31st May 23

      LOL!! 🙂 That’s how it goes, isn’t it?!

  136. Dana Stasiak | 26th May 23

    I am hoping to start Cherries Jubilee soon. But it was hard to pick. All of the patterns are just darling.

  137. Karen Vecchioli | 26th May 23

    I’ve been wanting to do the cherries 🍒 in a quilt, but now those lemons are calling me! Off to my sewing room I go to find all of my Fig Tree yellow fabrics! Love the sunshiny goodness!

  138. Donna | 26th May 23

    I’d like to make the Fruit Salad Sampler. Thanks for the drawing! So cute!

  139. Debbie Biddle | 26th May 23

    I’m going to be starting the sewing machine cover! Love, love all the fruity goodness!

  140. Chelsea Ferry | 26th May 23

    I love the ambrosia table runner! It would be so cute with matching place mats. C:

  141. Kathy English | 26th May 23

    I love the whole book! I have some pears 🍐 completed from pears in a row which might make their way into a mixed fruit salad quilt and kits to make the lemon chiffon, cherries jubilee, and the blueberry quilt! Love the book and the fabrics! ♥️🍎🍐🍒♥️

  142. Delcia Rosenow | 26th May 23

    The cherries quilt is so delightful; so it would be the very first one I would make!

  143. NJ | 26th May 23

    Your cherry pillow inspired me to make one of my own and it’s adorable!

  144. Cheryl Harrod | 26th May 23

    I like Lacy am such a fan all of Joanna’s fabric lines. This Fruit Salad line is so stimulating with all the fruit quilts. I have the Cherries Jubilee ready to sew. I have the Orange Blossom, Lemon Chiffon, and Late summer Pears in A Row in line. I also am working on three BOM of Joannas currently. Needless to say I don’t get much sleep. I love the darling lemon dishes and coordinating fabric. Many thanks to Lacey for sharing the sewing machine project.

  145. Gale | 27th May 23

    Fruit Salad Sampler is in my list!

  146. Gale | 27th May 23

    Fruit Salad Sampler is on my list!

  147. Katie Otto | 27th May 23

    I haven’t started yet, but I can’t wait to make a tablerunner with all of the lovely fruits in the book. Ah, summer!

  148. Wendy | 27th May 23

    It has not been a difficult choice for me: LEMONS! All things lemon scream summer, relaxation, friends and family. I have been patiently gathering fabrics in order to have the most perfect combination. I am pretty sure there will be some mini lemons scattered throughout my home as well.

  149. Lynne Hurley | 27th May 23

    I’m hoping to start all the lemon and pear things! No time to do anything right now with the garden taking my attention, but oh, what sweet fabric! 🥰

  150. Jillian delaflor | 27th May 23

    I am obsessed with this line from the book to the fabric. I already made the blueberry quilt. The pineapple quilt and now on the cherry quilt. I bought all your stickers and the decorate my machine and are so fun. My next quilt will be lemon quilt so this would be six a great addition to my sewing room. I can’t get enough fruit cocktail. I am so beyond excited about the sewing machine cover since I just bought my first featherweight machine. I’m hoping I get chosen for the give away. Love you Joanna and your shop. I only buy your fabric line. Thank you.

  151. Debbi Murray | 27th May 23

    I have many of your projects but working full time makes it difficult to do much. I am slowly working on the oranges! I love lemons and they remind me of my trip to Capri Italy which is so beautiful with lemons everywhere. I would be so lucky to be able to win this Lemon giveaway! Thank you for your beautiful fabrics and creativity and the opportunity to paricipate in this giveaway!

  152. Becky | 27th May 23

    Haven’t started anything yet but oh the lemons and blueberries are absolutely delightful!! What fun it would be to win a bundle of loveliness. thanks for the chance. Happy sewing everyone.

  153. Elizabeth Evans | 27th May 23

    I love the mini quilt! I think this fabric is so pretty and happy! I plan on making that one.

  154. Loretta Smith | 27th May 23

    I simply cannot get enough of the Fruit Salad collection! I’m starting the fruit salad sampler quilt and then it goes haywire from there… lol. The lemon chiffon is delicious as is the blueberry and cherries jubilee, but then I see the pineapple and want to do that first…. Lemon, blueberry, cherries, oh my!!! Thank you for this yummy collection!!

  155. Pat Meeks | 27th May 23

    After seeing the super cute sewing machine cover, that will be definitely my next fruit project. I have a featherweight I inherited from the lady that kept me as a child while my mom worked and it is very deserving of this cover.

  156. Rori Jensen | 27th May 23

    I have been watching all the fruity fun in the Facebook group and the blueberry projects, ok…all the projects are so cute. I may need to get at least one project done. We have a huge lemon tree here in our California backyard and a little lemon table topper/mug rug would be an easy small project.

  157. Margi Wolski | 27th May 23

    Oh, I love everything about Fig Tree! I’m planning to start a table runner with the lemons. To me, yes everything about summer is lemonade. I have a 3-tier stacker that I decorate for each season. About mid-July, away goes the red/white/blue items and out comes my lemons and little lemonade sign! These dishes would fit right in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  158. Maggie Kriz | 27th May 23

    After drooling over all the wonderful Fruit Salad posts, I finally gave in and ordered the book. It arrived earlier this week and, oh my gosh, the projects are amazing!! Also got the Fruitti Tutti pattern and may have to combine the two! Such a happy combination of patterns & fabrics!😍

  159. Peg Gonzalez | 27th May 23

    I made the lemon blocks for the lemon chiffon quilt. I wasn’t sure if I wanted another big quilt so I decided to make placemats, a table runner and a mini quilt. I love the yellows and greens.

  160. Connie Keeler | 27th May 23

    I Love the lemons! I’m new to quilting and have actually made a whole quilt, but I have made some quilt squares. I would love to make the sewing machine cover, because it includes all of the fruit and is made in a mini version. I have tried to purchase the book, but it seems that shops are sold out. I sure would love to win your giveaway.

    • | 31st May 23

      We have the book available in our shop –!

  161. Brandy Kelton | 27th May 23

    It’s all about the cherries for me! And the oranges lol I have alll the supplies just need the TIME! Hoping to have some on this 3 day weekend :)) 🍒🍊

  162. Deb | 27th May 23

    I’d love to make the sewing machine cover, it’s so cheery and I need that all around me!

    • | 31st May 23


  163. Beverly Custer | 27th May 23

    I recently found some lemon fabric I bought to make kitchen curtains, and placemats…I got busynthe other day, and made the curtains…which look great…and these lemon plates would surely add to my festive lemon look!! The project I am looking forward to making is the apple quilt. In NY. Our apples are wonderful! I look forward in the fall to apple crisp, home made apple sauce, and apple cake and muffins. But spring and summer us all about blueberries strawberries, and lemons!! I love the fruit salad magic! Thank you for your creativity, Joanna!

  164. Kelly Kiel | 27th May 23

    I’m getting ready to start some apple mug mats for my mother in law for her birthday (and some for me too 😉)! I think she’ll love them! Thank you so much for the idea and pattern!!

    • | 31st May 23

      Yay!! Susan had such a good idea with those mug mats!

  165. Stephanie Meeks | 27th May 23

    Beautiful fabrics in adorable lemon dishes!! I would love to add to my collection! I’ve just received my 1st box of Fig fabrics and I’m ready to begin the fruit salad wall hanging. This line of fruity fabrics are so cheerful! 😊

    • | 31st May 23

      Yay!!! Enjoy!

  166. Gail Straka | 27th May 23

    Lemon yellow! Love it! Your line of fruity fabrics are just so perfect for summer. The blueberries are my favorite….today.

  167. Gail Straka | 27th May 23

    Lemon yellow! Love it! Your line of fruity fabrics are just so perfect for summer. The blueberries are my favorite….today Fruit salad will be on my cutting table as soon as we finish installing all new flooring. Ugh on having to wait!

  168. Gail Straka | 27th May 23

    Fruit salad will be on my cutting table as soon as we finish installing all new flooring. Ugh on having to wait!love,emin yellow and he blueberries

  169. Lisa | 27th May 23

    I have two fruit cocktail charm packs and other yardage to make a quilt from a charm packs quilt book I own. I also want to make some of the mini block pincushions.

  170. Julie Gagnon | 27th May 23

    I love the lemons! I picked up the Lemon Chiffon quilt kit and can’t wait to make it, but I left it at my winter home so I would have something exciting to make this winter. I still have the orange and pear blocks to make as part of the quilt along but picked out the fabrics today for those and I am ready to cut tomorrow!

  171. Delores Roll | 27th May 23

    I would love to make some of the fruit pincushions. And, of course a new sewing machine cover.

  172. Leslie T. | 27th May 23

    Love this idea for a sewing machine cover. I think I’m going to have to make one for myself. It’s just so bright and cheerful!

  173. JoAnn Heembrock | 27th May 23

    I made an Ambrosia table runner from the Fruit Salad Book but gave it away to a friend who needed some cheering up and those beautiful fruit blocks with their vivid colors were just perfect! So now I hope to make another to keep for myself but might use the alternate pattern that Joanna designed for FQS.
    I also am determined to make a pear runner. I have a box with fabrics that I have been saving for that. I also have been dreaming of doing a topper with Oranges (something about that block makes me so happy!) Lemons, and Limes! Happy sewing!

  174. Florence | 27th May 23

    big fan of the fruity quilts since the pears!

  175. Elaine White | 27th May 23

    I have the kit for the Cherries, but have not started yet. Lemons are calling me, too!

  176. Debbie Jarrell | 27th May 23

    I love all of the fruit fabrics. I want to make a project bag and a table runner. I also have plans to make a bowl of the cute little pin cushions.

  177. Darlene Wegrynowski | 27th May 23

    I plan on making the mini sampler to go on my table and make some napkins to go with it. Lovely collection and the book is awesome.

  178. Tammy | 27th May 23

    I bought a fat quarter bundle to share with my friend. We are going to make table runners together. I’m also going to make ALL the pincushions.

    • | 31st May 23

      That sounds so fun. Enjoy your time together!

  179. Suzanne Nelson | 27th May 23

    Would love to make the table runner. I still have the basket of fruit from the little box of fig goodness.

  180. Ann | 27th May 23

    I’m hoping to make a small table runner of lemons. I’ve collected a nice selection of yummy Fig Tree yellows that would be perfect for making lemons!

  181. Kari Lundell | 27th May 23

    I plan to make a summer throw of all the fruit blocks so I’ll have a full summer fruit orchard quilt.

  182. Linda Kjorstad | 27th May 23

    I fell in love with the little pin cushions, can’t wait to get started on them. Will definitely be making the blueberry pie into a table runner! So much inspiration! Thank you, Joanna!

    • | 31st May 23

      Those pincushions have my heart!!

  183. Rebecca Blair | 27th May 23

    I thought our figgy friend, Lisa G Shaffer, in our Fig Tree Facebook group was so clever to incorporate the Little Box of Figs pattern with the fruit cocktail blocks. I guess I’ll have to dust off my math skills for that one!

    • | 31st May 23

      She did a great job with it!

  184. Lisa | 27th May 23

    I am in love with your fruit cocktail fabric. I definitely want to make some mini block pincushions. Tgat sewing machine cover is in my future too

  185. Nancy M | 27th May 23

    I made the cherries quilt and hope to make the apple quilt next. Love the fabric and and the book!

  186. Cindy Morlok | 27th May 23

    I have butter yellow walls in my sewing room and think either a cherry or strawberry quilt would be darling hanging on the wall. It is the first project on my summer sewing list. Can’t wait!

  187. Sharon | 28th May 23

    I want to make an iPad cover with the oranges 🍊, maybe cherries 🍒 too, and maybe with the charcoal background so they pop! 🤣 I’m ambitious! And I like the runners. But they’re all beautiful!

  188. Sharon | 28th May 23

    I want to make an iPad cover with the oranges 🍊, maybe cherries 🍒 too, and maybe with the charcoal background so they pop! 🤣 I’m ambitious! And I like the runners.

    • | 31st May 23


  189. lee | 28th May 23

    my plan is to make the table runner x2 so I can gift one to my sister!

    • | 31st May 23

      You are a great sister!!

  190. Linda Mee | 28th May 23

    I made the pineapple pillow. Love it. Am planning a a couch of fruit pillows. And I really want to try the mini fruit salad quilt.

  191. Cindy Shelley | 28th May 23

    I love lemons and lemonade… especially strawberry lemonade. I want to make a sewing machine cover abd the pin cushions.

  192. Coreen Burnett | 28th May 23

    I love lemons. Yellow makes me so happy. I would love to make a table runner with lemons & pineapples to use as a dresser scarf in my yellow bedroom. It would compliment my Coney Island quilt hanging on the wall.

  193. Carol Sylvester | 28th May 23

    I love these fun fruit patterns! I make wall hangings for outside the door of my mom’s retirement home, and I would love to make a mixed fruit wall hanging!!

  194. Kathy E. | 28th May 23

    I am adding a Fruit Salad table runner to my list, so I can enjoy this yummy fabric on my dining room table! But for now, I’m heading to Target to search for a few lemon dishes!

  195. Barbara | 28th May 23

    I enjoy anything lemon, but it is my husband’s favorite citrus for desserts.

  196. Nora Essman | 28th May 23

    Love the fabrics, love the book and all the patterns; unfortunately, a long time friend fell off his deck and like Humpty Dumpty we’ve putting him back together again…..I’ll be away from my home and my sewing machine, for a long time…..but GOD willing I’ll get back on the fall.

  197. Nora G Essman | 28th May 23

    Love the fabrics, love the book and all the patterns; unfortunately, a long time friend fell off his deck and like Humpty Dumpty we’ve putting him back together again…..I’ll be away from my home and my sewing machine, for a long time…..but GOD willing I’ll get back on the fall.

    • | 31st May 23

      Oh no! Good luck and hoping for a full and speedy recovery!

    • | 31st May 23

      You are a sweet friend! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

  198. Shelly | 28th May 23

    I’m new to quilting and Fig Tree so I’m gathering my supplies and trying to get ideas for my first project. I recently received the Fruit Salad book & my first fat quarter bundle which is even more beautiful in person. I’m excited to start my first project. I love the sewing machine cover. The pineapples are my favorite and the lemons are a very close second choice.

    • | 31st May 23

      Welcome Shelly! Have FUN!

  199. Russ and Shirley Pearce | 28th May 23

    Sign me up for the lemon and fabric presents! I am easy to get along with so whatever you send will be PERFECT

  200. Sonya | 29th May 23

    I would love to give blueberry pie a try.

  201. Linda Stewart | 29th May 23

    You designed such beautiful fabrics for us to be creative with. Thank you !!

  202. Melanie C | 29th May 23

    The Fruit Salad Sampler Quilt … love all the fruit blocks!!!!

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