More on the MINIS…

Okay… so I am going to try to answer all the MINI questions at once. Hopefully yours is in there!


We have 4 new minis. This week they were all available as PDF download patterns. Including a great deal on a bundle! Starting on Monday, they will also all be available as printed paper patterns. Including a bundle too :-). The PDF's will only be available from us. The printed patterns will be available from any store who purchases our patterns. As a gal who loves all things paper, the patterns don't really seem real until they come in their shiny little packages. I can't wait fo the paper patterns to get here.

We will also start shipping to stores on Monday. So if you have contacted us for the patterns, that is when they will start to ship.

We will most likely offer a fabric kit of some kind on the bundle of patterns [but probably not individually on each one seperate since they are kind of small]. Those are the kinds of things I will figure out as soon as we come back from Market in a couple of weeks.

The MINIs are all the same price as our FIG TREE THREADS, $6.50 each.

• These are not hard to make. There are no templates or half square triangles or anything else funky in any of them. All straight forward piecing. Blossom is probably the most simple of the 4 and Canned Pears has the most pieces, but they are really all quite simple.

We do also have other STANDARD PATTERNS coming out and will start showing those tomorrow… so stay tuned!

Yes, I will be posting ideas for a mini wall and how I plan to hang them [thinking of a ribbon clothesline on my wall at the moment]. But here is some vintage mini wall inspiration that I have been in love with for a while…


Yes, we will be making more of them for the next release. We are a little bit addicted. If you have any Fig Tree favorites that you would like to see made into minis, please feel free to let me know. I think we are going to start with the Sail Away pattern.

Btw, thank you for the MINI love. Can't take any credit whatsoever on the idea itself. My friend Camille is the brainchild behind this MINi quilt craze! She is pretty awesome in general too.


As for each pattern, here is the info. Click HERE for more info on each mini.


The original quilt was app. 63" x 75", blocks app. 6" x 11". The MINI is 19 1/2" x 27" and the blocks are app. 3" x 5".




The original quilt came in 2 sizes and 3 colorways in my book With Fabric & Thread from a few years ago.  The original quilts were either 66" x 66 or 75" x 75" and were set 3 x 3 blocks.






The original quilt was app. 63" x 80", blocks app. 9". The MINI is 19" x 20"" and the blocks are app. 6".




Don't feel bad if you are confused on this one… there is no standard pattern yet. We are releasing that one this summer. The MINI came first here because we just couldn't resist sharing it once the math was all done and the quilt was finished. I apologize to anyone who spent time looking for the large version of this one!


Happy Sewing!


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  1. Anita | 9th May 14

    I told myself I didn’t need minis and then I saw yours and totally caved! Now I need a mini wall too, plus mini bundle and mini bundle kit, must have paper though 🙂 you’re such an enabler!

  2. KimR | 9th May 14

    I love the idea of minis!!! I love so many of your patterns, and now I will be able to do more of them to adorn my sewing room!

  3. Joanna | 9th May 14

    I love being an enabler… at least in this instance LOL!

    Happy Mini sewing!!


  4. Joanna | 9th May 14


    Thanks so much for the suggestions. Sail Away is definitely first on our list and perhaps some of those others too!! Hope you have a lot of fun making them. Personally I cant wait to come back from Market and whip some more up!

    Happy sewing,


  5. Sharon Bennett | 10th May 14

    Thank you! 🙂 I’ve been waiting patiently for the printed ones… they look so much more professional and official than what could ever come out of an inkjet!

  6. Patsy | 10th May 14

    I am in love with the Cherry Pie mini…..perfect to “cheery” up a kitchen wall. But then, (I am the cherry/berry girl). But then I can say the exact same thing about all of your patterns… and your fabric, oh my. Have you thought about adding Sparkle, Papillon, and Kiss Me?
    Thanks for the “mini” opportunity.

  7. Jen B | 10th May 14

    I’d love to see Clovers & Jam, Boardwalk and Marigolds as minis.

  8. Barbara F. | 10th May 14

    Would love to see Vanilla Blooms in a mini version.

    Always look forward to seeing your new work! :o)

  9. Kay A. | 10th May 14

    I must admit, I’ve never really understood making minis. THEN I saw yours and Camille’s minis!

    OMG!!! I LOVE THEM! I want to make all of them and plaster them on all my walls! I’ve moved these to the TOP of my bucket list! HA!

  10. Joy | 10th May 14

    Joanna, I love your minis, so excited for them. Have fun at market.

  11. Jane Hulslander Goff | 10th May 14

    I dearly love the minis! I am looking forward to seeing the patterns, thanks for keeping me up to date on ” what’s hot, ” you and your designs are my favorites! Thanks for being you!!!


  12. Brandy Pettit | 10th May 14

    These are perfect! I love the idea of mini quilts, and think they would look great intermixed with family photos on a wall in the house. Thank you for sharing that they are coming!

  13. Katie Trott | 11th May 14

    Gotta get me some! They are all adorable and I just love seeing the walls filled with them 🙂

  14. Joanna | 11th May 14

    I totally agree! 🙂 They will be available starting tomorrow morning [they came from the printer last night]!!


  15. Joanna | 13th May 14


    So glad you are enjoying the minis! We are too and are already planning on which ones we will add next! Hoping you will sew along with us!


  16. Joanna | 13th May 14

    Yeah. So glad you are liking the minis. We are addicted!


  17. Joanna | 13th May 14

    Thanks for the choices. We will work on some more this summer!


  18. Joanna | 13th May 14

    Vanilla Blooms could maybe be made with a charm pack… that would be fun!!


  19. Joanna | 13th May 14

    I agree. I didnt get it until I started making them. I am now totally addicted. Totally!


  20. Joanna | 13th May 14

    I didnt get it until I started making them. I am now totally addicted. Totally! Thanks for following along,


  21. Joanna | 13th May 14

    They are here now and I am so glad that you like them. I think they would look lovely mixed in with family moments and photos!

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