One of Those Days

Actually, its been one of THOSE weekends. Too much going on. Too many needs to meet. Feeling pulled in too many directions and not really being "in the moment" enough to do any of them well. I guess April is one of those overwhelmed months anyway in my schedule but I just can't seem to conquer it today.

So in the midst of it all, I tried to get some perspective. I went outside with my clippers and smelled and picked the jasmine [which is completely in bloom and completely covering many of our fences] along with some herbs. Its my favorite kind of bouquet.

… the simplicity and color of it made me smile even if I was feeling cranky!


Then I spent some time looking at the teeny, weeny little pieces I have of my upcoming collection. More on that later.


Then I made my favorite iced tea in my favorite brand new mug [I am in love with the shape of that thing] and had a few chocolate covered espresso beans.


I think I might be feeling a bit better.

It helps that the house has been quite for a few hours for the first time in days. And that its beautiful outside. And that I spent a bit of time taking in all of this loveliness, here and here. Oh my goodness! Just beautiful and stunning and inspiring all at the same time! Part of me wants to do nothing but make red and white quilts now!!

Okay, I'm feeling better.

It sure would be great if I could just finish a couple of these project today. Crossing things off my giant TO DO LIST always makes me feel better. Wish me luck.


BTW, A giant THANK YOU to all of you who commented or emailed me advice about my new status as a mom of a teenager! You are all so sweet and helpful and I know that all I can do is take it one day at a time. Thank you!!

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  1. Tammy | 4th Apr 11

    Sometimes you need a “processing day”, down time, regroup time! And as for that boy of yours – well, young man now – no one has come to you and said MODEL yet? I bet he could sell ice cream to the north pole.
    Congrats on a me day – not cranky.

  2. beritbunny | 4th Apr 11

    Gosh; I really meant to make it out to that exhibit, but I let time get away from me. Wish it had run longer!

    Love your bouquet. 🙂

  3. Suzanne | 4th Apr 11

    Coffee, chocolate, a stack of gorgeous new fabric and a day to yourself. What better way to get out of a funk? Not to add pressure Joanna, but you know we shop owners look forward to seeing your beautiful models and quilts at market and buying your collections. I hope today is happy and productive.

  4. charlotte maxwell | 4th Apr 11

    Glad to know I am not the only one overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time. Especially missing the “me” time for quilting and other projects.

  5. Sheri F | 4th Apr 11

    Sounds like you had a great day Joanna, the garden always refreshes, along with some new fabric! Can’t wait for the new fabric! I wish I could get some stuff finished and crossed off my to do list! I’m showing “tops” along with other quilts for that “talk” I’m doing! Haha Love all your new patterns!!

  6. Sandy Muir | 4th Apr 11

    Looking forward to seeing more of this new line of fabric. But, it’s always good to take some time to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Pretty fabric, chocolate and even a new mug. Refresh and regroup.

  7. Karen | 4th Apr 11

    I love the smell of jasmine, especially in the evenings since that is when it blooms. It is a bit of an acquired taste though since some think the smell to sweet and strong.
    The fabric scraps sneak peek are wonderful!!!! I especially like the cream background with what looks like a cream background with colour meadering in green and yellow. Has a name been picked yet?

  8. Miwako | 4th Apr 11

    Looks like another yummy fabric collection coming. I cannot wait. I love Buttercup and got a layer cake. I made a raw-edge layer cake quilt ( one of my daughter’s birthday. I wanted to keep for myself so bad. LOL Anyway, I love your fabric’s color.

  9. Dorian | 5th Apr 11

    Sounds like you needed some down time, glad you got it! Lovely flowers/herbs….lovely fabric too…enjoy!

  10. Mary Ann | 5th Apr 11

    Our yard is awash now in the first bloom of our roses and jasmine. And the lovely scent of the citrus trees too. But like most of us, its such a busy time of year that I’ve not enjoyed it all much. But soon! Glad you found a few moments too relax and take it all in.

  11. Diana | 5th Apr 11

    Loving your spring posts – here in PA we are still experiencing winter-like weather…blah…..
    Hope your week is off to great start, cannot wait to hear more on the new fabric & what a handsome young man!
    Happy sewing!

  12. WendyMT | 6th Apr 11

    Thank you for sharing your loveliness here on the blog for me to be inspired by! Take care of you and enjoy every moment that you can!

  13. Cindy | 7th Apr 11

    Love your blog!!

  14. Mary Anne Drury | 10th Apr 11

    Know just how you feel re: BLAH day(s) and feeling like everybody’s “yes man” …. hoping when the sunshine and warm air finally gets here to Pa my blahness will improve (but the crazy busy schedule that doesn’t allow “me time” unforuntately won’t …. oh well …. MAYBE sometime in JULY????)
    Re: that birthday boy of yours ….. VERY handsome boy! Enjoy …it goes fast …. just get used to the sigh and eye roll routine 🙂 I have 2 boys …. the oldest is away at college and will be spending the summer far away from home at his first “grown up” job/internship … he’ll turn 21 while he’s away (SOB !) …. the younger son is 18 and will be graduating from high school in June …. (HUGE SOB !!!) …. it seems they were 13 just yesterday !!!

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