A Girl, a Photo Shoot & a New Ad.

Photo shoots are a standard part of our business and we are usually prepared for how much time it will take to set up and style the products, get the right lighting, try different settings, shoot from as many different angles as possible, etc. Needless to say… it takes a lot of time and that's okay!

But as soon as you add a child into the mix… all bets are off LOL! My daughter has been a part of many of our shoots through the years- she started off being bribed by chocolate chips and being asked to count her toes to distract her to more recently [those are here cute little hands on the cover of our latest book] when she knows exactly what to do and has a lot more patience with the small changes we ask her to make.

A few weeks ago we had a fun opportunity to shoot a pic for an upcoming MODA AD so I thought I would share  a few of our "outtakes" from the shoot and the ad itself too…


… we started off very focused on what fabric we had.


… and exactly where it should go.


… then we started having fun with it.



… and worked on different angles and poses.






… then I got this request…

Ella: mom, I want one of me with my hair in my face.

Me: Why?

Ella: Because that is what Taylor Swift looks like on the cover of her new CD. 

Well okay then!

After a few trys, we both agreed that the look didn't quite work for us.


… then we just got punchy and everything made us laugh.



… finally, we just started posing for the camera and forgot all about those lovely hexagons!

And then once the lovely folks over at MODA, got their creative little paws on the pictures, this is what they come up with. The ad itself is going in a couple mags in September and October. It showcases our HONEYSWEET collection [due out in stores in September] and the beautiful new hexagon precuts known as HONEYCOMBS.

Let's just say that Ella is a little bit excited. She has already planned a trip to the fabric store with her friends where she will "casually" pick up a magazine and flip through it until she gets to the page.


Gotta love my little model.

Gotta love the new hexagon HONEYCOMBS.

Gotta love MODA. 

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  1. Mary Andra | 22nd Jul 13

    Joanna…Ella is just darling and looks so much like her mom. A perfect photo shoot for sure. Love the new line, hexies and MODA. How about an Auriful box of thread to go with it? What are they waiting for?

  2. Pam | 22nd Jul 13

    She’s a doll, each year she’s more beautiful! I remember meeting her for the first time at PIQF when she was so young.. can’t believe how the time has flown by!

  3. mary | 22nd Jul 13

    She is beautiful! I hope Taylor Swift remains a good role model for young women like her.

  4. Janan | 22nd Jul 13

    Joanna, Ella is a beautiful young girl, that looks like a miniature you. The poses are adorable. Oh my I love the honeycombs, I love Fig tree, and I love honey sweet. I agree with the earlier comment,
    some Aurifil matching threads would be fantastic!

  5. rhoystevens@gmail.com | 22nd Jul 13

    She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing pix. Also love the honeycombs.

  6. Heather Peterson | 22nd Jul 13

    Your daughter is so beautiful! And I want to see the rest of that room . . . . The wall treatment is pretty too.

  7. Susan | 22nd Jul 13

    What a cutie !!!

  8. Joan | 22nd Jul 13

    Beautiful picture of Ella for the Ad, and yes her hair falls just perfectly at the side of her face in that shot.

  9. Christina | 22nd Jul 13

    So sweet that you can share these moments with her:-) she is beautiful!!

  10. Marcia R. | 23rd Jul 13

    Absolutely gorgeous ad and gorgeous young lady! I love the last couple pics where she is all smiles. 🙂

  11. Karee | 23rd Jul 13

    Weeeeoooo! How wonderful is that??
    I love the intentness with which she is deciding Honeycomb placement… and so it begins. Congrats!

  12. janita | 23rd Jul 13

    The Taylor swift twist to the photo shoot makes me smile 🙂 kids are funny. She is growing up and has a beautiful smile!
    Looking forward to more yummy fig tree fabrics to add to my stash.


  13. Donna "Mingy " Travarelli - Sand | 23rd Jul 13

    Beautiful girl she is !!!! Everything looks great!

  14. Pattie Crum | 23rd Jul 13

    Sweet pictures. Treasure your time with her, she’ll be gone before you know.

  15. Linda Kay | 23rd Jul 13

    She’s adorable!

  16. Ginny | 23rd Jul 13

    Just beautiful!

  17. kitty | 23rd Jul 13

    You must be very proud of your beautiful Emma! She looks great on the Ad and in one of the pics she has your smile. So cute!! Your new fabric line looks absolutely beautiful and the hexies are high on my list!!

  18. Leslie | 23rd Jul 13

    Hi Joanna!
    I agree, what a beautiful daughter and a beautiful smile!
    So much beauty in those pics, thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Take care, Leslie

  19. Kim@ Darlington Delights | 23rd Jul 13

    Awww! How fun!

  20. Susan | 23rd Jul 13

    Reading all of the comments will CERTAINLY turn her head!
    Fun watching her mature over the years~
    I agree with Moda-my favorite shot…Of course I agree with Moda a lot! Susan

  21. Linda | 23rd Jul 13

    Do you know the name of the paint color on the walls in those honey sweet photos. It is lovely so fig tree.

  22. Sinta | 23rd Jul 13

    I love her smile… she is a beautiful girl! Looks like you all were having a lot of fun while “working”. Sweet!

  23. Josefina | 23rd Jul 13

    Your daughter is beautiful…she will crush a boy’s heart one day. Does she quilt?

  24. Mary Kay | 23rd Jul 13

    What fun! And what a beautiful ad!

  25. Sharon M. | 23rd Jul 13

    She should not cover up those cute dimples, lucky girl!
    I love the new hexiecombs. Can’t wait to get ahold of them.

  26. Izzy | 23rd Jul 13

    Excuse me Ella, but beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder because you are 10 times more gorgeous and pretty than Taylor will ever be !!!

  27. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1760779941 | 23rd Jul 13

    A W E S O M E ! ! ! !
    Cute as a button, that Ella!!! : )

  28. Jenny | 23rd Jul 13

    So sweet! Everything about that ad is beautiful!

  29. Anita | 23rd Jul 13

    Too cute! Love the hair 🙂

  30. Donna Hill | 23rd Jul 13

    What a truly beautiful daughter you have. She is so very precious!

  31. Joy | 23rd Jul 13

    Great photo shoot 🙂 she is adorable.

  32. edoodypdx@gmail.com | 24th Jul 13

    Ella is on the verge of going from a very sweet girl to a beautiful young lady. She sure takes after Mom with that terrific smile. You must be so proud of your in-house model. I love her plan for surprizing her friends with her magazine ad. She must be more mature than I was at her age. I probably would have told everyone I knew about being in a magazine well before the issue was on the shelf.

  33. Toni Anne Potter | 24th Jul 13

    Joanna, Ella is beautiful with a knock out smile! Not just a cute young girl, you can see the future young woman that is emerging.

  34. Helen Lebrett | 24th Jul 13

    Such a sweet and beautiful daughter you have!! And how fun to be in the Moda ad!! I’ll bet that I’m not the only one who would love to see the video of her friends discovering her in that ad! And, I just picked up 4 charm packs of Honeysweet this weekend: now to figure out what I want to make with it. 🙂 It’s another lovely line done by you!

  35. Terry Conner | 25th Jul 13

    Yes, we all love Taylor Swift. Beautiful girl, just like your daughter!

  36. Michelle | 26th Jul 13

    I am not seeing the British flag PDF pattern anywhere in shop? Could you post a link

  37. Ellen | 29th Jul 13

    Ella is just as lovely as her Mother! And, my youngest granddaughter is named Ellah……after her other g-mother, Sarah, and me. Can’t wait for the new collection to become available! Love it and the girls.

  38. suzk | 30th Jul 13

    Your daughter is beautiful and the photos are wonderful! I love that she wanted a Taylor Swift type photo and then realized she was prettier as Ella! I’m also excited your fabric will be pre-cut as hexies.

  39. Laurie Nelson | 30th Jul 13

    Gotta love your fabrics, gotta love your wonderful colors, gotta love your designs, gotta love quilts !

  40. Shelley | 31st Jul 13

    Lovely Honeycombs, but your daughter is ADORABLE…no wonder MODA set the ad with her.Always wished for daughter to teach how to sew, have fun for you..I do have 3 grown sons that always appreciate the quilts i gift to them.

  41. Edith | 1st Aug 13

    Gorgeous fabric – gorgeous girl. She’ll give Taylor a run for her money. What a fun way to spend time together. Like Shelley, always wanted a little girl……

  42. Dorothy Crutchfield | 2nd Aug 13

    That face is too beautiful to cover up!! 🙂
    What a pretty little girl!

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