SHerbet & Creams Quilt Along #4

The next step on our quilt along adventure is fairly straightforward…. divide your pumpkin seeds into grouping of 4 that you like and add them to the background 4-patches as shown. Remember that the ends don't matter so don't worry about them.




I recommend laying all of your groupings of 4 so that you don't end up with a block of all one color! Once you have made all the groupings of 4 and you like all the combos, simply machine stitch those pumpkin seeds down. 

Creating your final layout [in terms of pumpkin seed blocks] at this time is also a good idea. That way you can balance out your stronger colors like the caramel and the red, though out the entire patchwork to make sure that you don't end up with a bunch of blocks that are all stronger in one corner of the quilt.


We used our matching AURIFIL thread collections [we have big ones and small ones available in the shop always] and simply topstitched app. 1/8" away from the edge on each pumpkin seed.  You could also just use a neutral piecing thread for all of the top stitching if you prefer.  We did not worry about the ends at all.Happy Sherbeting!  

The only one place where you might want to pay a little bit of attention to those ends is on the seeds whose outer edges hit the outer sides of your quilt layout [the 10 on each side and the 8 on the top and bottom].

Personally I am not worrying about those too much because in order to avoid that particular problem we are going to be adding the final border on with a very "generous" 1/4" seam allowance in order to get rid of any unsightly corners/ends. That is the beauty of this project. Looks complicated but isn't!

However, if that solution will bother you, then choose your best pumpkin seeds tips for the outer sides of the blocks that will go around your perimeter.


Also to get ready for the next step, cut (48) 2" black squares.

Do not sew any more of the blocks together at this point!

 xoxoxo  Joanna

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  1. Susan | 27th May 16

    I tried really hard to resist this, and now, I have to stop everything to cut it out and race to catch up!!!! Gee thanks for the cuteness!!!!!

  2. Christine Horne | 27th May 16

    I am a bit confused or maybe I’m just tired. We already appliquéd the seeds on the four patch squares. We are now grouping four from the previous step together and are we then sewing those four together? That was not clear to me in the directions. Where the seeds meet in the center of the four squares, is that going to be covered also? Sorry for all the questions.

  3. Irene | 28th May 16

    Where do you get the pattern for Sherbet & Cream Quilt Along Thank you Irene

  4. Mindy | 28th May 16

    I have been hand appliquéing my seeds down, I to thought that was step 3, in the first paragraph you mention doing it now??

  5. Joanna | 28th May 16

    Its all good. I might have given the same step twice!

  6. Joanna | 28th May 16

    There is no pattern yet. There is a quilt along with multiple blog posts with the directions. The quilt will be a part of a book that will be out in about 2 weeks.

  7. Joanna | 28th May 16

    I figured you would cave at some point!! LOL!…. welcome!!

  8. Joanna | 28th May 16

    sewing them into 4 patches. The center will be covered. 🙂

  9. Pamela | 28th May 16

    Oh wow! These are so pretty! What a beautiful quilt this is going to be.
    I purchased and received, With Fabric and Thread on April 11th. The photos in this books are eye candy. I get a peaceful giddy feeling as I turn the pages. I can hardly wait to see the new book.
    Thank you for sharing this sweet quilt.

  10. Colleen | 28th May 16

    Ah I am a bit slow ….. as in my four patch blocks are cut and my petal patterns are cut from freezer paper but no actual sewing
    Do I need to write out the directions from the blog ? will the blog directions be removed when your book comes out ?

    I am worried I’ll be stuck until I can buy the book to finish as I am slow too many projects and I am like a butterfly or a bee flitting from one to another a bit of this one then that one as I see for myself no dead lines just enjoying the journey everyday

    Thank you so much for doing this quilt a long you are very generous to share so freely with your readers


  11. Hildy | 29th May 16

    I’m way behind with this project I desperatly need to catch-up. But I love so much how this quilt is looking thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  12. Patchgirl | 5th Jun 16

    Oh, it is such a beautiful pattern! It’s my first visit to your site but not the last….you’ve got so many lovely patterns!

  13. Pat Seager | 8th Jun 16

    a suggestion – I cut more green pumpkin seeds than any other color but I like the way you have used a variety of them in a 4-block “block”. Perhaps you could suggest making the seeds in fairly equal groups of 4 to avoid too many of one color. am enjoying sewing mine by hand.

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