Summer: A bit earlier

Before the more grown up adventures started around here, we had adventures of a different variety. The munchkin kind, munchkins of all ages had games, tournaments, graduations and more games! I think we had at least one baseball or graduation activity a night.

In summary…

We played ALOT of this….  ALOT.






We won a couple of these. One in specific will go down in our family history as our first championship win!


The championship led to a seat on the All Star game with best friends from school. Life is good.


Sometimes we got tired. T-ball can be tiring business after all.


Meanwhile the eldest graduated from elementary school. Jr. High this fall. He's ready. His mama is not. Can you just feel the jr. high attitude in this shot? I don't even want to think of what's in store for me!


… graduation lunch with dorky smiles.

Back to Paris tomorrow.

Talk to you soon.


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  1. beritbunny | 21st Jul 10

    Love these posts. I noticed it had been quiet around here, but figured you were away to the Summertime. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing; your children are gorgeous and look like they’re having a great time; except for when mom wants to take dressed-up graduation pics. 😀

  2. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 21st Jul 10

    Such sweet summer memories Joanna! Yes, junior high attitude. He will be sought after by the girls. Oh, I guess that didn’t make you feel better, did it?

  3. Dawn H | 21st Jul 10

    T’ball is so cool to play, my boys loved it, tiring but fun!.. great pics…. happy summer.
    Hugs Dawn x

  4. Cat Wilson | 21st Jul 10

    Girls — don’t let her fool you, she was working…I saw her (I swear), and I promised that I would put a comment on her blog when I got home, but comments were closed. So Joanna, thanks for coming to CWAP and being our presenter, we all had a great time!!! Happy summer, see you at Pacific International!

  5. Patty | 22nd Jul 10

    He is going to be a heart breaker in high school 😉

    I remember my kids playing ball and the white pants. I hated those white pants!! Almost impossible to get clean.

  6. pam | 22nd Jul 10

    Wonderful kid pics. Love that jr. high attitude. I remember it well.

  7. Sandra Davidson | 22nd Jul 10

    What beautiful children, just give them rules and lots of love and everything will work out in the end. I had two teenagers at one point and now they are beautiful adults and wonderful parents. There were times I didn’t think I would make it. I remember all the fun of going to those games.

  8. Kathryn | 23rd Jul 10

    I’ve now got 4 boys who have turned into teens right before my eyes. I love how in photos during the transition time you can catch the boy one day and the teen the next,just a matter of expression. Good luck to him on his next adventure, and prayers to you!

  9. Chartreuse Moose | 29th Jul 10

    Summer fun and our babies growing up…life is bittersweet!

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