Summertime, summertime…

I’ve missed you all just a bit… well maybe more than just a bit. I forget sometimes what a regular part of my process this blog has become.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and your families! We have obviously been completely MIA here since Market and I will write more about that [and the state of my dad's health] a bit later. Needless to say that everything in our office is backed up about a month so please do not feel bad or be offended if I haven’t responded to your email. Orders have been going out regularly and our NEW WEBSITE has been up without a glitch but anything that has needed my attention has suffered either a lot or a bit depending on if anyone else could address it. I am really sorry.

So I’m back now… for now anyway and even if its completely too late, I still plan on showing our Market Booth pics this week along with more debuts of our new upcoming patterns [that we are now furiously working to get out to you before the end of the month].

For today, however, I wanted to show you a few bundles that our gals have been furiously cutting while I have been away…

First up, CREAM #13. For those of you who have been following along, this is the thirteenth in the series and we hope you enjoy it!


Click here for more info.



Next up, is our new pink, cream and grey bundle. There's not a lot of these as we just used up some end of bolts to make them up but we thought you might enjoy the classic combination in a little bundle of fabric goodness.


Click here for more info.




Oh and we have a bunch of new SCRAP BAGS for those of you scrap lovers out there. Good ones with a mix of the current lines in them!

Click here for more info.


I'll be back tomorrow. Because I really did miss you guys.



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  1. Nicola | 26th Jun 12

    I think we’re all pretty amazed that you manage to blog anytime!! Lovely to hear from you, as always x

  2. sherri | 26th Jun 12

    So good to hear from you. I hope that things are well with your family. The fabric bundles are beautiful as always…

  3. Dianne | 26th Jun 12

    Pretty fabrics as always! Hope your dad is well…and glad you’re back!

  4. Sandy G | 26th Jun 12

    Time is going crazy fast…let alone taking care of family, household, blogging, and put a job of designing beautiful fabric on top of the heap…and Summer we all must enjoy Summer, don’t know how you do it all! Hope all is ok.
    Thank you for what you do, we missed you too!

  5. Beth Beal | 27th Jun 12

    Love the new fabrics! I think everyone is suffering from a lack of time (the clock is simply spinning faster these days!) and I hope all is well!

  6. Miss Jean | 27th Jun 12

    Just take it easy and do what you need to be doing for your family. Us Figsters will always be here for you. Sending hugs and prayers for your Dad.

  7. Anna | 27th Jun 12

    oh the bundles are so yummy!

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