SUSAN’S FRUIT SEWING KIT: Featuring the JELLY & JAM Fabric Panel

Hope you are all enjoying our ongoing TEA PARTY SEW ALONG in our Facebook Group. We are loving the tea quilts and mug mats as well. We have a few tea related things planned for this holiday week but also some fruit things so get ready for a fun week…

We thought tea and fruit and fruit goodies… they can all go together, right?

Today Susan of @thefeltedpear is back as a guest blogger with another ADORABLE project. This time, she’s using the jar covers from the JELLY & JAM fabric panel to create her very own sewing kit!

Read on for all the details…


To make the pincushion:

  • Cut out jar label from panel along edges. 
  • On top of mason jar lid and ring, put a small bit of fiber stuffing. 
  • Cover the stuffing with the jar label smoothing the edges around the jar lid. 
  • Use a clear hair tie/rubber band to secure in place and then tie a bow around the edges with baker’s twine. 
  • Add your fruit pins to the top and fill with all your favorite sewing accessories.


To make pins:

  • Clip the shanks off the back of decorative buttons.
  • Glue on to flat FLOWERHEAD PINS with a strong glue such as E6000.
  • Let dry.


  • I got my buttons at Joann’s and Hobby Lobby and they each had many varieties of fruits and vegetables to pick from!
  • Your pin might be a bit “top heavy” and twist when put into the pincushion.  Using the smallest buttons you can find that still cover the pin, will help keep the pins from rotating while on display.


To make thread conditioners:

  • Melt 100% Clear Beeswax according to directions on the packaging. I melted mine in a double boiler on the stove to prevent microwave scalding. 
  • Once melted. add a few essential oil drops to the liquid wax and stir with a wooden stick. 
  • Working quickly, fill silicone molds. 
  • Let harden and pop out of molds. 
  • Trim off any excess wax as needed and they are ready to use!

HINT: I got all of the materials to make the beeswax thread conditioners at Michaels.


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