As we start to organize, sort, and pack up the boxes this year, I just wanted to thank you guys again for an amazing sale and your unbelievable support of our small family business!

This is one of those events that started small and has grown so much over the 8 year we have been doing it. I have to say that those first sales were total chaos… we literally built extra shelving units throughout the work house with cinder blocks and wood boards to organize all of the boxes and each room was a different set of last name letters! I wish I had pictures!

Our systems have changed a lot through the years and it all runs much more smoothly and efficiently but it is still A LOT so please bear with us as we organize and ship for at least the next full week. During that time, we are not able to track, locate or answer questions about the status of your box. We will make an announcement once they have all shipped and we will also announce the amount of the “extra box” donation at that time.

As always, you guys showed up to the sale in a serious way and we can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for your enthusiasm, your kind words, and your loyalty… Thank you!

We love our customers so much! Here are a few of my favorite comments from this year…

Thank you for this unique opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing what I purchased in-person, and the creative process these items will initiate. -Renee

I think I will just wrap up my box when it comes and put it under the tree! Merry Christmas to me! -Linda

I think I need a bigger box. Apparently, Santa (me) thinks that I have been good this year. -Tara

… So worth the midnight wait. Sleep well! – Cindy

And my personal favorite (YKIYK):

What time does Joanna drink her tea??? -Cynthia


Joanna, Eric, and the rest of the very tired Fig Tree elves, too! 🙂

Note: We have a few fun events coming up in the next 2 weeks so come on over and check out some gift and ornament making coming soon!

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  1. Glenda | 30th Nov 23

    Thank you Joanna, Eric and crew! You are amazing!
    Love you all!

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