On the 11th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 11 Pipers Piping. Personally, I am not so crazy about pipes or piping so this would not be my favorite gift to receive…



My true love thought that today I might need a pillow or two…


Kit includes all the fabric you see to make this lovely Christmas pillowcase- perfect to spruce your bed up for the holidays or as a gift bag- I know many a mom or grandma who use these simple pillowcases like Santa- and fill them with presents! 

But the best part is… we have already cut the cuff and the accent strip for you! All you need to do is trim up the body of the pillow in case you want a shorter one than 27" and start sewing the 3 pieces together with our easy directions.

That's it…. pillowcase in under an hour I tell you!



As a little addition, we have added in this fun holiday flavored throw pillow. Perfect for holiday decorating or anytime of the year, this is a great little pillow made from one piece of fabric and a button! Kit includes the fabric for the pillow and the fabric to cover the center button along with directions [it does not include the button form, available at most craft and sewing stores].




I know we have been introducing all kinds of fun and unique sewing notions over the last two weeks and we have really had a lot of fun sharing these great finds with you. Today we wanted to share with you our tried and true favorites. Those notions that we use every single day and couldn't live without.




The moment I discovered Aurifil thread in my local quilt shop many years ago, I have literally never put anything else on my machine for piecing. I love how it feels in my machine and in my hand and there is almost no lint to speak of. I wholeheartedly recommend it for all your quilting needs! The neutral cream #2000 listed is the one I use for most everything.




Possibly my favorite notion of all time… the Japanese Little House Pins- the best pins I've ever tried. These little handmade pins glide through fabric like butter, the tips are perfectly sharp and they are strong! To top it off they come in the cutest little metal tin. I’m not usually such a stickler about sewing notions, but honesty, these are the best! They are the perfect little luxury. Each metal tin comes with 100 pins; heads come in a variety of glass colors.



Needle_threader_gr_12d-2Don't leave home without it! At least don't go to a sewing class or retreat without your handy dandy desk needle threader. One press of the little button and voila… a perfectly threaded needle every single time. I can't even tell you how happy this little contraption makes me. For those of us "of a certain age" when our eyes are just not what they used to be or just anyone who doesn't love the process of trying to find the eye of the needle, these are absolutely invaluable. Comes with a handy little thread cutter on top and is available in two colors- purple and green. I really do recommend them- one for you and one for your friend I say!





 Okay, you know how I just said the the LITTLE HOUSE PINS were the best pins ever, well they are… other than these. If you want pins that are a bit longer [they come in at a respectable 1 7/8" long] and a bit stronger. They come in a quantity of 100, two glass head colors of orange and green in a small plastic box- these pins are as perfect as the LITTLE HOUSE PINS but just a bit stronger and more substantial. They also slide through your fabric like butter and feel wonderful to work with! I'm kind of addicted to both pins and think you need to have them too!



I know that these things look like something from a weapons arsenal or the operating table -which in fact they are- but these are possibly one of the most underutilized and most useful tools I have come across. Originally used in operating rooms by surgeons these little grippers are the absolute perfect tool for turning fabric tubes of any size and for getting stuffing into spots you didn't think you could get into. We use them for turning purse handles, bias tape, straps, bows as well as for stuffing pincushions, corners of small pillows and other stuffed goodies. This HEMOSTATS is 10" long and comes with a small locking mechanism near the handles that literally won't let go until you unfasten it once you don't need it to lock anymore. Its awesome!



MODA Tin with Mini Charms!



Each set comes in a cute little MODA tin. They are perfect little gift tins or great to re-use for storing applique pieces or pins or floss or anything little you need to organize!



Each tin comes with 4 lovely MODA Mini Charm Packs! Each one is 2 1/2" in size and they are all just little bits of perfection. Each tin will featuere Somerset by Fig Tree, Crazy for Red by Minick & Simpson, Mistletoe Lane by Bunny Hill and will also have one of the upcoming Aloha Girl packs in there! We are so excited to share this one with you that we just couldn't wait until March and are using some of our highly treasured minis to share with you for this one!

**little disclaimer: we did a bit of miscalculations and we did not have enough of the Mistletoe Minis to create our tins so we made up some of our own from charm packs. So some of those mini charms will be hand cut. *** little disclaimer 2: we are sharing Aloha Girl minis from our special stash since these won't even release yet until Feb/March so its a special treat!



We did go a little tin crazy [we love these little things so much], and so we also have a MODA Tin with Bunny Hill's Mistletoe Lane Charm Pack [not too many of these]….



And we also have the MODA Tins all on their own… just in case you might want to fill it up with mini charms or charms of your own and give as gifts!




Today's special 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DEAL… with every 12 DAYS purchase of $10 or more, you will receive a Fresh Vintage #9 issue!



CLICK HERE for more info on today's goodies.

Happy shopping,

Joanna and Eric




* The Fig Tree 12 Days of Christmas sale starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and lasts for 12 days [usually with a Sunday off here or there].  


* Each day a different kit, stocking stuffer and/or home dec goodie will be advertised- on some days several of each! Each day a special offer will be made as well.  


* Each special offer will become available on that one day. Each goodie will only be available while stock lasts. Most of the items offered will sell out on that day, some will last a few days. Please believe us that some items will sell out crazy fast and some will last all day based on popularity and stock. Although we try and have and anticipate the demand, we are often surprised by your enthusiasm!! IF THE ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND THROUGH THE LINK, THAT MEANS IT HAS SOLD OUT!


* We never know which ones will sell out the fastest! If we are able to get more in stock of any popular product, we will try but we can't guarantee that anything that sells out will come back in stock. If they can, it will not be a part of the sale but something that we offer after Christmas for a separate January delivery. 


* For those of you who want to continue to purchase items throughout the 12 days of the sale but want us to hold your purchases for one shipment, YOU NEED TO BUY-A-BOX. THIS IS NEW AND DIFFERENT THIS YEAR!! The box is an actual product available on our homepage.  You only need to purchase it once either before the sale starts or on the first day that you purchase a 12DAYS item- but you need to purchase it as an actual product once. Then for all the remaining purchases you make, you will simply choose the "I BOUGHT  A BOX" option in the shipping directions during the checkout process. If you buy more products than fit in the box…. WE WILL PAY FOR THE REMAINING SHIPPING!! If you do not fill up that amount by the end of the sale, we will let you know how much of a credit you have and you can choose patterns for the difference [we will only charge a partial price on the patterns so you will get a deal]. There is no way to lose in this exchange!!  


• For international customers, we will calculate actual international shipping at the time of shipping and add what is necessary. We never charge anything other than actual international shipping through USPS.




 If you do not BUY-A-BOX, your items will not be accumulated but will be shipped to you each day that you purchase them.  We know that some of you love that feeling of getting something in the mail each and every day and look forward to the "presents" arriving to you every mail day!

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  1. LindaSonia | 10th Dec 14

    Will the mini tin items ever be available down the road?? Missed getting them….

  2. Joanna | 10th Dec 14

    Unfortunately it does not look like MODA produces them any more. I will double check.

  3. Lorraine Isaac | 10th Dec 14

    I ordered the mini tin , but we’re there two tins and which one did I get, thanks Lorraine

  4. Joanna | 10th Dec 14

    There were several different tins, some filled others not. You purchased a plain tin with nothing inside. If you ever want to see your orders, simply log into your account and you can see your order history.

    Thanks so much

  5. Lorraine Isaac | 10th Dec 14

    Thanks, like the elves I was half a sleep at the time, having fun, Lorraune

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