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Daily Archives: June 25, 2007

Fences, Amish & other delights

My life turned a sharp [well perhaps I’m being just a bit dramatic] turn a few days ago when our trusted contractor of old called us to say that his guys had some time to do all those little projects we had wanted him to do but he never had time [this includes everything from serious garage work, to building furniture, to altering a porch, to fixing concrete, and on and on…]. Well that is all well and good and we are very glad he can fit us into his schedule, but WE’RE NOT READY! The garage has become a depository of every imagineable piece of flea market furniture, random boxes, old kid’s toys, scattered tools, dog beds, garden trash,… remember that photo I showed you of my studio floor right after Market? Well imagine that x10, garage size! Its an ugly…