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Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

We have a winner & then some!

Sorry about the week long absence. I know I promised some Valentine winners by this last weekend… On Friday night we received some really bad news about the health of one of our parents and we have been juggling work and family with hospital visits and making meals, etc. We would really love to take a really long nap right about now…. But I’m back again. I have to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED reading every single one of your Valentine stories. They were sweet, heartfelt and poignant and I felt priviledged to be reading them. Thanks so much for your willingness to share… Winners are: Post #7 Deb C. on Feb 14 Post #13 Blop on Feb 14 Post #22 Annie on Feb 16 If you gals will email me, we can get that free pattern out to you right away. On the…