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Daily Archives: November 29, 2008

Going on a little trip

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! Somehow in the all of the family hubbub I never manage to post a "Happy Holiday" type message before the actual holiday. At first I felt bad about that, but now I am considering it a tradition. If i get a "happy holiday" message out there anytime during the weekend surrounding the holiday… well, in my mind it still counts :-)… so   Happy Thanksgiving!! I am throwing the last things in my new luggage and going off on a little trip. Well actually I am weighing every last scarf and every last sock on my special shipping scale to see what I can shove in there and be exactly at 49.99 without hitting the magic number of 50 lbs.! Its become quite an art in this house. I once again get the privilege of going to teach for MODA…