Going on a little trip

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! Somehow in the all of the family hubbub I never manage to post a "Happy Holiday" type message before the actual holiday. At first I felt bad about that, but now I am considering it a tradition. If i get a "happy holiday" message out there anytime during the weekend surrounding the holiday… well, in my mind it still counts :-)… so   Happy Thanksgiving!!




I am throwing the last things in my new luggage and going off on a little trip. Well actually I am weighing every last scarf and every last sock on my special shipping scale to see what I can shove in there and be exactly at 49.99 without hitting the magic number of 50 lbs.! Its become quite an art in this house.

I once again get the privilege of going to teach for MODA in Madrid and then on to Paris to adventure for a few days. I know, I know what's a girl to to with such a difficult assignment? This time my aunt Wanda is meeting me for a few days of Paris fun and I can't wait to shop and walk around that gorgeous city. Even though I have to tell you that the weather forecast is for both rain AND snow during the few days that I am there so it will be a very wet adventure, but an adventure nonetheless….

 My fun new carryon bag is accompanying me on my travels…


and a new friend is joining us…


She just got finished last night and she is making me a bit giddy. In fact I am wanting to keep her… but I won't. She is for my traveling companion who I am pretty sure has already gotten on her flight so she is in no danger of seeing this post. She told me this was her favorite fabricin my new collection, Patisserie, and I am hoping she enjoys this little gal as much as I enjoyed making her. I am so excited to hang out with her for a bit [my friend, not the bag :-)]… watch out Madrid, here we come.

Oh, and I forgot to share a fun thing I got to do in Portland the week before Thanksgiving. Here is the link that the news station sent over. It was a lot less nerve wracking than I had anticipated and it went by so much faster than I thought it would.  Thanks for watching. If you are interested in those slippers, here they are.

Talk to you soon. If I am lucky, from Madrid or Paris :-)!!

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  1. lovetostitch | 29th Nov 08

    Thanks, Joanna – those are the perfect little slippers. I was looking for them after I saw them posted earlier. Have safe travels and fun with Aunt Wanda. Spain, how wonderful is that??!! I enjoyed watching the video, makes me giggle to see other people make comments on jelly rolls and honey buns – thanks!! Oh yes, and since it’s Saturday and still considered Thanksgiving week end, hope it’s full of blessings for you and yours!!

  2. Nancy | 29th Nov 08

    Oh I love that bag!! Is it your pattern? Where can I find it??? Have fun on your trip!

  3. lissa | 29th Nov 08

    hello traveling companion. I have had a reschelduled flight from Chicago to Madrid so an extra 6 hours in Chicago to get use to the cold weather. See u soon.

  4. Miss Jean | 29th Nov 08

    Have a safe and wonerful trip.

  5. Stefanie | 29th Nov 08

    Bonjour Joanna!

    I love your traveling bags! Lots of room for stuff! I know that Lisa will fill her bag with all of the hexagons that she is going to make on the plane!

    Once again I enjoyed meeting you at Quilt Market!

    Have a safe trip! Au revoir mon ami!

  6. Sheila in Ohio | 30th Nov 08

    What a great interview! You’re a natural.

  7. Carrie | 30th Nov 08

    Best wishes on a very fun trip, sounds wonderful. I loved your clip from Portland, your slippers are going to be fun, I loved the demonstration.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Camille Roskelley | 30th Nov 08

    SO jealous. But whether I’m more jealous of that darling bag, or the trip to Spain, I’m not really sure. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  9. Erica | 30th Nov 08

    What a cute bag – have you ever thought of making one in “Man” fabrics. Since the Murse is all the rage these days maybe we can get those men to carry fabric carry ons as well – which of course gives us more time to sew and shop for fabric.

  10. Julia | 1st Dec 08

    Hola Joanna,
    I hope you’ll have a good flight & great time in Madrid. I’m sure Lissa will love her new travel companion – I hope to start making my own soon (ehem, who am I kidding, no way I could begin before Christmas…but a girl can dream, can’t she) – even if zippers scare me alot ;o).
    Happy belated Thanksgiving –

  11. Andi | 9th Dec 08

    Those travel bags are absolutely stunning.

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