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Daily Archives: April 11, 2009

Happy Easter & Wesolych Swiat

Happy Easter my friends! Easter has always been an important part of our family life and as long as I can remember we have been gathering goodies for our specially decorated baskets and going to the nearest Polish Catholic Church to have those baskets blessed. It is an old Polish tradition that has been passed down the generations in our family. Each basket must have an egg [which stands for rebirth], a piece of sausage [which stands for health & abundance], a chunk of bread [which stands for good fortune] and some salt [I don't remember what that stands for] . Most baskets are also decorated with fresh greens from the garden to represent Spring, small sugar or butter lambs and other handmade straw pleated animals. Many people spend many hours decorating the traditional Polish eggs called Pisanki. So tomorrow will find us gathering a few yummies for our…