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Daily Archives: April 9, 2016

Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along

Okay everyone. So when we first showed you our new yummy Sherbet Bundle, I thought I would give us all something fun to work on together. And then life and my crazy business got in the way LOL… so I am now about a week later than I was supposed to be.  But here we are so I hope you are ready?     Okay so here is the schtick about what you will need to work along with me: (1) Fig Tree Sherbet Solid Bundle [we have more in the shop this week if you missed out on the first couple of rounds of them. We will most likely carry them as a staple from now on. (1) Fig Tree Creams bundle or a good selection of cream/ivory, low volume fabrics. We have a couple currently to choose from in the shop but you can also…