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Daily Archives: August 26, 2017

Vintage Halloween Quilts Over the Years

VINTAGE HALLOWEEN 2017 Each year we create a curated bundle of what we envision "vintage Halloween" to be. Since 2012 when we first started this tradition, we have collected and compiled soft orange, warm black, various greys and creams throughout the year in order to put together the best Vintage Halloween bundles we can come up with. All of the fabrics are MODA, all of them contain a little Fig Tree but are mixed with so many different designers and collections that we couldn't possibly name them or tell you what's in each bundle. Since we have received so many questions and emails about past projects, we thought we would reminisce a little and see all of the patterns we have done. You can work on any of these vintage Halloween quilts with this years bundles, just like you can use past year&#39…